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Where to discuss Concur Travel and Expense

Discussions and blogs about Concur are currently spread across various spaces including this one (SAP Travel Management), SAP Cloud Solutions, SAP HCM and more. So, I was wondering where the best space for future Concur discussions should be.

My preference would actually be to keep it in this space as far as Travel and Expense is concerned (Concur Invoice, if going to survive for much longer at all as an independant sokution, probably fits into a Procurement space much better – or maybe into Financials.)

My reasoning is: the T&E process is here to stay, whilst techologies and platforms will change, be merged together, vanish completely or change names. So, there may be a time, where it will be difficult to discuss the currently seperate 3 T&E solutions from SAP as individual packages. Also: many members interested in on-prem Travel Management will also be interested in Concur.

But I’m not posting this to just share my view. Would be great to hear from other members and eventually get some guidance from moderators, which would hopefully consider members’ / customers’ views rather than the internal SAP orgstructure 🙂

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  • How about changing the group description and refer to all available products, including SAP FI-TV, SAP CFTE (which is still alive for some years, including productive customers) and Concur?


    "For global business, travel is necessary but expensive. To reduce and control travel costs, companies will benefit of an automated solution. The SAP Travel Management applications Concur, SAP Cloud for Travel and Expense or SAP FI-TV will ensure substantial, immediate, and ongoing savings."

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