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Author's profile photo Merlijn Ekkel

BI Platform Feature by Version Matrix

Comparison of Features by Version for the SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform


The components in the SAP® BusinessObjects™ Business Intelligence (BI) platform have evolved and continue to evolve rapidly. This document is a reference to help you understand when key features were introduced in the BI platform. This information should help you plan how to evolve your infrastructure, plan your upgrades, and deploy the right component to the right audience. This document covers the SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite and the Edge edition of SAP BusinessObjects BI software.

Although this document is not an exhaustive reference of every feature in the BI platform, we attempted to identify features that are important to most implementations. There may be features not described in this document that are important to your specific deployment.


This document does not replace the product availability matrix, which details the specific supported platforms for each release and support pack. These are available at Please note: you need an authorised user ID to access this information.


The document presents you the list of features starting with SAP BusinessObjects XI3.1 up to BI4.1 SP05, Analysis Office 2.x, Design Studio 1.5, Lumira 1.24 and Mobile BI



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For the previous version containing XIR2 up to BI4.0 GA (version 4), please download the report via de link provided in the table below.




Version History

Version Date Updates Link
4 13 FEB 2013 Update with BI4.1 GA link
5 12 JAN 2015

Removal of XIR2 Column

BI4.1 Column Updated up to BI4.1 SP3

BI4.1 SP4 Column Added

Design Studio 1.1 Columns updated up to 1.2

Design Studio 1.3 Column Added

6 (current) Aug 2015


Update to BI4.1 SP05

Update to Design Studio 1.4

Update to Analysis for Office 2.0

Adding Lumira up to 1.23


Enhanced usability with Bookmarks and Clear Topic breaks




Planned Updates


Additions planned for version 7 of the document are:

– Include/Update BI4.1 SP07 Features & BI4.2

– Include/Update Design Studio 1.6 Features

– Include/Update Analysis Office 2.x Features

– Include/Update Lumira 1.28+

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      Author's profile photo Éric Ledu
      Éric Ledu

      Hi Merlijn,

      thank you for the update of this precious document !

      Just to inform you: I could not download the PDF, in IE or in Chrome, because the page extension is "" and not PDF (and changing the URL manually did not improve, either ...)

      The version 4 still works very well, but not the version 5, it seems.



      Author's profile photo Asim Munshi
      Asim Munshi

      that's true. I just printed it using a PDF printer to a pdf document as a workaround.

      Author's profile photo Merlijn Ekkel
      Merlijn Ekkel
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Eric,

      Not sure what the problem is, I have no issues downloading it in either Safari, Chrome or Firefox. I will cross check with the publishing team on this.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Merlijn,

      Just came across this page. Great to have a quite detailed overview. Always a challenge however to keep it up-to-date with all these new releases in the SAP Analytics portfolio ;-).

      With kind regards,

      Martijn van Foeken

      Author's profile photo Merlijn Ekkel
      Merlijn Ekkel
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Martijn

      an update should be ready in a around 2 weeks from now, including SP5 (not yet SP6 sorry for that) and AO2.x, DS1.5 and Lumira



      Author's profile photo Andreas Schuth
      Andreas Schuth

      Hi Merlijn

      Since the 4.0 odyssey with versions, it would be good to know if all features of the 4.1 SP7 are introduced in the 4.2 SP2. If not, could you please state up to which SP of 4.1 is included.

      Thanks in advance.


      Author's profile photo Merlijn Ekkel
      Merlijn Ekkel
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Andreas,

      the current version has BI4.1 up to SP6..

      We are working on an update including SP6+SP7 as well as 4.2 AS this is pretty time consuming, please give us some time to get the doc updated, reviewed, corrected, reviewed, etc, etc 🙂

      we plan the update to be ready by Early May..



      Author's profile photo Herve DE LATTE
      Herve DE LATTE

      Hi Merlijn, this is probably a very valuable document by I can't download it, can you please confirm that the link is still valid ? Finally has it been updated (in May last year) ?

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Merlijn Ekkel
      Merlijn Ekkel
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Hervé,

      I fixed the links to point to the new location.