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Pricing Report in MM

Hi Friends,

    We have seen many threads in MM forum for pricing reports. I would like to share a standard option to create a pricing / condition record list for MM pricing conditions.

    You can list the pricing conditions / condition records of MM with transaction code M_LD. But before that you need to create condition list first based on the required parameters and condition tables. You may proceed with the below steps:

Step 1: Create Condition List:

    Condition list acts a layout for the condition list display. The condition list is a two character key to identify the condition list layout. You can define different condition lists based on the key combination / condition tables.

    Follow the path: OLME – Reporting – Define Condition Lists – Create Condition List.

    Or Transaction: M_LA

  • Maintain Name and description for condition List.
  • Click on “Select Fields” (F5)


  • Select the key fields required in the report. The below screen displays all the key fields in all the condition tables.
    • If you want the report to consider multiple key fields, select all the required fields and click on the button “AND” or  “OR” as shown below:
      • OR: At least one selected field contain in the condition table.
      • AND : All the selected fields should contain in the selected tables.


  • The next screen will display all the condition tables including custom condition tables.


    You can select the condition tables to be considered for the report.


  Continue (press Enter)

  •     In the next screen, you can define the following for each fields:
      • Fields to be displayed in selection screen of the pricing report,
      • Required entry in selection screen.
      • Position : Display as header or item in the report.
      • Sort Indicator
      • Field or Field Text  or both are to be displayed or not.


After Selection:  sample


  •    You can select the indicators at the bottom, so that the same will be defaulted in the report every time the user run the report. User can manually change the indicator in the selection screen of the report as well.
  • Save the changes.


  • The configuration ends here.
  • For editing and displaying the condition list, you may use the transactions M_LB and M_LC respectively.

Step 2: Run the report:

  • Go to M_LD transaction:
  • Select the condition list created in step 1 and execute:


  •    System will display all the fields selected in the step 1 in the selection screen as shown below:


  • Enter the required selection criteria and execute.
  • Use the List screen indicators in the selection screen accordingly to display the required level of data.
  • System will display the condition record list as shown below:


Note: The same concept is available in SD with transaction V/LD and in TM with T_LD transaction. The only difference will be that the multidimensional condition scales in TM can not be displayed by this report.

For further reference, please refer the below notes:

886771 – Generation in condition maintenance

497850 – Condition maintenance reports and Unicode

792785 – Authorization check on purchasing org in pricing report

1915217 – Error in display list of Pricing Report for Supplementary Conditions

2046058 – Pricing report displays records only for the first two items

Thank you for going through the document. Kindly share your feedback and suggestions.

Thanks & Regards,


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      Mohsin Abbasi

      Dear AKPT,
      Always some thing Exceptional............:D

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      very useful document 🙂

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      Narendra Konnipati

      Great document.

      Thank u so much for sharing this to us ---Prasoon sir.



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      Rohtas Sharma

      Really Good Documentation ..... it will be really helpful to pullout standred MM Pricing report even without any further ABAP help.

      Thanks Prasoon

      Rohtas Sharma

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      B V Yadav

      Again a good doc. PRASOON sir. thank you for sharing


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      Thank u so much for sharing this to us 🙂

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