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#SITBLR 2014 : What Participants fed us back

We had an amazing SAP Inside Track Bengaluru 2014 last month. It is always good to know what participants have to say about the event so we conducted feedback from the participants using SURVEYMONKEY by taking 10 questions. Below are the responses from the participants.


1. How much have your skills improved because of the SAP Inside Track event?




2. Overall, were you satisfied with the event, neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with it, or dissatisfied with it?




3. Was this event better than what you expected, worse than what you expected, or about what you expected?




4. How much time was spent on important information at this event?




5. How detailed was the information presented at this event?




6. How useful was the information presented at this event?





7. How much of the information presented at this event was new to you?





8. How organized was the information presented at this event?



9. Did the presenter allow too much time for discussion, too little time, or about the right amount of time?






10. What suggestions do you have for improving SIT Events?


  • Really a Wonderful Conference
  • Everything was Good.!!!!!!
  • This is quite excellent Event to go on with. Please make sure we are going have big success globally. We have to attract the new aspirants around the globe. – Ramakrishnan Azhagappn
  • Stopping the speakers due to time constrains, abruptly
  • totally satisfied.
  • Very good
  • There should be a dedicate slot of people networking, probably in 2-3 small breaks, apart from tea/coffee breaks. It can be in the form of speed networking, which was done in couple of former event and its a superb way to connect and share.
  • wish to attend more events like these
  • it should be organized in mumbai as well.
  • speaker with subject matter expertise should be deployed .And need to improve the little practical scenarios with HL & LL core interfaces in the slides.
  • Presenters should get right amount of time,to present their technology .
  • Make it a two day event allocating more time on each topic
  • technical Track can be more techinical rather than PPT’s
  • Please let me know the forthcoming SIT Events schedules via email or Phone. Thanks Bansi
  • Most of presentations are related to HANA. It would be nice if all modules are equally preferred.
  • The seating arrangement could be little better…20 % of the people were standing and listen the demos.
  • Please conduct these kind of activities every time to support all of SAP Employees 🙂
  • 1. Some quiz round for all participants on-spot. 2. Select any lucky winner to take part as member of Organizing Team 3. A ‘must session’ from SAP Mentor on career plan
  • This event was organized well enough in all aspect; except for the Infrastructure details, in presentation room allocated for Function session was not enough, the participants have to settle down on the floor, and also the Lunch in Cafeteria…400+ participants and 2 food counters? could be more organized.
  • Its fantastic
  • In future sessions , we would request you to arrange for a hands on sessions as well along with the theorey . So that it will give us good learning on the products. And Thanks alot for everyone and for everything .
  • time allocated was 30 mins but we were only given 23 mins to deliver this is only my concern
  • Improve the Technical Things
  • Reduce the number of sessions and increase the time for each
  • Can we also cover Western India locations, Mumbai and Pune during the next year’s plan?
  • Kudos! Keep up the good work!
  • what i felt you need to support all the Speakers.if they are coming sponsor then also you need to support that company people.
  • I feel you can extend this for 2 days & we get time to speak to presenter & get more Knowledge
  • Few of the speakers/ Presentations is pathetic. It would be better to avoid those speakers , so better to test/check their presentation skills before announcing the schedule of the event and it would be good to remove those sessions/speakers from the event earlier itself.. Thanks
  • Overall this Event was organised very well. Can we have new track only for demos.
  • Review the content and presentation before approving it for the sessions. Since it just 30 mins you cannot have a detailed sessions so the presenter should prepare for just 30 mins and not more .hence the presentations should be approved before hand.
  • Instead of rushing 8 to 10 sessions with 35 mins time,it would have been better with a 6 session having 1 hour for each(50 mins+10 for Q&A).Because people who came here want to know a minimum discussion about the topics.In my case i was more interested on BW on HANA…but unfortunately only for this particular sessions end up within 25 mins…..Hope my suggestion make sense …. Thanks for the opportunity…
  • Increase questioner’s time with discussion and improve more informative slide with less presentation time.
  • Good luck and do more sessions
  • I request to provide more time for the speaker to present.
  • The time was very less for each presentation. I was particularly impressed with the way Sivasubramaniam presented his topic in the Analytic track. I have only one suggestion, please increase the time limit of each presentation to atleast 50/60 mins since lot of topics are important for us to know and most of them could not complete the presentation since time was very less. The event could be even stretched to 2 days for lot more topics.
  • Event time should be more
  • Totally a mega event. Thanks for organizing it.



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      Author's profile photo abilash n
      abilash n

      Congrats SIT Bangalore team and Jitendra for making SIT a grand grand success and the comment I liked most  -

      • technical Track can be more techinical rather than PPT's....
      • Instead of rushing 8 to 10 sessions with 35 mins time,it would have been better with a 6 session having 1 hour for each(50 mins+10 for Q&A).

      The second comment is also more relevant as I was involved in SIT Hyd my thinking was almost same as instead of making the speaker hurry cant we give him peace of time(but before this chance of 1 hour lecture, organizers should make it confirm that the speaker is well versed in speaking and technical skills)

      apart from above comments all are repeated as in all SIT events like making it 2 day event which is not possible as usual...