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Ignoring moderation

I really did not want to make this my first blog in 2015 as I have drafts for more than 15 other topics which could even help those people who are stealing the time I have to share some knowledge. But as”ignoring moderation” happens in the meantime several times per day I have to give a statement.

On a normal day we have about 20 – 30 new questions in the MM space, and about 100 replies.

All this content has to be read and checked against our forum rules. While the moderators are volunteers the community itself is helping us with reporting violating content too. (Thanks for that)

The majority of users is able to ask questions and reply to questions professionally (many without even knowing about the rules), but there is a small amount of users who needs a hand (some Batman style).

Matthew Billingham   posted a blog How to get your post rejected in ABAP Development, and what he wrote is in general applicable for MM (go an read it)  and others spaces too, except for his points 3 to 5 which are really ABAP space specific. But these can be replaced with the most frequent questions asked in a particular forum. E.g. Posting period, number range and release strategy questions in MM (there are many more FAQs in MM).

Due to system limitations we moderators do not have much room to explain each rejection in big detail, just a few characters more than the feedback line in ebay.  So the notes are reduced to the basic information, some with links to blogs that explain more details, but I think they are understandable. Here a few examples:

Unfortunately those notes are not send out by email to the poster. Those notes can be reviewed by clicking the Actions icon on top right and then open the Notification tab.

But do I really expect too much from people who work in the IT industry to find this place after they get optically informed that a new notification has arrived?

In any case they should have received the email about a rejection. (Except they are so lost in the environment of their chosen profession that they even screwed up the user profile settings)  And at least this should kick-off the think process.

However, not seldom I see that the same question which just got rejected  is posted again.

Of course it get rejected again, do you really expect moderators suffer under Alzheimer disease?

Sometimes this game goes 5 rounds – hey,  it is not a game, from my point of view it is wasting my time.

Some think they are smart if they post it again with different subjects, with different user IDs, in different forums, with less information (hiding message text and number to make it difficult to search for redundancy) .

Finally I have to answer in public and make it visible to everyone that there is an offender disrespecting our rules and moderation. It is really not wanted and needed that you lose your face.

Believe me, you are sitting in a glass house, moderators can read the history,  see earlier rejections, see cross posting, can track the activities in the communication stream, can tag users.

The note to the rejection is already telling what was done wrong. Instead of just re-posting the question, you should either follow the advise and put more effort in your search or you need to put more effort in your question to convince the moderators that you have done a serious research yourself.

Let us take an example for a basic question:

Which table holds the confirmation of a PO?

Can this be considered as a qualified professional question? Do you believe there was any (re)search done?

Pressing F1 could have answered this question immediately. Putting “confirmation” and “table”  and “SAP” toghether into Google  had given the answer already in the preview from the hits on the first page.

Instead, it was re-posted after the rejection. (by the way, it was asked by someone with at least 4 year SAP experience)

If the post was rejected because of a frequently asked question, and you are a different opinion, then you need to rephrase your question and add much more information which can proof that your case is different from all others and that you have done your research.  You should provide information beyond the error message that can be seen in a screenshot. you could explain that you have followed the solution from another discussion https://….  and you should explain why it did not work for you. You could explain your customizing settings and what else you checked in your system.

With this info it is no longer a basic general question, such info could make it different from other questions on the same error.

Matt had already  said under

9) Posting the same thing that just got locked or rejected by a moderator

Nobody has a right to post whatever they like. Posting the same content that you got rejected or locked, hoping the moderators won’t notice is not only sneaky and rather disrespectful, it’s also an action that can, in extremis, lead to your account being deleted 😡 and that would make me sad 😯 🙁 😥 .

And Otto Gold had written about the dark side in his blog Landing page for the troublemakers

And I am conform with this part, I will no longer tolerate that somebody repeatedly  ignores moderation.

I already posted it in two locked discussions in the last 24 hours: I would like to know your reasons for ignoring moderation and invite you to blog about it. (hey,  you can even make 10 points and a badge)

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      Author's profile photo Matthew Billingham
      Matthew Billingham

      Timely comments. One chap who ignored my requests and guidance in the ABAP forum has found out the hard way that this is not a good way to behave. His account has been disabled.

      Author's profile photo Jürgen L
      Jürgen L
      Blog Post Author

      It happened this morning which made me start with this blog.

      And it happened again right after posting this blog.

      And as written in the blog: the subject line was the only change he made.

      Statistics: user is active 6 months - has posted 15 questions - 8 got rejected,

      the other 7 have all answers, but only 2 got closed.

      This tells me a lot, and I am even able to predict his future.

      Author's profile photo ' MoazzaM '
      ' MoazzaM '


      This is kind of reminder and warning to those who don't follow the rules. Jurgen you could be more strict and chose more aggressive words here because there are already many polite reminders and I hAve read some blogs from you as well on this.

      I have one question here rated to this subject. What is the reopen period limit for any discussion? If a user posts in some two years old thread that is reopening and how about posting in six months old thread? What is the time limit for this rule?


      Author's profile photo Jürgen L
      Jürgen L
      Blog Post Author

      It is just the beginning of a new year, there must be some room for a rise.

      If you look at this video then you know what I mean (you don't need to understand German for that, just look at the progression) Gernot Hassknecht ...

      There is no defined limit for reopening old discussions in the moment. If someone has THE solution to a 4 year old unique question then he is welcome to post it as this adds value.

      If he just just asks "did you get an answer?" (despite of the fact that there are  no answers posted) then it is just noise and should be avoided, especially if the user was not logged in for a long time.

      I usually do not intervene if  the question is not older than a year.

      But I rarely saw any response. I am checking the history of any user who is reopening old discussions, for some it is the only activity in SCN, and especially here I can see that they usually do not get any response, which does not make them think, unfortunately.

      SAP closes the incidents in SAP support portal automatically after 3 months if you don't follow up. How long can you keep an incident in your system open until your boss is approaching you?

      And honestly, if you don't get an answer/solution within days in SCN, then you take your issue to SAP Support, developed your own workaround, posted the problem somewhere else or give up on the idea.... or just sit and wait until a reinstalled limit of 10 open questions forces the closure of old questions.

      Author's profile photo ' MoazzaM '
      ' MoazzaM '

      I knew what you mean. I could understand only one word and I am not sure its correct or not but he was saying something about president may be 😯 but video is interesting and relevant to your point. Why don't you make you own video and post here with the message which you have given with this blog. Remembering a video message is quite easy than a written blog I think.

      I always alert moderator if a user posts in more than 4/5 months old thread no matter that was an open discussion or was answered correctly. In my opinion like you said SAP closes tickets after 3 months we should have this functionality here in SCN as well. No user could be able to post in any discussion which is 3 or any agreed period old.

      Thank you again for the explanation and I would like to tag SD forum here because we can see a lot moderation ignoring activities there as well.

      SAP ERP Sales and Distribution (SAP SD)

      SAP ERP SD Sales


      Author's profile photo Jelena Perfiljeva
      Jelena Perfiljeva

      One year is the rule of a thumb for me as well. We've had a discussion on this a while ago in About SCN, I think.

      It's especially irritating though when someone finds multiple old posts on the same issue and decides to resurrect all of them with "did you solve it?". Although in this case someone at least did their search. 🙂

      Author's profile photo Deepak Jharkharia
      Deepak Jharkharia


      Happy new year and Great start 2015 indeed.Your blog nicely explains the frustration moderators have to go by everyday.Hope this strong piece of advice will shape engagement of forum in 2015.I would also like to tag PP forum SAP ERP Manufacturing - Production Planning (SAP PP) 


      Author's profile photo G Lakshmipathi
      G Lakshmipathi

      As rightly said, in the last of couple of days, I had rejected more than 50 threads (average 15 threads a day) and on some instances, it is even worse. 

      I have cautioned couple of members in Sales forum not to deviate SCN rules but still they are continuing.  What the worst fact is they are all old members and know SCN rules very well.  In fact, in some cases, these old members have responded to basic query and I have sent DM instead of warning directly in that thread.  Despite New Year leave for me, I had to spend three-four hours just for moderation.

      Unless some stringent action is initiated by SCN / Global Moderators to track members who ignores SCN rules and increase the work load of Moderators, it will be very difficult for all Space Moderators, especially in forums like SD, MM etc., where around 50 queries are being posted daily.  I would prefer some icon (if we place the mouse on the icon, a text should display as "Habitual Member of deviating SCN rules" to be displayed based on Space Moderators' discretion so that they will feel embarrassing to some extent at least.  Alternatively, based on Space Moderators recommendations, Global Moderators should add the icon to those "Privileged Members".


      G. Lakshmipathi

      Author's profile photo Jelena Perfiljeva
      Jelena Perfiljeva

      Great blog, Jurgen. "Rated, liked, bookmarked". 🙂

      Interestingly, every time we genuinely try to help such people to improve their behavior they don't seem to be interested in responding. E.g. if someone has difficulty searching, we could point them to better searching techniques, but usually the dialog goes like this:

      - Dear gurus, <basic question follows>

      - Have you tried searching SCN before posting?

      - Yes, I did and did not find anything.

      - Hmm... When I enter <basic question> in Google, it finds thousands of posts... Can you tell us what were you searching for exactly?

      - [crickets]

      Such discussions usually don't get closed either (a good opportunity to plug another Jurgen's blog).

      Author's profile photo venu gopal
      venu gopal

      Dear Jurgan sir

      Really thanks a lot for your time being , some time back i also gave some panic to Lakshipathi sir and JP sir please forgive me but now i have stoped that type basic questions asking in the forum.

      Author's profile photo Jürgen L
      Jürgen L
      Blog Post Author

      This blog is unfortunately still relevant. Hence giving it a bump.