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LO data Extraction steps

Login to R/3 System

–Activate DataSource

Enter the Txn Code:- RSA5

It will take you to Installation of Datasource from business content screen

Select the Datasource from SAP application components and activate it



To check whether the datasource is successfully activated

Go to Txn code:- RSA6

You will get the activated datasource in the same application component


–Activate Structure

Now we have to select the fields so that only data that user wants will come to BI

Go to txn Code:-LBWE

LO Data Extraction: Customizing Cockpit Screen is Displayed

Drill-down the specific application component wherein you will see your datasource extract structures


If the datasource is active then first inactive it under job control column

Click on maintenance under strucure column

Maintenance will popup a screen showing communication structure and extract structure that contains application related fields

All we need to do is transfer the required fields from communication structure to extract structure


(Communication structure consist of fields that are linked to application specific database tables)

(Extract structure extracts data related to fields)

You can see 3 types of Update mode in LO cockpit


Direct delta

:Supports Unique Language

:Upto 10000 records can be Updated at a time

:Here each document posting is directly transferred into the BW delta queue

Queued delta

:Supports multiple Language

:More than 100000 records can be updated at a time

:Extracts data from application table  and stores in extraction queue and then transfers to BW queue delta serially

Unserialised V3 update

:Supports Unique Language

:Upto 100000 records can be updated at a time

:Extracts data from application table  and stores in update queue and then transfers and then transfers to BW delta queue

Direct Delta:In case of Direct Delta LUW’s (Logical Unit of Work) are directly posted to delta queue (RSA7) and we extract the LUW’s from delta queue to SAP-BW by running delta loads.

Queued Delta:In case of Queued Delta LUW’s are posted to extractor queue (LBWQ). By scheduling the V3 jobs we move the documents from LBWQ to RSA7 and we extract the LUW’s from delta queue to SAP-BW by running the delta loads.

Unseriliazed V3 Update:In case of unserialized v3 update LUW’s are posted to update queue (SM13). By scheduling the v3 job which moves the document from LBWQ to RSA7 and we extract the LUW’s from delta queue to SAP-BW by running delta loads.

–Lock Transaction’s related to Datasource

Txn Code:-SM01

–Delete Data from Setup table

Now after Selecting the update mode we have to delete the data from Setup table

To delete the data from Setup table go to Txn Code:- LBWG

Enter the Application Component number and click on Execute


–Fill the Setup Table

Go to Txn Code:- SBIW

This will take you to Display IMG screen where the Structure is displayed


Drill Down as follows

Data Transfer to the SAP Business Information Warehouse


     Settings for Application Specific Datasource(PI)




             Managing Extract Structure




                  Filling in the Setup Table


                    Application Specific of Statistical Data


                      Click on Execute IMG Activity button

After that a New window Popups

Give the name of run, termination time(Fill in the required details)

–Check Extractor

Now to Check if the Setup table is filled or not

Go to Txn Code:-RSA3

Input the Technical name of Datasource


–Replicate Datasource in BI system

Login To BI System

Select Source system

Go to Datasource tab

Right Click on Root Node–>Replicate Metadata–>Datasource will Appear


–Initialization of Delta Load

Go to Datasource tab

Right Click on Datasource–>Create Infopackage


After Successfully loading of data to PSA

–Check Delta Queue

Login to R/3 System and go to Txn Code:-RSA7

Check for the Datasource whether its status is green or not & see whether delta records are created or not


The BW sends an Intimation to R/3 that next time onwards capture delta records

IN RSA7 it has 2 modes:-

(DI)Direct Delta(Successfull Delta Records)

(RDI)Repeat Delta(Unsuccessfull Delta Records)

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