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How-to enable Transport of Copies on Urgent Changes Flow (PART I)

Last month, I had the pleasure in colaborate with a brazilian food company (the world’s tenth-largest food company)  speaking about some of our experiences, best practices and provide on demand consulting for their ChaRM Change Request Management Solution.


During our conversation the customer tell to me your wish to deploy Transport of Copies as part of the Urgent Changes flow. As we know, the Change Request Management cover a standard workflow containing the transport of copies procedure available only on Normal Changes.


In this blog I provide some hints in how you could set it up, however there is no guarantee and also standard support from SAP for this configuration.



Urgent Changes have their own tasklist (Type “H”) to coordinate all transport requests. The original tasklist type H does not contain the action “Create Transport of Copies”. In this case we need to enhace the tasklist type H using a custom tasklist variant. After this configuration, some ajustments must to be applied to control the TMS of managed system.

Just to clarify when the ToC will be generated and when the original Transport Request is released, I made the following pictures showing the “AS-IS” and “TO-BE” solution. You can adapt for your needs (e.g. creating additional status).

Standard Process Flow: Urgent Change (SMHF)




Enhanced Process Flow: Urgent Change (Y/ZMHF)



Configuration Procedure


Create a Tasklist Variant

          Access the IMG activity using the following navigation options:





          Push button “New Entries”:



          Create the tasklist variant “Y/ZSAP0 “:





Define Tasks for Tasklist Variant


          Access the IMG activity using the following navigation options:




     Select all entries from Tasklist Variant “SAP0” and copy to Tasklist Variant  “Y/ZSAP0”:



     Create a new record adding the task “Create Transport of Copies”  for the Project Type “H Urgent Change”:


Define Header / Footer Tasks for Tasklist Variant


     Access the IMG activity using the following navigation options:





Repeat the procedure 2 from Define Tasks from Tasklist Variant configuration:





Register Tasklist Variant into Project Cycle


     Apply the SAP Note 927124.



Adjusting Conditions and Actions (TSCOM Tables)


     Some activities regarding the transport management system and consistency checks are triggered when  the change document is assigned to a specific status value.       To enable the urgent change flow to generate transport of copies, we need to change some actions and their conditions based on status value.



     Access the IMG activity using the following navigation options:




     On folder “Create Procedure Type” choose “Y/ZMHF” transaction type and their status profile:




     On folder  “Assign Actions”  make the follow ajustments for the User Status “E0004 – To be Tested”:    




     On folder  “Assign Actions”  make the follow ajustments for the User Status “E0005 – Successfully Tested”:




     On folder “Define Execution Times of Actions”, make the follow adjustments for the User Status “E0004 – To be Tested”:




     On folder “Assign Consistency Checks”, make the follow adjustments for the User Status “E0004 – To be Tested”:




     On folder “Assign Consistency Checks”, make the follow adjustments for the User Status “E0005 – Sucessfully Tested”:








Project cycles powered by the custom tasklist variant will be able to generate Transport of Copies. In my next blog I will describe how to use this feature.

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  • Hi Issac,

    Wonderful!  Thanks for the new 7.1 Urgent TOC process, it worked beautifully for my ZMHF urgent changes.  We have SM 7.1 SP12.  I only have one question regarding the TOC import into QA using the automated event-triggered, immediately scheduled "TMWFLOW..." jobs that are now responsible for immediate import of the transports in the satellite systems. 

    Is there a way to customize the Actions to get the Urgent Change TOC to be imported automatically and immediately in the QA system, just like the other transports?  Currently, we have just scheduled a 5 minute Batch import job for the specific client and project id to handle these TOC's.  The disadvantage of this is, of course, that you have to set the Project status switch to be open to allow manual imports into QA.  Ideally, we'd like to have this turned off to prevent manual imports, however, with this set, we cannot schedule the TMS* batch job to run periodically. 



  • Dear Bob.

    You can schedule via tasklist the import. Using this method you will avoid to open the project status switch, increasing the system security.

    Warm Regards, Issac

  • Hi, Isaac!

    Once this feature will provide aToCforaurgent change flow. Do you have any idea how to deal with the retrofit process? I mean, as you known, for the retrofit be performed aToCmust be generatedprior duringa TRrealease process on the urgent change.

    Could you support this doubt?


    • Haroldo.

      The retrofit will be performed as the same original urgent change flow. I mean, when you release the original TR, will be generated a TR to be retrofit the data in the Project Track.

      Best Regards, Issac

  • Hi, Issac!

    Thanks for your reply!

    So, my understanding is that on this scenario will be generated, at least, twoToCson this urgent change:

    1 - One ToC for retrofit propose, on the DEV Project Track;

    2 - One ToC for the QAS Maintenance Track.



    • Dear Haroldo,

      Yes you are correct, but both TOC will be generated in different times during the flow.

      1 ToC for Retrofit Propose will occur when the status = E0005 - Sucessfuly tested.

      2. ToC for QAS Manteinance Track will be generated when the status = E0004 - To be tested.


  • Hi Issac,

    Thank for sharing.

    I have to enable ToC for Defect Correction. Not sure if it is possible to do the same for Defect Correction?

    Thank you.

    • Dear Annie.


      Thanks for your message. Currently I am coming back from Germany. Yes I guess is it possible. Some adjustment smust be required.



  • Hello ,

    We followed the mentioned steps in the article in order to set-up TOC's in Urgent Changes.
    At the beginning we didn't face any issue but recently we had a system copy for two satellite systems (DEV+QA)and since then the TOC's are no longer imported automatically.

    For the TOC automatic imported we had scheduled a  job using the report"/TMWFLOW/SCHEDULE_IMPORT"which is running with no errors but the transports remain stuck in the import queue at stage "Selection for import".
    If we  go to  SCMA and schedule the task import with " /TMWFLOW/SCMA_TRORDER_IMPORT", the TOCs are moved to QA system.
    We checked the SLG1 logs but no errors. The Charm project is consistent without any rfc errors or inconsistencies.
    We executed also report /TMWFLOW/REP_DATA_READ to refresh the import data.
    We checked the TMS settings and the domain controller consistencies but no errors showed-up.
    The Import Monitor displays just warning logs but the import project(CTS id) is not in the logs.

    Does somebody encountered this type of situation ?

    Appreciate your support !

    • Hi Camelia,

      Have you implemented this functionality in Solman 7.1 or 7.2 ? I tried to implement all the steps in Solman 7.2 but somehow it doesnt work. Is there any additional config that you did for solman 7.2. Please share your experience.

      Appreciate your answer.

      Best Regards,


  • Hello Issac,

    We are using Solman 7.2 SP09. I tried to follow the same steps but still the ToC button is not active for Urgent changes. Is there any additional configuration that I need to do for Solman 7.2 ? Please suggest.

    Thank you for your support.