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Develop, Deploy, Configure, Consume Fiori Apps using Fiori launchpad/ HANA Cloud Platform

Dear Reader,

If you’d like to try  Fiori Launchpad on HANA Cloud Platform (HCP), and understand the end to end scenario, keep reading.

Fiori Launchpad is available @ HANA Cloud Platform since Nov, 2014 (GA).

The Fiori launchpad user interface is platform agnostic. It has the same user experience on all deployment options (For more information, see Simplifying your UX with SAP Fiori launchpad on SAP HANA Cloud Platform).

How can you get Fiori Launchpad running on HANA Cloud Platform?

Go to the SAP HANA Cloud Platform page and register to get a HANA Cloud Platform account (this isn’t yet available in the trial version).

You have to ensure the following:

  • Your account is subscribed to SAP Fiori launchpad.
  • You are assigned to the predefined TENANT_ADMIN role with administrative permissions.

If you need support with these two requirenments, please contact the DevOps team (

For more information, see Managing Roles in SAP HANA Cloud and assign launchpad users to roles.

You already have an account, where should you start?

Follow the “DD-CC” steps: (Develop > Deploy > Configure > Consume)

Develop your Fiori/Fiori-Like application using Web IDE

The basic guidelines:

  • UI Development:

Develop the Fiori UI on top of HCP as an “HTML5 application”.

We recommand using the Web IDE’s templates for Fiori applications.

  • oData/Gateway

You need to have an on-premise Gateway system connected to the cloud, either with a cloud connector or exposed outside the Firewall.

Alternatively, you can use GwaaS (Gateway as a service)

  • Backend Logic

Additional backend logic can be developed as Java applications on HCP.

The Java application exposes REST services that can then be accessed by the Fiori client-side application much like the access to the oData calls.


  1. Open SAP Web IDE.See Opening SAP Web IDE.
  2. Enable OData model editor plugins. See Optional – Enabling Fact Sheet Editor and OData Model Editor Plugins
  3. Connect remote systems.See Optional – Connecting Remote Systems.
  4. Check or enter Git user settings.See Optional – Entering Git User Settings.
  5. Develop your app based on Fiori/ Fiori-like templates or patterns.

The screenshot below shows the available template when creating new project using WebIDE.


Alternatively, you can also extend an existing application (For more information, see SAP Web IDE Developer Guide)

The Web IDE documentation is available here – SAP Web IDE Developer Guide

Deploy your application on GIT the Cloud Repository (HTML5 Repository)

SAP HANA Cloud Platform enables you to easily develop and run lightweight HTML5 applications in a cloud environment. HTML5 applications on SAP HANA Cloud Platform consist of static resources and can connect to any existing on-premise or on-demand REST services. Compared to a Java application, there is no need to start a dedicated process for an HTML5 application. Instead the static resources and REST calls are served using a shared dispatcher service provided by the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

Once you are finished, you need to push your code to the GIT Cloud repository.


1. Clone a repository.

2. Create a project and add an html file.

3. Push the file to the GIT repository.


4. Test the application.

5. Create a version and activate the version.


Check out this tutorial – SAP HANA Cloud Platform

For more information (Work with HTML5 repository), see  – SAP HANA Cloud Platform

To ensure seamless integration of your app in the launchpad, perform the following:

  • Your HTML5 app (a Helium SAPUI5 Fiori app) has been developed, tested, and deployed on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.
  • All required back-end destinations for your app have been configured and tested.

Configure your Appa using Fiori Configuration Cockpit (FCC)

You perform the content creation and design tasks in the SAP Fiori Configuration cockpit.

To access this page navigate to: https://fiorilaunchpad-<accountname>

The applications are launch from tiles. Today, there are three tile types:

[1] Static tiles that run any static app url,

[2] Dynamic tiles that run app and display aggregative number based on oData

[3] Custom tiles that can run whatever you like in the tile.

(Heads-up: additional tile types, such as news and others, areplanned as part of the product roadmap)

Perform the following tasks:

Purpose Task Description
To integrate apps in launchpad sites and make them available in catalogs at runtime Configure apps: set app properties and tiles, assign categories Configuring Apps, Manage App Assignments
To enable role-based access to apps Create and configure content packages: set properties, assign apps and roles Configuring Content Packages
To ensure visibility and organize the display of apps in launchpad sites Create and configure groups: set properties, assign apps to groups Configuring Groups


Consume Your Application in Fiori Launchpad on HANA Cloud Platform

To access a launchpad site:

  1. In the Site Directory of SAP HANA Cloud Portal, hover over a launchpad site and click Manage.
  2. In the Administration page that opens, click the Launchpad Runtime tile. The runtime version of this site opens.

For information about the runtime capabilities of SAP Fiori launchpad, see Using the Launchpad. Note, however, that not all the capabilities are available on cloud.



Inbal Sabag

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  • Dear Inbal,

    great blog, many thanks. However, since my HCP trial account is missing the SAP Fiori launchpad subscription option, I tried to reach the DevOps team via the link you provided, but the respective e-mail address:

    does not seem to work for me. Is this perhaps and SAP internal e-mail address? Is there a way to reach the DevOps team externaly?

    Best regards


    • Hello Frank,

      Fiori launchpad is not available in trial yet.

      We are currently working to enable it and I hope it will be released soon.



      FLP Development.

  • Hi there, great blog!

    Any chance that Java applications, with UI5 fronted, developed according to Fiori-like UI5 best practice, can be integrated into FLP@HCP?

    thanks, regards


    • Basically it should work. As long as there is a separation between the client static resources and the server logic.

      Please let me know if you are facing any issue and I'll guide you accordingly.



      • Hi Inbal,

        I tried the integration of a UI5 application based on HCP Java (not on HTML5). Integration works only if I use the URL-based application template in FLP.

        I've tried the UI5 application template but the application won't start and generate an error dialog.

        Is this ok or maybe I'm doing something wrong?

        Thanks, regards


  • Hi Inbal, I got access to and have subscription to FLP, but I can't register my App to Fiori Launchpad. So I tried to configure in manually. Can you tell me how the URL has to look like when my App is stored in HCP and I want to embed it in FLP?

    Thanks, Thomas

  • Hi Inbal,

    thank you for this great blog. I could start my FLP administration and the FLP itself now on hanatrial. I also managed to create a URL application that I can see and run on my FLP.

    But how can I add a Fiori app that I developed in HCP WebIDE?


    I created a SAPUI5 app in FLP app configuration for this application. But I'm not sure what the correct values for "component url" and "component name" are. How can I determine this values?


    Regards Helmut

    • I found the correct properties for my app:



      set to "/" cause I created the project at the root of my Web IDE.


      set to "FioriSalesOrder" cause I declared at the top of my Component.js file:"FioriSalesOrder.Component");


      set to "fiorisalesorder" cause I named my app like that when I deployed it to HCP.

  • Many Thanks Inbal, I already experienced Fiori app implementation on-premise and worked extensively, but I feel this is the time now to explore Fiori/Web IDE on-cloud.

    Thanks Again for sharing and helping us to evolve.

    Warm Regards


  • Hello Inbal,

    I read that HCP allows you to connect your own data to your customized SAP Fiori apps hosted on SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

    If i can create my Fiori APP (which connects to my onpremise ECC box) and host it in the HCP, will I be able to use the HANA resources there on HCP? What will Ineed to buy from SAP to get the HANA capabilities on the cloud for my app, if they are not already provided with HCP license? Any idea of the expenses? Thanks.

    • Hi,

      I'd like to get a better understanding of your scenario - You would like to use HANA power, however your app data is based on on premise. Basically this is impossible.

      I think you should replicate your data to be available on HCP in order to use HANA advantages, as only the UI sources are deployed on the platform, while the data itself is still on premise.



  • Hello Inbal,

    Do you know when the flpportal will be able for the I mean, for the SAP internal version.

    Thank You.

    • yes, it should be available. Go to services > HANA Cloud Portal > open the default site > this is the launchpad.

      in order to get to the Fiori configuration cockpit to configure your tiles open if from the site directory entry under Cloud Portal.

      Let me know if you have any issues.

  • Hi Inbal,

    I registered my salesorder application in fiori launchpad and when I launch the application I get the message "The requested resource not found" and it appears to be issue with accessing the oData service. Please let me know where to get the componentId for modifying the service URL<componentId>)

    Regards, Keshav

    • Hi Inbal,

      I got the answer. It is what we declare in Component.js file"salesorder_ns.Component"), in this case it is salesorder_ns.

      Best Regards, Keshav

      • Hi Keshava,

        I could notice depolyed application shows content in master page but not in the detail page.

        However when running from webide application works fine.

        I tired modifying in component.js file as below.

        serviceUrl:"")+ "/destinations/SalesOrder/SalesOrder-cloud-web/SalesOdata.svc/"

        Can you please suggest any other changes required to deploy Fiori App?



        • Hi All,

          issue got fixed.

          I was implementing table personalization service which works only(using ushell) when run on launchpad . App works after registering with Launchpad.

          No modification is required in component.js.


    • Hi,

      This section below in my blog is not longer relevant, so I removed it. You don't need this anymore (it was a workaround which was resolved).

      • To enable navigation capabilities for your app in the launchpad, set the service URL parameters pointing to the backend in a specific format as follows:In the configuration.js file of your app, replace the following line serviceUrl: "/sap/opu/odata/sap/BACKEND_SRV/"with

          serviceUrl:<componentId>) + "/sap/opu/odata/sap/PAOC_TRV_SRV/"


  • Hi,

    I have created a separate scenario application in SAP WEB IDE and deployed the app in SAP HANA cloud trial account and also in Fiori launchpad trial account. I can run the app from launchpad but  it is asking for my HCP account credentials. I want to add a custom user authentication so that need not to pass my HCP credentials for testing purpose. Can someone please guide me how to do that?

    • Hi Ankur,

      I think you have to configure a Trusted Identity Provider in the Trust section of you HCP Trial Cockpit.

      Best regards


      • Hi Gregor,

        i have bypassed the authentication for SAP Fiori app by setting the AuthenticationMethod = None in Neo-App.json file. Then deployed it in SAP HANA cloud platform and get the link from HTML5 tab.

        Now, I am looking for something similar for Fiori Launchpad also. Please let me know if there is a way to achieve that or Trusted Identity Provider is the only option.

        Also, i don't want to do the coding in Eclipse, so if you can explain me how can i configure TIP in Trust section and app designed in SAP Web IDE.

        Many Thanks.


          • Hi Gregor,

            Actually, i have created a demo app and i want my colleague to test it. I have given him the fiori launchpad link. when he is accessing that link, it is asking for Username and password. i dont want to give him my HCP credentials, so want to bypass this authentication.

            Can you plz explain me if i can create a test user and assign that to fiori launchpad, so need not to share my HCP credentails

          • The Fiori Launchpad is an experience provided as part of SAP HANA Cloud Portal. The Cloud Portal is a service on HANA Cloud Platform accoutn.

            The Identity provider is configured at the account level, means that you can use the SAP ID (the default), buy identity provider from SAP (called SAP Cloud Identity aka SCI) or connect your own identity provider, as long as it support SAML2 protocol to the account itself.

  • Hi Inbal,

    Very helpful blog. In HCP though, if I develop a Fiori app, how can I give this to one of my HCP subscribers? I can do this for a Java HCP app by running command: neo subscribe -a <customer account> -b <my account>:<my app id> -u <my oss user> -h

    Are HTML5 Applications not open to subscription? It seems they are since looking at the Fiori Cloud trial, it shows a dozen or so subscribed html5 applications.



  • Hi

    Inbal Sabag

    Thanks for the blog. It is very helpful 🙂

    Is Hana cloud portal available for productive use.

    In trial i could notice option to enable Hana Cloud Portal service for registering Fiori apps to launchpad. However  i could'nt find a way to subscribe to Hana cloud portal in productive account. Can you provide some inputs please?


    Ramana Yellapu

    • Hi,

      It is ready for productive use.

      On trial, you can enable the HANA CLoud Portal service, but on productive HANA Cloud Platform account, you need to provide the account details to the DevOps team (create customer BCP on component EP-OD-CP or use this email They need to privision your account with the HANA CLoud Portal service. It depands on the license you have.

      Hope it helps.


    • I suggest to first verify that your company licensed the SAP HANA Cloud Portal service.

      If you would like to discuss the license situation you can reach out to me via email



      cc: Thomas Hensel

  • Hello Inbal,

    I have a customer who wants to access through the Fiori Launchpad deployed on HANA Cloud Platform, their SAP Customer Activity Repository Fiori Apps running on their on premise systems

    basically they want to have on their Fiori Launchpad on HCP, tiles that connect to their Fiori apps running on their on premise systems.

    is this possible?

    thank you.

    best regards,


  • Hi Inbal,

    I have created Fiori Overview Page(OVP Page) in WedIDE. I able to run the application in browser. But my doubt is how to register this application in my FLP. When I register, it's

    asking Tile information's. I don't want to show this OVP app after clicking the Tile. I want show this as OVP page in FLP homepage.

  • Hello,

    We have our application available on S4 CE.
    End users want to create their own tile,catalogs,groups and roles for this application.

    How can this be achieved?

    Thanks & Regards

  • Hi, nice blog.

    You've said in this blog:

    "The Java application exposes REST services that can then be accessed by the Fiori client-side application much like the access to the oData calls."

    I want to ask if there's a way to doesn't expose the REST service on the Fiori clien-side?

    Best Regards, Lucas.