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Hello community,

with this blog I hope solving coding problems will be faster in future.

A lot of questions / problems in Space SAPUI5 Developer Center are about coding issues.

So how can somebody who has a problem make it easier for people who can solve the problem?

Often there is the problem, you need to see the result of your coding, so people who want to help must establish a working area for your code snippet.

With JS Bin you can share your code online, but the special here is you can run the code online / live. You don’t need to download anything. Also people who can help you don’t need to download your example code.

JS Bin offers also versioning of the code.

But you can’t upload your whole SAPUI5 Project to JS Bin, only code snippets. This isn’t that bad, because nobody want to upload his whole project 😛

So here are some examles, how to implement your code at JS Bin:

Here you can read a lot more about the basics of JS Bin:–net-36843

Important for asking users: Please paste your code at JS Bin and don’t paste the code between your question (only for explanation, but better use comments in xml / js at JS Bin) and don’t attach the code as archived files.

I hope this blog will help the whole SAPUI5 community.

You can refer people to this blog if they aren’t familiar with JS Bin.

Suggestions are welcome.

Relating to this blog, beginners should read also:

Guidelines for posting questions

SAPUI5 Discussions – RTFRoE

And please those usefull blogs on the landingpage of this space.

Plunker!! Extended JSbin 🙂 Used to create multiple files, like your whole project.

Quickly tinker around with SAPUI5 examples

Other alternatives: OpenUI5  & JSBin play well together .. but, is there even more?

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    1. Former Member Post author

      🙂   You can edit this blog right? You are invited to add some more examples or to perform the content. Maybe a moderator can add this as sticky thread.

      1. Michael Appleby

        Hi Kai, Sriram,

        Unfortunately sticky threads went away during the last major SCN redesign (March, 2012, I believe).  Perhaps in the next major redesign they might make a reappearance.  I do know that it was a feature desired by many Space Editors and Moderators.

        Perhaps Jan-Gerrit Groeneveld can add it to this community’s Overview page so some of the people can view it.  Many regulars use “Track in Communications” to get their updates which bypasses Overview pages to only show items with updates.  On the other hand, these instructions are more helpful to people new to this community.  I suspect the regulars follow your suggestions fairly well already.

        Regards, Mike (Moderator)

        SAP Customer Experience Group – CEG

        1. Michael Appleby

          Hi Sriram,

          Not sure I understand what you mean by Sticky Thread in your blog.  Sticky Threads used to be locked to the top of the content or forum item lists.  Is that what you meant?  Your blog does not have stickiness so I am confused.

          Thanks, Mike

          1. Former Member

            My blog is not a sticky thread, but named it liked that. I think this name is misleading.

            Feel free to suggest a new name, I will change it accordingly 🙂



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