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SAP HANA License Management

This Blog’s here to cover little bits of information that SAP HANA License Management.

About Managing SAP HANA Licenses

     License keys are required to use SAP HANA Database. We can install and delete the license keys using the SAP HANA Studio, SAP HANA HDBSQL command line tool and HANA SQL Query Editor.

HANA License Key Types

     The SAP HANA database supports two kinds of license key.

                    I. Temporary License Key

                    II. Permanent License Key

Temporary License Key:

            The temporary license keys are automatically installed with a new SAP HANA database installation. It is valid for 90 days from installation date. During this period we should request in service market place and apply permanent license key.

Permanent License Key:

The permanent license keys are valid until the predefined expiration date. It has to be requested on the SAP Service Marketplace under Keys & Requests and applied to the individual SAP HANA database. Furthermore they specify the amount of memory licensed to the target SAP HANA installation.

Note: Before a permanent license key expires, we should request and apply a new permanent license key. If it is expires, a temporary license key valid for 28 days is automatically installed. During this time, we can request and install a new permanent license key again.

There are two types of permanent license key available for SAP HANA

                    I.  Unenforced (SWPRODUCTNAME=SAP-HANA)

                    II. Enforced (SWPRODUCTNAME=SAP-HANA-ENF)

Unenforced License:

If an unenforced license key is installed, the operation of SAP HANA is not affected if its memory consumption exceeds the licensed amount of memory.

Enforced License:

If enforced license key is installed the system will be locked if memory consumption of HANA exceeds the license amount of memory plus some tolerance. If this happens HANA has to be restarted or a new license key should be requested, or a new license key that covers the amount of memory in use needs to be installed.

Authorization for Licensing Management

            The user required authorization of LICENSE ADMIN system privilege.

Important Points

There are a few different license models for SAP HANA depending on the business scenario (SAP HANA Stand-alone, SAP HANA Cloud, SAP Business Suite, SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse or another Application on top of SAP HANA, etc.) and not all of them are based on memory.

If anyone have license related any questions, Please Contact with your SAP Account Executive who will gladly provide details.

Applying SAP HANA License

     For example of SAP HANA License Install and delete using the SAP HANA Studio, SAP HANA HDBSQL command line tool and HANA SQL Query Editor.

I. Installing SAP HANA License Using SAP HANA Studio

Windows: Start – All Programs – SAP HANA – SAP HANA Studio

Hana Studio Login.jpg

Right Click in left hand side  to Add system

Add System.jpg

Fill the required details Host Name, Instance Number, Description and Select the Locale.


Press next to Enter the User Name and Password with LICENSE ADMIN privilege User.


Press Finish Button. The screen shows HDB, SYSTEM and License(optional) are SID, User and Description

Login DB.jpg

Right on DB1 to Property


Temporary License status Screen


License Expired status Screen

invalid Lic.jpg

invalid Lic1.jpg

Now we can generate the HANA License in Service Market Place( SMP login required.


Get the information required to request a permanent license key.

     To request the first permanent license key for a newly installed SAP HANA database, you need to provide the hardware key and the system ID. To request a subsequent permanent license key, you need the installation number and system number of your SAP HANA database. You can get the required information in the SAP HANA studio as follows:

    I.  In the Systems view, right-click the system and choose Properties – License.

    II. Get Hardware Key and you can use SQL to access the required information from the M_LICENSE system view.

The below Screen shows SAP Internal License Register, But your customer place Installation Number display instead of SAP-INTERN.


Select your system type from below list

System Type.jpg

Select your License type

License Type.jpg

Quantity of Memory


Valid Until Date and Submit


Download the txt file


Unenforced SWPRODUCTNAME=SAP-HANA – This License file is Unenforced


Install License key in Hana Studio


Press Install License Key and Select the text file

Select File.jpg

Select License.txt file from directory where you downloaded file saved directory


Apply License Using SAP HANA HDBSQL command line tool


Login into sidadm in SAP Hana Database OS level


Copy License key from License.txt file and execute the command line SET SYSTEM LICENSE ‘<Entire License.txt file>’;

license key.jpg


Note: Before update License in command line, we should enable multiline mode on this server using this command: \mu ON. (updated this – from Kimberley Chen’s feedback.)

Check the License status



Apply License using SAP HANA SQL Query Editor


In SQL Editor to execute the command SET SYSTEM LICENSE <License File Location>


Delete an Existing Permanent License Key

     We can delete all existing license keys in an SAP HANA database, for example, if permanent license keys with an incorrect installation number or incorrect system number were installed on the database.


You have the system privilege LICENSE ADMIN.

Uninstall the license key using one of the following options:

SAP Hana Studio

     In the Systems view, right-click the system and choose Properties – License.


Choose Delete License Key.


Hana SQL Console

     Execute the SQL command UNSET SYSTEM LICENSE ALL


     Execute the SQL command UNSET SYSTEM LICENSE ALL

     All permanent license keys are deleted. This results in the lockdown of the database. The installation of a new, valid permanent license key is required to unlock the database.

System Lockdown

The system goes into lockdown mode in the following situations:

     1.     The temporary license key has expired.

     2.     You were using a temporary license key and the hardware key has changed.

     3.     The permanent license key has expired and you did not renew it within 28 days.

     4.     The installed license key is an enforced license key and the current memory consumption exceeds the licensed amount plus the tolerance.

     5.     You deleted all license keys installed in your database.

In lockdown mode, no queries are possible. Only a user with the system privilege LICENSE ADMIN can connect to the database and execute license-related queries, such as, obtain previous license data, install a new license key, and delete installed license keys. In addition, the database cannot be backed up in lockdown mode.

Related Links and SAP Notes:


SAP Note 1738512 – HANA license expiration error still appears after successful installation of new license file while working with HANA rev25 or earlier

SAP Note 1739427 – How to request and install SAP HANA license key from SAP for more details.

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  • Thank you Srinivasan Vinayagam for sharing this useful information.


    Looks Permanant license has validity of a year....hence each and every time we need to install new license for this?


    Also how about Maitenance certificate required for NW application?


    Best Regards,


    • Hi Rupali,


      Thank You.


      We can change the license date what ever we want...this is for just an example one year.

      If you installed SAP NetWeaver on Hana Database, we required two license with same installation number. The NetWeaver license and maintenance certificate generation as usual.


      V Srinivasan

  • Hi Srinivasan,


    Thanks for the above detailed explanation regarding HANA licensing.


    I was wondering if you have anytime faced OOM (out of memeory) issues in your HANA landscape? If so, what was your approach in analysing the issue and how was the issue resolved?




    • Hi Vihari,


      Memory Information from Other Tools


           There are a number of tools available to analyze high memory consumption and out of memory situations.

            Out-of-memory (OOM) dumps can be analyzed as described in SAP KBA 1984422 – Analysis of SAP HANA Out-of-memory (OOM) Dumps. The tool hdbcons provides expert functionality to analyze memory issues. For more information see SAP Note 1786918 - Required information to investigate high memory consumption.


      Related Information

      SAP Note 1786918 - Required information to investigate high memory consumption SAP KBA 1984422 – Analysis of SAP HANA Out-of-memory (OOM) Dumps



      V Srinivasan

  • Hi everybody and SAP HANA guru,


    do you have a feed-back about how to install SAP HANA license on multi-tenant ? ( SP09)


    Seem SET SYSTEM LICENSE approach , like HANA studio 2.0.8 ( licnse option grey with SYSTEM user) , like HDBSQL  command don't allow installation   license on multi-tenant SAP .


    Any idea, may be something to update inside sap hana configuration ?


    Waiting your feed-back


    Have a good day

  • Hi Experts,


    I wonder how much quantity of memory we can request for scale-out environment (multi worker servers).


    For eg, I have two 1 TB servers and both of them act as workers (no standby here). In this case, should I go for 1 TB license request or 2TB ?



  • Hi,


    I think the product_limit is calculated based on the size of the actual Data set.

    If the size of the actual Data is less than 1TB it is fine with 1TB license.

    Suppose the Data growth is estimated to grow by 512 GB in next 2 years we can update the License product_limit to 1.5 TB.


    @Everybody, could you please confirm if my understanding is correct?




  • Hi Srinivasan

    can customers still deploy physically more memory then they have licensed by ajusting the Global Memory Allocation limit (which is what SAP audit to determine license usage).

    • Example 1:
You have a server with 512GB, but purchased an SAP HANA license for only 384 GB. Set the global_allocation_limit to 393216 (384 * 1024 MB).
    • Example 2:
You have a distributed HANA system on four hosts with 512GB each, but purchased an SAP HANA license for only 768 GB. Set the global_allocation_limit to 196608 (192 * 1024 MB on each host).


    Doc Mike

    PS: recomend to delete the link to "how-much-does-a-sap-hana-appliance-really-cost" - it's totally dated