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Hello guys!

So, 9.1 on HANA  is in general availability and with it there comes the new SAP Fiori Style Cockpit.

Just like most things we are seeing related to the HANA world. It is based on web standards that allows a lot of flexibility, rich UX and simple usage.


“So my customers may have a huge monitor with a lot of B1 indicators displaying that ANYWHERE???”

Yes, they can!

And that is pretty much the reason of this posts. I got several inquires of customers that want to have their dashboards on distinct screens of b1.

Some not even want to log on the ERP to have those indicators. So, here goes a (very) simple way to have them without clicking every time on the refresh button and using a web browser.

Check it out!

What is it?

A very simple solution that uses an HTML Iframe to display the Fiori Cockpit

What is it using?

For the UI  – Twitter Bootstrap

For the auto refresh – JavaScript

For the events and commands – jQuery

Where is it?

You can find the code on my gitHub repository with other samples.

And you the URL to your cockpit is


Thanks and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter: @Ralphive

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  1. Anggy Rinaldy

    Hi Ralph,

    I want to try this,

    but when I access URL cockpit, only show flower, I wated for half hour did not change anything…

    while on SBO, i can see the fiori cockpit…

    What should I do ? I use latest HANA 85.3 SBO 9.1 PL 8



          1. Hendra Prakasa

            HI Ralph,

            Thank you, now I’m able to show the dashboard !! the problem is the browser ! because I use IE 10, after I tried google chrome & firefox, it can shoows!!

            But there’s one dashboard sales employee performance target, cannot show correctly,

            I guess this is using flash right ?

            the error in firefox is about security & in the google chrome it just broken

            is there any way to fix this ?

            too bad SBO menu cannot be accessed via web browser also 😛 (hope someday SBO will run onall web)

            Run on google chrome


            Run on firefox


            Actual Dashboard on SBO


            Thanks & Regards,


            1. Ralph Oliveira Post author

              Hi! This resource is only available for the new HTML5 based features (HANA Extreme apps).

              Old flash dashboards and other legacy features won’t be available

            2. Braham DERARDJA

              i have this issue now i don’t now what i do : initPostMessage.js:1 Uncaught SyntaxError: Failed to execute ‘postMessage’ on ‘Window’: Invalid target origin ” in a call to ‘postMessage’.errorload.PNG

  2. Braham DERARDJA

    Hi Ralphi

    Thank you very much for this solution but when i’ve tried it in my case, the authentication page can’t display i have the following error message in the console of the google chrome

    : Refused to display ‘‘ in a frame because it set ‘X-Frame-Options’ to ‘SAMEORIGIN’.

    The issue is about the ifram balise but i can’t fix it can you help me please.


    1. Braham DERARDJA

      Hi Ralph, another issu the last issu has been resolved but now i have one issu i don’t understand it is about the postMessage function look at picture please errorload.PNG

      how i must proceed thank you very much.


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