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Setting up Virus scan profile /SCET/GUI_UPLOAD for Gateway

If virus scan profile is not set up properly then while uploading files through NetWeaver Gateway (File Upload/Download through NetWeaver Gateway) it will throw an error “Virus scan profile /SCET/GUI_UPLOAD is not active” as below. We worked with our basis team to get it resolved. Here are the steps.



Solution Steps:

1)  Go to transaction ‘VSCANPROFILE‘  and make sure /SCET/GUI_UPLOAD profile is not active.


2)  Go to trtransaction:  /n/IWFND/VIRUS_SCAN (Configuration of virus scan profile for gateway).

      Current Settings: Virus scan profile is switched  on for /SCET/GUI_UPLOAD.


3)  Remove virus scan profile and Switch off virus scan check box. Execute.


This message should appear.


Now virus scan issue should be resolved and you should get a HTTP status code 204.


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  • Hi Amaresh,

    We are implementing FIORI apps and trying to upload the UI5 changes to NW Gateway system and we are getting error " No Virus scan profile is selected as the default".

    When we checked with Basis, client don't have Virus scan installed in system, but they do have Virus scan installed at Server level.

    Will there be any impact, if we switch off the virus scan profile. Basis has mentioned clearly, that they are not responsible for any risk associated with this system setting change.

    Please let me know your inputs on this.



    • Hi Srikanth - SAP recommends to activate virus scan profile but I would say it depends on the FIORI app you are developing whether it is exposed outside of the network(DMZ) or not. Your security team can give you a better idea. Anyways I will update my blog with how to activate virus scan profile for gateway.

      With Regards

      Amaresh Pani

  • /
  • Hi,

    got this blog link from note 2527822. It says to deactive the virus scanning for the upload from Enable Now Producer.

    Unfortunately it is still not working. Do I have to refresh something or re-start the SAP system to refresh the virus scan settings?

    Thank you!

  • Hi,

    If i understand correctly, then with this , we will switch off the virus scannign for the document upload.

    But thats a risk. IN that case, how do we make sure that the document is scanned for virus before it is uploaded in the SAP system and we also don't get the error during upload ?


    Nilesh Puranik