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How to configure and Trouble Shooting DBA COCKPIT Configuration in Manage System Setup Solution Manager 7.1

In Managed System Setup – Step 4 (Enter System Parameters) highlighted below


Please provide all the required Details for DB Parameters

DB Host

Service Name

Port Number

TNS Name

And User Name will be your ABAP Schema User/ For Java (SAPSR3DB)


Once provided all the required information then save. you will see that log message saying

The DBA cockpit
connection %_******** is OK. DB Extractors can be activated


Once this step is completed we can activate the DB Extractors in Step 8 ( Configure Automatically) . We can check the successful connection entry in

DBACOCKPIT T-Code. Below is the screen shot for your reference.


Trouble Shooting Connection Error

If DB cockpit connection cannot be established then you will get below message.


We can see that Error cannot establish DBcockpit connection



as we can see the same connection entry in DBCO T-code. Delete these existing entries


And delete all the entries in DBACOCKPIT and MSS and check the in Operating System Level

tnsnames.ora at both location it should be the same as per the managed system

entries. If not then change the entries and check the tns ping.

Then configure the DBACOCKPIT in MSS in the same way shown above. Once the DBA
extractors are activated check the connection in T-Code DBACOCKPIT in SOLMAN

DBACOCKPIT Connection in SOLMAN à connection should be
successfully established.

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