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[SAP HANA Academy] Insurance Loss Triangle Analysis – Part 1. Introduction

Peter Dubowchik from the SAP Insurance Industry Business Unit provides a brief overview of the SAP HANA Academy’s Extending SAP HANA Live for Insurance Loss Triangle Analysis tutorial video series.  Watch the introductory video below:

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(0:30 – 1:00) Chalkboard overview of SAP HANA Live

SAP HANA Live is a set of preconfigured calculation views that are modeled and extended in SAP HANA Studio that form the foundation to enable Insurance carriers to quickly implement real-time operational analytics across the entire Insurance value chain. This is accomplished by combining the capabilities of SAP HANA’s in-memory data platform with the power of SAP BusinessObjects visualization tools.

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(1:00 – 4:02) SAP HANA Live Value Proposition for Customers and Partners

  1. Leaders of Insurance carrier business units (e.g. claim departments, policy applications, processing and billing departments) can gain real-time insight on how their business units are preforming very quickly after installing SAP HANA Live for Insurance. The SAP HANA Live calculation views (aka virtual data models) are free and can be downloaded from the SAP service marketplace.
  2. SAP HANA Live enables self-service, real-time business analytics. This can be enabled via Microsoft Excel, SAP Lumira and SAP’s dash boarding tool, SAP Design Studio. Each of these tools can quickly connect to the SAP HANA calculation views without any additional semantic layers. This greatly cuts down implementation time and vastly improves the time to value for business to gain important insights.
  3. With regards to modeling, no proprietary skills and additional training is necessary in order to enhance or change the delivered SAP HANA models. The IT folks at Insurance carriers can easily model within the SAP HANA Studio using both graphical techniques and SQL scripting. 
  4. SAP HANA Live and the SAP HANA databases provide a unique and uniform way for business unit mangers to gain insights across multiple lines of business. The single data model provided can accept data from multiple sources. For example auto insurance data can easily be combined with commercial general liability data.

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(4:02 – 7:44) Overview of SAP HANA Academy instructional videos

The 16 videos from the SAP HANA Academy take the student down into a very granular level of technical detail on how to accomplish all of the steps necessary to gain quick business insight with SAP HANA Live for Insurance. The videos show how to download the virtual data models, how to install the models into SAP HANA Studio, how to activate the models, and then how to quickly consume the data with various analytic tools.

Importantly, the SAP HANA Academy videos show how to take the virtual data models and add information to extend the delivered content in order to meet the customized needs required by a business unit.

The videos go even further by detailing the how SAP HANA’s geospatial capabilities, built-in predictive algorithms, and connectivity to the R open source library can be used to create a final application that combines these many techniques and capabilities to quickly produce a functioning Insurance loss triangle application.

This is tremendously valuable as many Insurance providers can struggle for days to build Insurance loss triangles because they don’t have a tool that can combine data from many disparate sources quickly into one operation.

By leveraging SAP HANA’s capability to aggregate on the fly a loss triangle is quickly built. By adding SAP HANA’s geospatial capabilities, circles and squares can be drawn on a map around a certain area to then apply geospatial filters that then create a loss triangle for that specific area. The triangle is then finished through using the future calculated and predicted values that are sourced from the integrated R library.

Check out the entire 17 video playlist for the SAP HANA Academy’s Business Use Case Analytic Solution – Extending SAP HANA Live for an Insurance Loss Triangle here.

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