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Block size enhancement for HR master data distribution.

This Document explains a way to change number of object limit in IDOC globally and for a single message type and  I will also explain the usage of field Number of Objects per process in PFAL.


This field is used to set limit for number of objects per idoc. Lets take a scenario that we are distributing master data from HR system to CRM or external payroll vendor, we can use this field to set the limit. Say Limit is if 200 then there can be only 200 employees data in the idoc and then for rest a new idoc number is generated.

Changing the Limit

Limit is set in T77S0 table against following keys


This change will globally effect PFAL for all the message types, if change is to be make for a particular message type then following function module can be enhanced through Implicit Enhancement

* determine blocksize from T77S0 ALE BSIZE



       block_size = bsize.

   psize = bsize.

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