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Partner determination via Rule policy ITSM / CHARM (NO ABAP REQUIRED).

Continue exploring Partner determination with default or dependent values, with certain conditions to have more flexible ITSM / CHARM procedures. There is topic on how to setup Partner determination via BRF+ and very good blogpost  from Vivek . But  why not think about other possibilities? And here comes crm framework called Rule policies, it is mainly used in solman as Dispatch tool, but if you digg it deeper the true possibilites are opens to your eyes πŸ™‚

Example Scenario: Rule policy ITSM / CHARM partner determination (NO ABAP REQUIRED).


1.    Assign Rule modeler to Categorization schema of CR

2.    Create Rule policy type SRQ ZMCR_DEFAULT_BP

       Mapping If category = CAT_1 then route developer = 11.


4.    Assign policy

5.    Assign Service Maanger Profile to Change Request transaction

       Change Request = ZCR_SRQMROUTING

6.    Test

1. Assign Rule modeler to Cat schema of CR

First let’s go to Solman’s CRM WEB UI and setup things we need

Tcode SM_CRM – Service Operations – Categorization Schemas

Choose your Schema that assigned to Change Request

Add new version, go to Application Areas and press New and add

Appilcation ID – Rule Modeler

Parameter – Context

Value – Service Request Management

We need to have a row like a last row in pic below:


2. Create Rule policy type Service Request

Tcode SM_CRM – Service Operations – Rule Policy, now here we need to create a new Rule policy


Context – Service Request Management.

Give some name to Rule Policy


ℹ This technology will work for any type of Solman transactions both ITSM or CHARM.

Now its most interesting part – the design part!

Choose Draft Rules row, press Subnode


Name it as you like f.e. Category = Partners and hit Subnode again

Again give proper name to avoid confusion when you read policies and press Add Entry in Conditions block




Attribute – Order Category

Operator – Contains

Value – choose category you wish to map the partner functions f.e. our popular Change Manager in the example it is ATH


Now in Action block press Add Entry

Choose Action – Route to a Partner, Partner Function – SDCR0002 Change Manager, Partner – who we need to assign as Change Manager in this case


For example I have setup all needed partner functions to be filled for the category ATH see below:

Developer, Tester, Custom partner function and etc.


ℹ Do not hurry to go to the next topics, take some time and sit here, because here you can make any scenario you need.

For example you can combine multiple checks for any situation: User status, Priority or Change category with other condition like check the category. You may Match conditions with AND / OR operators.

3. Copy SAP_SRQMROUTING Service Manager Profile to Z/Y

Tcode SPRO – Customer Relationship Management – E-Mail Response Management System – Service Manager – Define Service Manager Profiles. Choose SAP_SRQMROUTING and press Copy button on the top, name it like ZCR_SRQMROUTING


4. Assign Rule policy to Service Manager Profile

Stay on your ZCR_SRQMROUTING – double click Directly Called Services – double click Properties

Policy = your created policy in our case YALM_ZMCR_2


5. Assign Service Manager Profile to Change Request transaction

Transactions – Additional Settings – Assign Dispatching Rule Profile to Transaction Types.

6. Test

Now go to SM_CRM and create or pick any Change Request and press More – Dispatch all partners will be filled as mapped like here: Choosed category = ATH, pressing Dispatch


All partners filled


This will work even if Partner Function is not empty

Have Fun J


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      Author's profile photo Artem Zhegalin
      Artem Zhegalin

      Hi, Daniyar.

      One more nice blog post from you πŸ™‚

      I've got one general question - is it possible to execute rule by PPF-action and not by using button like 'dispatch'?

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Artem,

      There is possibility to use Ruly Poilcy without pressing "Dispatch" I've done that.

      And forgot how i did this πŸ˜€ but if you digg and play with Rules deep you might find solution.

      About ppf actions, I say yes but... it will cost you plenty of ABAP code.

      You will need to call event that aligned to this button.

      Another way is to call this event in BSP Application of transaction.

      In DO_INIT / Prepare output methods.

      Rg Dan

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Artem Zhegalin wrote:

      Hi, Daniyar.

      One more nice blog post from you πŸ™‚

      I've got one general question - is it possible to execute rule by PPF-action and not by using button like 'dispatch'?

      Hi, Artem!

      Have you found an answer to the one general question regarding the possibility to execute a rule without using button like 'dispatch'?

      Author's profile photo Prateek Dhiman
      Prateek Dhiman

      Hello Daniyar ,

      This is a great blog. Thanks for this!

      One follow up question , Using BRF we can also populate Groups defined in PPOMA_CRM using their BP. In rule modeler there is no such option example to route Group BP to CAB .

      There is an option called Route to Group but not sure where it will populate in RFC

      How would you handle populating Groups via Rule Modeler?



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Prateek,

      Yes use Route to Group give a partner function of your needed group (CAB) and enter related BP. this will work same as route to partner.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello Deniyar,
      It is possible to set in one rule partners with the same function? I have a problem with this. Please, look to my ask:Β
      Best Regards,