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Happy New Year 2015!

Nothing but gratitude for the beauties of life!

To reflect the year gone by is a tendency inherent in human thought. A certain time in one’s life yields a meaning that illuminates more brightly than perhaps one might have thought or had the right to distantly expect the amazements of the knows and the unknowns in absolute bewilderment.

Life offers us lessons aplenty as it unfolds. It is about learning to look back what’s gone by to what’s discovered in the process. To write off with sigh of liberation that we are who we are and this is the life we have, is a cliché.

This is not to say that nostalgia is our inevitable manifestations. The lessons to draw, however, from reflecting on these experiences, rather, in their extremity bring out something else. Besides being indifferent, contradictions express a seeming paradox of human nature that people do one thing and exactly the opposite often baffled in their essence and real meaning.

Beyond characterization, communities need to have thoughtful reflections and believe in something that provides a satisfying way of living lives of togetherness. It’s relationships of trust among the nations and between the communities that create healthy interdependencies. It’s the hardest thing to build; it is something, people can work together for and truly realize.

It’s time to treat the past thoughtfully with gratitude and responsibility and with awareness that much of our present life is a reflection of our personalities in action either good or bad. Philosophy cannot always provide the right answers at a given moment; perhaps it can at least raise some of the right questions. 

We must search ourselves for the truth of our own prejudices. Wisdom is not the same as knowledge. It takes one’s conscience and dignity to comprehend one’s philosophical and thoughtful understanding. It’s a lifestyle focused on making moral choices and elevating the things that makes life worth living.

The freedom to be true to oneself is not something paradoxical, when in quest of something true and meaningful. It’s about the movement of change, to work together in unity, to pledge to be part of the solution, and to stay united to better the lives of the people.

There is a significant aspect to freedom; it makes us accountable for what we do. Freedom, gives us an opportunity to decide what we should do, but with it comes the responsibility. Unitedly, thinking about the future can develop relationships of trust and mutual understanding between diverse groups of stakeholders. Together, the responsibility to fulfil and holding accountable for what we do can be one’s own dignity, happiness and recognition.

Thankfully, being honest and true to oneself and to lead life with a moral authority has a good feeling, to pick ourselves up, recommit to fulfilling the potential of our most authentic selves, and give meaning to our lives through purpose. It’s an enduring commitment not an event. It’s not easy, which is why it’s rare, but it’s worth it. Things, we truly care about changes our motivation for living and relationships become meaningful with it.

Wishing you and your family a very happy new year 2015!

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