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Oracle Upgrade 11G to 12C

                                    Oracle Upgrade 11G to 12C


This document contains the steps that how to do the oracle upgrade 11 G to 12C.

Author: Brindavan Mookaiah

Designation: SAP BASIS Consultant

Note: The steps are only suitable for NON SAP Oracle Upgrade.

For SAP oracle upgrade 11g to 12 c on AIX.  kindly find the following Link SAP Oracle upgrade 11G to 12C on AIX

Steps to follow:-

1) Backup Oracle database and profile

2) Take full offline or online backup

3) Stop the database

3) Stop listener

4) Change ORACLE_HOME environment variable in the bash profile of “oracle” user

5) Check the version SQ> Select instance_name,host_name,version,status from  V$INSTANCE;

6) Check the components version SQL> Select from comp_name, version, status from dba_registry ORDER BY status;

7)  Run the installer 12c

8)  Pre-upgrade

9) Upgrade the 11G to 12C

10) Post upgrade


The oracle release and years

Oracle Release 2

  1. (August 2009 -GA)
  2. (November 2010)
  3. (September 2011)
  4. (August 2013)

Oracle 12c Release 1

  1. (June 2013 – GA)
  2. (October 2013) (PSU)
  3. (January 2014) (PSU)

Oracle Database

Direct upgrade upgrade to

  • . In -Place Upgrade  -> Install Binaries in same ORACLE_HOME
  • . Out-of-Place Upgrade –> Install binaries in new ORACLE_HOME

Upgrade suing DBUA or Manual

Indirect Upgrade

  • . Migrate using Data pump utility
  • . Transportable Table-space
  • . Golden Gate Replication

There are different ways of oracle upgrading

1) Database Upgrade Assistant (DBUA)

2) Manual Upgrade

3) Transportable Tablespaces

4) Datapump export/import

5) Oracle Streams

6) Oracle GoldenGate

Here we are going to use

Oracle Database Version:            Oracle Database 11gR2 ( (64-bit)

Operating System:                        Oracle Enterprise SUSE Linux

1) Check the release and version


2) check the oratab


3) check the oraInventory


4) stop the database & stop the listener

oracle&hostname > sys /as sysdba

SQL> shutdown immediate;

oracle& hostanme> lsnrctl


5) Check the version


6) Check the components


7) set the new ORACLE_HOME

hostname> export ORACLE_HOME=oracle/SID/12.1.0

8) Go to the 12c media directory and run the command

oracle&hostname> ./runInstaller


Click Next

Click “Next” and chose “Skip software updates”.


Click “Next” and chose “Skip software updates”.


Click “Next” and select “Upgrade an existing database”. It automatically launch DBUA to upgrade the databases.


Select the Language eg ” English”


Select Enterprise edition and click “Next”


Click “Next”


Click “Next”


Fix all the warnings are resolved before proceeding with the next step. In here we are ignored and click ” Next”


Click “Install”




Click ” Next”


Click ” Next”


Click ” Next” ignore and continue


Click ” Next”


Click ” Next”:


select “configure Enterprise Manger and Click ” Next”


Click ” Next”


Click ” Next”


select ” I have my own backup ”  and Click ” Next”


click ” Finish”




If you would like to restore the database to be fall-back to previous version then click on restore to revert back.


Well the oracle database upgrade completed successfully.

SQL> select * from v$version;

  —————————————————————————- ———-
Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition Release – 64bit Production 0
PL/SQL Release – Production      0
CORE Production       0
TNS for Linux: Version – Production      0
NLSRTL Version – Production      0



All steps are completed.

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    • Hi S Basis,


      issues for 11g to 12c Upgrade are as follows


      1) oracle is not started with <SIDADM> , we have to start manully .

      2) you have to upgrade kernel 721 other wise brtool was not support for 12C.

      3) you have to create a symbolic link for new oracle home and deinstall the old oracle home.

      4)copy old home init<SID>.ora file to new oracle home path oracle/SID/112_64/dbs for (unix/Linux).

      5)Copy old listener.ora file to new oracle home.

  • Hello Brindavan,


    Oracle 12 is not yet officially released by SAP for productive systems (as far as I know). I think you should write this information in your document for now.


    Best Regards,


      • Hi,

        I think you have not understood the comment from Valerio.


        This is NOT mentioned in your document.

        SAP has NOT released any UPGRADE documentation.

        This is NOT mentioned in your document.

        This document HAS NOTHING valuable from SAP Oracle Database point of view and it can/will cause confusion if you do NOT mention anything as people will NOT read the OFFICIAL documentation when released, will follow your document, skip steps required by SAP, open "incidents" and get the "nice answer" => "you have not followed a supported upgrade, please, restore backup and start again".

        Therefore, I strongly recommend that you mention that this document can be used to upgrade NON SAP databases until SAP releases its official document.

        • Hi,


          Just sharing the information.....


          Now oracle12c has been certified by SAP!!!!


          2133079 - Oracle Database 12c: Integration in SAP environment

          Oracle Database 12c (incl. RDBMS 12c, Grid Infrastructure 12c and Oracle RAC 12c) is certified for SAP NetWeaver based SAP products starting March 31st, 2015. The minimum Oracle version certified is with applied initial SAP Bundle Patch (SBP),

          At least SAP Kernel version 7.21_EXT is required for Oracle 12c




  • Hi.


    Nice document. But one realyl important thing to remember is, that in SAP the software owner of Oracle SW is ora<sid>. Except in RAC,EXADATA,ASM or in Oracle Engineered Systems. This means SAP customers using ora<sid> user as SW owner, have to migrate the Oracle SW to 'oracle' user, which is not so easy. But SAP will provide a tool that supports this process.

    • Hello Siddesh,


      This information might be helpful who is going to perform oracle upgrade, but it seem that this document is not reached your knowledge. will try to produce a good document in future.

      Thanks for you comments....

      • Hello Brindavan,


        Apologies, I think you misunderstood me.


        I think I should have asked the question in bit more detail.


        I believe you wrote the blog, when Oracle 12c was still awaiting certification for usage with SAP Application, so consultants who were interested in experimenting with an upgrade to latest version would have found this pretty useful.


        However, Oracle 12c is now certified to be used with SAP and the standard Oracle Upgrade guide from SAP for SAP databases is out ( and I see that you have included here too).


        So my question was in which circumstances will the readers use this procedure? Non-SAP Oracle upgrades are covered by Oracle documentation anyways.


        You might want to modify this blog and focus on specific issues/features that you would like the readers to take note of.