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Connecting to external databases via RFC-server

Hello community,

On my recent project I have faced the requirement to communicate with external database (MSSQL).

It was impossible to use DBConnect because application server running on AIX. Attempt to use UDConnect ended here.

So, I decided to create RFC server, that allow to communicate with external database via ODBC.

I hope it may be useful for someone who faced the same requirement.

Also it may be useful as RFC programming example.

It’s not as convenient as “usual” usage of SQL in ABAP, but the advantage is there is no no need to create database table with the same name and identical type in the ABAP Dictionary of the local AS ABAP, as DBConnect does.

How to make it work: in this scenario we assume to connect with NorthWind database on MSSQL.

  • Download it from GitHub.
  • Create ABAP objects: Z_SQL_PARAM structure, Z_SQL_PARAM_TT table type, Z_SQL_EXEC Z_SQL_COMMIT, Z_SQL_ROLLBACK and Z_SQL_SEL2CORRESPONDING function modules, ZEXAMPLE report.
  • Set up RFC destination ZNORTHWIND in transaction SM59. Set Activation Type=Registered Server Program, Program ID= ZNORTHWIND./wp-content/uploads/2014/12/sm59_602176.png

  • Set up RFC server. It can be done on the same machine where MSSQL running. At least you have to install MSSQL native client and Microsoft.VC80.CRT.
    1. Create some directory and put there rfcsrv_odbc.exe, sapnwrfc.ini and libsapucum.dll, sapnwrfc.dll from NWRFC.
    2. Edit sapnwrfc.ini :

DEST=DEST1 <– this is the label for connection entry, pass it as first parameter when run rfcsrv_odbc.exe

ASHOST=XX.XX.XX.XX <– sap application server ip-address

CLIENT=100 <– client number

TRACE=1 <– trace level

USER=BATCH <– user name for rfc server to connect with SAP AS

PASSWD=****** <– user’s password


SYSNR=00 <– system number


  • Set up ODBC DSN for NorthWind database. Choose “MSSQL native client” driver type.
  • Run rfcsrv_odbc.exe, specify only first parameter DEST1: rfcsrv_odbc.exe DEST1 It pops up connection string build dialog. Choose NorthWind DSN, user name, password, and other options, click OK. RFC server prints out complete connection string. Copy it from console.
  • Run rfcsrv_odbc.exe, specify  DEST1 as first parameter and connection string as second parameter (see run.bat): rfcsrv_odbc.exe DEST1 “CONNSTR”.If everything fine, it prints out the following:


If not – see .trc file for details.

  • In transaction SM59 perform connection test for ZNORTHWIND.
  • Run (and examine) example report ZEXAMPLE.

Best regards,


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      Author's profile photo Robert Setnicka
      Robert Setnicka

      I'm trying to use this solution, but I have trouble creating ABAP objects Z_SQL_PARAM, Z_SQL_PARAM_TT, Z_SQL_EXEC, Z_SQL_COMMIT,  Z_SQL_ROLLBACK and Z_SQL_SEL2CORRESPONDING because SAP complains that "Underscore not permitted at 2nd or 3rd position". Can someone please advise how to proceed?

      Author's profile photo Ulrich Schmidt
      Ulrich Schmidt

      Really a very nice project based on the NW RFC SDK. 😎

      Just a small addition to the README:

      > "1.4 Create some directory and put there run.bat rfcsrv_odbc.exe, sapnwrfc.ini and libsapucum.dll, sapnwrfc.dll from NWRFC SDK."

      You will also need the three "icu" libraries. Or to make it easier: add the "lib" directory of the NW RFC SDK installation to the PATH environment variable.