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Author's profile photo Daniel Gontar

Creating new shop paper for PM order


I would like to explain how to create new PM order Shop paper for your customers specific needs.

A shop paper is a type of printout of data stored in SAP system (I.E data in PM order). After your user has filled all data in PM order, he can print this data in any style – I.E: like he used to print in his previous data system. Usually shop papers from SAP are customized to become PDF file for print preview / for print.

1. First step : Customize new PM order Shop paper

Go to : SPRO -> Plant maintenance and customer Service -> Maintenance and Service Processing -> Maintenance and Service Orders -> Print Control –
> Define Shop Papers, Forms and Output Programs.

Choose “Define Shop Papers”


SAP already contains 8 Shop papers :Shop paper 2010 , Shop paper 2020 , …. , Shop 2072 . Each Shop paper displays the printed data from PM order little bit differently. I highly recommend to copy 2010 shop paper into new shop paper created. Give a name like Y___ to the new copied shop paper (I gave YBDL because Y represents new shop paper created by me and not by SAP developers, BDL represents the idea behind my shop paper : Delivery printout.

Below – Print screen that shows how to copy 2010 to new Shop paper – mark 2010 and press copy button in upper screen menu :


Then you will see the next screen :


You should update “Output program” field with the name of the unique printout program (This program will be written by your Abaper). It will be written by him, only after you write down appropriate characterization document, which explains how to retrieve the necessary data from the D.B in order to print it.

I chose “YRIPRCT00” as the name for the unique program that assemblies my shop paper together.

below you can see a page from my characterization document which was written by me, and submitted to our developers:


You can see that I designed the structure of the shop paper in a word document. Next to each field, which will contain data from the D.B, I have put a number(outlined with yellow background): 1,2, … 9 .On the following page of the characterization document, I have mentioned from what field in the program the data will be retrieved (In order to know it, you should get familiar working with se38 tcode and breakpoints. Ask your Abaper – it’s very important for you to know this technique) :


Back to customization :

Recall the 3rd photo from upper part of this post:

You can fill the “Form routine” field with the value “PRINT_PAPER” – it’s not crucial.

If you decide that the format of your Shop paper will be PDF, leave the first “Form” field empty. Update value on the lower “Form” field in this screen (your Abaper should send you this value).

2. Second step : Define your newly created Shop paper to Order type

Go to: SPRO -> Plant maintenance and customer Service -> Maintenance and Service Processing -> Maintenance and Service Orders -> Print Control –
> Define Shop Papers, Forms and Output Programs.


Choose “Define Shop Paper for order type”

Then you will see the next screen :


The “selection” column means that if you check it in a specific row, that shop paper will appear automatically as a possible print out, when you choose to print from that order type.

If there isn’t a combination: order type + shop paper in this screen, you wont be able to print this shop paper for that order type.

I recommend to erase all SAP shop paper (rows that have * value in first column), define only your shop paper (Y___) to this order type. I recommend to check “Selection” column for it.

Hope it helps.

Daniel Gontar

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      Author's profile photo BAIJU KUMAR

      Nice documentation, but it could be more elaborated. Thanks for sharing.

      Author's profile photo Shubham Gupta
      Shubham Gupta

      Hi Daniel,

      Can we have the Shop Paper combination as below:

      Plant (ABC) - Shop Paper(XYZ) - Selection (Ticked)
      Plant (DEF) - Shop Paper(XYZ) - Selection (Unticked)

      In Configuration I can only find depending on Order type - Shop Paper Combinations..

      Please help.


      Author's profile photo Shrinivas y
      Shrinivas y

      Thanks Daniel for useful information it help me a lot in addition to this i would add some points

      Once shop paper created it needs to assign to planing plant

      SPRO>>PM&CS>>Maintenance & Service Order>>function and setting for order types>>Print control>>Define Printer>>user Specific print control

      Here shop paper needs to assign to planing plant

      Click on "Switch on/off PM Specific fields" Tab planning plant field will be displayed

      Here we can assign required shop paper to planing plant