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More efficient incident reporting with the SAP SD Sales Team

Due to the many component cross-overs within SD Sales transactions, there exists a common problem with the correct classification of component area. To ensure a more timely and efficient collaboration with SAP, it is essential that all new issues are directed to the most knowledgeable and experienced Engineer.

To clarify that the incident being reported is directed to the most responsible team, please follow the guidelines outlined in my recent Knowledge Based Article:

  • 2082327 – Component classification
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  • The link did not work for me ('page not found') but I just opened the note.

    I do understand the importance of properly routing the messages (we have the same issue with our users). But has always wondered - why is this burden placed on the SAP customers? Why couldn't the ticket system have simple prompts? E.g. if you're reporting an issue in transaction VF... then most likely it needs to be routed to Billing.

    SAP is a software company, I believe, so why not use software to help with support instead of relying on the users who are just "the buggy interface between the chair and keyboard"? It's 2014 and SAP wants to sell HANA, UI technologies etc. yet is using last century stuff for their own business. This just makes no sense to me to expect anyone to read a document just to fill in one field when entering an incident.

    Well, thanks for sharing anyway, I know it's not your fault that SAP has such ticket system. 🙂

  • Aha, Gerard is an optimist!  It must be the influence of the holiday season......

    I wish you good luck in getting widespread compliance with that KB article. 🙁   That whole 'component area' categorization that SAP is so fond of is totally ignored by 90% of the professional analysts and consultants that I know.  They only fill something in those fields in order to be able to complete the messages they create.

    • Thanks a lot for your inputs

      This is precisely the reason why we are trying to bring light to the situation.

      I do believe that if your "90%" were aware of the significance for correct component categorization, they would quickly comply.

      All ideas on this topic are welcome!

      • Gerard,

        I do believe that if your "90%" were aware of the significance for correct component categorization, they would quickly comply.

        Again I notice you are brimming with optimism.....

  • It is a real shame that the component specific questions are not more widely read and used as one of the biggest issues especially in SD SLS is the huge amount of incidents that just don't belong there which hold up progress of the ones that do! So we can but try to spread the word and be more pro active to help define what really belongs in this area! Any other ideas readily received as well as great to hear from your perspective

    Happy holidays to everybody!