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Tool to search and call ISU Transaction

Most of the time we struggle to find the right transaction code .

Although there are alternate ways to find the tcodes.

1)Using SE93 (Maintain Transaction).

2)Navigating through SAP easy access .

3)Through Google.

There is a tool / t- code which can be used to search and call up SAP ISU transaction quickly using search term.

The Transaction code is “EASY”.


How to find transaction code(s).

Just provide the search term and select the respective ISU Module checkbox.Suppose you want to find the t-code related to device. Provide Device* in the search term am click on execute.


All SAP ISU transactions related to devices will be displayed.


Double clicking on the transaction code will navigate you to that transaction.


I hope this document  will help you in finding the right transaction code easily and quickly.

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