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Real-Time streaming in dashboards (SAP Design Studio) is now possible with the new SAP Event Stream Processor or SAP HANA Smart Data Streaming (as part of SAP HANA SPS 09) and SAP Design Studio 1.4.

I started drafting this blog with some screenshots and then i realized it is better to show it in a short video demo instead. So, I created a an overview demo on Real-Time (Push Case) and near Real-Time (Pull Case) using SAP ESP 5.1 SP9, SAP HANA SPS 09, and SAP Design Studio 1.4.


Real-Time (Push Based):

Real-time streaming of data is possible with SAP ESP, i.e. you can run and create your own complex event processing (CEP) applications from the streaming data, and with the new SAP Design studio 1.4 this data is streamed into the dashboard in Real-Time.

For this demo, I created a macro that generates random numbers every second, and this data is loaded into SAP ESP and streamed into SAP Design Studio in Real-Time.

Near Real-Time (Pull Based):

Timer component in SAP Design Studio will allow you to set an interval in milliseconds to refresh connections in Design studio application, i.e. data is pulled into the Design Studio application in regular intervals from HANA or BW.

You have two options here:

     Option 1: Load the data from ESP to tables in SAP HANA and build Analytic View on these tables.

     Option 2: Create a virtual table in SAP HANA using the Smart Data Access and build Analytic View on these tables.

So in this demo, data is loaded into tables in SAP HANA in real-time and the dashboard is built on top of an Analytic View. Data is refreshed every 15 secs using the Timer component.



  • You need an instance within SAP ESP 5.1 (SP09) and a project running.
  • An Analytic View in SAP HANA.
  • You need the Real-Time package installed in Design Studio 1.4.



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  1. Former Member

    Hi Anil,

    Could you provide an example of your connection setttings? I installed real-time package in Design Studio 4.1 and I’m trying to connect to my HANA SP09 + HANA Smart Data Streaming window, but I always receive NetworkError message.

    I’m trying to connect to Smart Data Streaming host on port 30016. This same connection settings works sucessfully inside Hana Studio in SAP HANA Streaming Run Test Perspective and also works to connect to this same server/port/user/password using an ODBC connection).

    Thank you.

          1. Jyoti Jain

            Is this capability ( Real Time ) only available in HANA SP 09 ?

            PAM states, this add on is not available for HANA SP< 9 or SP >9.

            Can you pls confirm this ?


    1. Former Member Post author


      I haven’t tried with it on HANA SPS10, please share your experience if you have already tried it, and if you came across any issues.


  2. Michael Wecker


    do we really have to install HANA Smart Data Streaming on a different host than HANA core System or can it be installed on the same host?

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Best regards

    Michael Wecker  

  3. Former Member



    Is HANA Smart Data Streaming addon needs to be purchased separately and installed on HANA SPS10 or does it come installed by default?





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