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Use the Eclipse Marketplace to find additional Developer Tools for ABAP

Hi community,

one reason why we picked Eclipse as development tools platform was the huge eclipse community. There are a lot of developers out there building tools for eclipse that we can simply use also for the ABAP development. Things like small helper tools for the source code editor but also tools like UML modeling tools are available mostly for free.

But do you know that this community is nicely integrated in your ABAP development environment?

You find all these additional tools on the eclipse marketplace that you can open via the eclipse menu:


The marketplace opens in an own window:


The marketplace offers search capabilities for you with tool categories and an integrated rating system that might be helpful to find the plugins you are looking for.

Happy searching for new plugins !

Last week Serban Petrescu already proposed some very nice plugins that he uses already in the ABAP editor. You can find them in his Feature Explorer Blog: AiE – Eclipse Feature Explorer

So I had the idea why not use this blog here to share some of the coolest plugins that you find on the eclipse marketplace with the AIE community. 

Kind Regards,


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  • Okay, I will start. 🙂

    A very helpful tool that we are using during our codejams is the so-called short-cut visualizer. This tool displays the triggered shortcut in small little popup in the IDE. You can install via the Updatesite:     

    So when you have to present AIE in your company or at customer site this tool might be helpful you.



  • As I mentioned in my blog, I use a couple of plugins which integrate nicely in any Eclipse based source code editor:

    1. AnyEdit. Features (which I use):
      • Convert lower <-> upper case (for strings)
      • Sort lines (for test/constant table definitions)
      • Compare selection with clipboard contents
    2. PDE tools:
      • Clipboard history
      • Print screen integration

    Hope you guys find them useful 🙂

    Best regards,


    • Hi Florian,

      i'm also a fan of vim and use the vrapper plugin since some time. But unfortunately it doesn't work quite well. For example two main issues i have:

      1) When i edit global classes the vim functions are only available in the first editor tab, if i edit e.g. local types or test classes the plugin doesn't work.

      2) Find doesn't work. Neither the find with '/' nor with '*' seems to work in any ADT editor.

      I'm on eclipse 4.4.2 and ADT 2.48. I tried also different other combinations with newer/older versions of both but they have the same problems.

      Do you have these issues too? What do you think what can we do about it? Unfortunately the vrapper team seems to be quite busy.

      Thomas Fiedler do you or your team have some experience or tips with vim plugins for eclipse in combination with ADT?

      Regards Christian

      • I just tried the Vrapper plugin again with ADT 2.60.2 and it works like a charm. All the quirks i mentioned above are gone and it's now a real productivity boost to use ADT and Vrapper.

        Regards Christian

        • Hi Christian,

          Do you use Vrapper when writing productive SAP code? I've installed the plugin ('coz i'm more a keyboard person 😉 ), but i'm overwhelmed by the concept of Vim. Hence, i have decide to try it out @ home!

          How was your learning experience? How about blogging about it? 🙂



          • Hi Suhas,

            yes, i use Vrapper to write productive code.

            I'm familiar with vim since some time, so it wasn't that hard for to adopt Vrapper in Eclipse. But the learning curve of vim itself is very steep and it was very steep for me too.

            But there are great learning resources available online, e.g. the great Vim Adventures.

            How about blogging about it?

            Good idea. Actually i thought about it already, probably with an additional video recording or a talk at SAP Inside Track or a session at a ABAP CodeRetreat. The general topic could be "Mouseless ABAP in Eclipse" and vrapper as one building block. So stay stuned probably i'll do something in the near future...

            Regards Christian