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Problems related to MRP created schedule lines

  1. Schedule lines are not created by MRP, instead planned orders or purchase requisitions are created
    1967840 – MRP does not create schedule lines
  2. Schedule lines are not displayed in MD04
    Check the reduced quantity in field EKET-DABMG. If it is equal or larger than the schedule line quantity, the schedule line is not displayed in MD04. 
    If you still don’t know why, you may try to debug by setting a breakpoint at form PRUEFEN_MDBS of program SAPLM61X.  Refresh MD04 list. The debugger will stop at the breakpoint.
  3. Schedule lines are shown as firmed in MD04
    2088322 – Schedule lines are displayed with an asterisk ( * ) in t-code MD04/MS04
  4. Vendor is wrong
    MRP: Vendor is not selected and general problems on source determination
  5. Stock transport delivery date is not correct
    361308 – Stock transf.releases:Scheduling via plnd dely time
    76301 – Scheduling stock transport order/PReq
  6. Multiple / redundant schedule lines are created
    1745312 – MRP creates redundant proposals though there are fixed future receipts which can cover the requirements.
  7. Duplicate / double schedule lines on the same date
    2108166 – Duplicate schedule lines are created with the same date by MRP
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