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… I have 3 cats, 2 donkeys, 2 ponies, 2 pigs and 2 dogs but just 1 wife?

… I met my wife when I was hitchhiking in Ireland and she picked me up?

… we built a house out of (empty) wine bottles, straw bales and lots of leftovers from other building sites?

… I have been a taxi driver, social worker, publican, teacher, entrepreneur and chef?

… I have 3 degrees and one of them is called “Fachwirt fuer Organisation und Fuehrung Schwerpunkt Sozialwwesen”?

… I was born in West-Berlin 3 years BEFOR the wall was built?

… there’s a lot more that I don’t tell you?

… I don’t regret anything?

YOU SEE – that’s quite boring stuff which no one is interested in it. So I pick two questions I liked in other blogs.

MY DREAM – is to sail to New York with no one else in the boat but me. When arriving I want to go around Miss Liberty ones without stopping and sail back without leaving the boat.

I WANT TO INVITE – ACDC and my whole team to my straw bale house for a vegetarian party (my pigs do have names but they are not ham and bacon)

BLOG DONE – let’s see who will show up at the party

what about

James Dunne

Benoit Vaux

Sean Keaney

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  1. Matt Fraser

    Brilliant. And yeah, I really do want to know about all that stuff. That’s cool stuff. Not boring at all. My dream is to sail from Seattle to New Zealand and back, but I’m not fussed about whether friends want to come along for various legs, and… well, I think I would rather like to stop along the way. Still, there’s something about solo non-stop transoceanic voyages that speaks to the imagination.

  2. Former Member

    Love it Andy! Also amusing, always interesting. And very interesting past careers. You write a book someday and I will definitely read it. Have a good Xmas!


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