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Help Me Keep My 2015 Resolution

It’s January and, naturally, with this month comes much resolution chatter.  Trees are out on curbs, refrigerators full of pork and sauerkraut, a meal believed to bring fortune into the New Year, and of course, gyms are crammed.

This year my garrulous guests shared their resolutions, wide eyed and hopeful. The five most frequently discussed pledges included:

  1. Stop texting while driving
  2. Lose weight
  3. Spend money wisely
  4. Cut out drama
  5. Work harder at the office

My company of employment, SAP, dedicated its entire mission to Run Simple.  From the solutions we offer to the way we operate internally, SAP vowed to run simpler and easier.  You can learn about it here.

Keeping “simple” in mind, I think that all five of the resolutions listed above are easily achievable. There’s no need to text and drive now that smart cars exist to communicate for you. Put your phone down and focus on driving.

For losing weight, a healthy diet is the key to success.  Here’s a list of the top 10 healthy food blogs with recipes.

Spending money wisely is doable when you remove unnecessary purchases, and drama will dissipate when you clear your head of other people’s problems. Try yoga for clarity.

For increased efficiency at work, read this article on how to best craft professional emails. Instead of typing a novel, pick up your phone.  A simple discussion can be very effective.

/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/new_year_3_620525.jpgApplying this idea of Run Simple to my 2015 New Year resolution, my goal is quite easy as well.

In 2014 especially, it seemed that the world is peaking with hate and turmoil, a discouraging and sad state.  To combat this global struggle, by hopefully starting a trend, I challenge myself to do one good deed daily.

This deed does not have to be much.  From small gestures like holding my tongue when I want to pass judgment on another; picking up a piece of litter; switching my spot in line with someone carrying less items;  or allowing someone to pass me in traffic.   It’s simple.  It’s little. And it’s easy.

According to research, only 8 percent of Americans who make resolutions keep them.  75 percent of those seeking a fresh start sustain their promises for a short seven days. And 46 percent of people make it to the six month mark.

To help me stay honest, I challenge you to join me.  In 2015, let’s all do one good deed a day.  Let’s simplify kindness together and hopefully put a little love back into the world.

Tweet me your deeds daily at @CMDonato and be sure to Tweet #DailyDeed

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      Author's profile photo Michael Mankowski
      Michael Mankowski

      Christine -  great post and much to think about.  Agree that picking up the phone is a great way to connect/communicate with colleagues. The question really is, will they answer??

      Author's profile photo Christine Donato
      Christine Donato
      Blog Post Author

      🙂   Hopefully!  The article linked within the blog mentions that anything over three sentences deserves a phone call rather than email.  I've heard that many times before as well.