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Dear All,

In recent times SAP is continuously enhancing SAP Transportation Management

As many of us know that Transportation is integral part of SAP R/3  as LE-Transportation for shipment and cost calculation. Later SAP came up with some advancement in terms of Advance planner and Optimizer. During 2009 SAP TM emerged as Stand Alone system supporting Service providers such as DHL , LINFOX . By adding shipper business process TM now supports AIR, OCEAN and Land transportation

Now as part of Knowledge sharing, i would like to share the integration between SAP R/3  SD (Sales orders , Deliveries) and SAP TM

SAP ERP integrates with SAP TM mostly in shippers business process where all the Transportation planning and execution phases is handled by SHIPPER ( manufacturer)

Business process:

Let’s assume, customer places an order with the company for a material which has to be delivered to his site. As part of Sales order process we create Sales order in R/3. Now the order has to be integrated to the SAP TM system to initiate the Transportation process for arranging transportation and execution

Now our concentration here is about how R/3 order is integrated to SAP TM and what are the prerequisites from SD stand point

Basic settings in SAP SD

we have a integration configuration inbuilt in R/3 to transfer Sales order , Deliveries and Purchase orders to support both inbound and outbound transportation process




1. Control Key:

This is the activity where we define which documents are required to be integrated to SAP TM. Here we have options such as Sales orders, Deliveries, Purchase order. We can choose one among them or combination of them to transfer to SAP TM.


2. Activate Sales documents

This is the activity where we assign required sales area, along with Sales document type and Shipping conditions. This way we are controlling the document types which are required to be transported. For example if we want only outbound Sales orders to be transported and not Return sales orders to be transported, in this activity we can control


3. Activate Delivery documents

As we activated Sales order, similar way we can also activate transfer of Delivery documents to SAP TM. This setting has to be activated specific to SHIPPING POINT & DELIVERY TYPE along with the CONTROL KEY


4. Activate for Purchase order

This step is required if we need to activate Purchase orders or Stock transfer order to be transferred to SAP TM

We can activate PO documents in combination with PURCHASE ORGANIZATION, PURCHASE GROUP , PO TYPE & CONTROL KEY


Transaction flow

1. Create Sales Order

Create a sales order in VA01 as normal process

2. with all the above integration in place system will create Transportation Requirement in TM which will be used for Planning and execution of Transportation of Physical goods. As part of planning in SAP TM system will populate realistic transportation dates and resource scheduling. Upon which we can plan Delivery in SAP R/3

Due to some integration Error, i could not able to put the document flow. I will update that As soon as possible

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  1. ' MoazzaM '


    This is good effort and I just wanted to say that this is not a single document. There must be chain of it. In first document you could have explained the requirement and business scenarios etc. In next document explaint the configuration side in details and in third document show us the front end transactions and documents in SD and TM side. If screens are not in big quantity then you can add all these in one or two documents.


  2. Former Member


    After I read your document,I am getting so much interest to learn TM.Nice document dear 🙂 .Thanks for sharing this to us.

    Waiting for 2nd doc.


    1.If possible pls let me know,what kind of prerequisites do we need to take care before implementing TM.

    2.Pls update document flow screen shot to see flow of TM.



  3. Former Member

    Dear Vemuri,

    Excellent document with simple language that made it very easy to understand. I appreciate your efforts for sharing knowledge on SCN platform.

    I would like to know about complete TM learning roadmap sharing, in case you are having document or link kindly share that.

    Good work and appreciate you work!

  4. Former Member

    Hi Santosh,

    This document looks to be very useful and I would like to see the continuation of this.

    One question, What do you mean by TM no. in configuration?



  5. Former Member

    Hi Suresh…thanks a lot for sharing this knowledge…in the beginning of the document you mentioned about Advanced planning and optimization. Does TM need APO necessarily, or it can directly integrate with R/3?

    1. vemuri santosh kumar Post author

      Hi Dinesh,

      SAP TM is advance version of APO in terms of transportation.  In APO we have a Transportation Planning and vehicle management. SAP TM has covered all concepts of Transportation and Logistics for Land, Ocean, and Air

      In 2015 there is a new version which is being released which also supports Oil and GAS transportation



  6. Former Member

    Hi Santosh,

    This information is very useful from SD-Consultant point of view…really you have done great job…I would like to thank you for uploading such a good information in full detail




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