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Screen Personas – Screen Merging with XK01

Thanks to Steve Rumsby for recommending to blog post this 🙂

So this is about a Personas requirement in our Org. to reduce the number of SAP GUI screens working with Vendor Master(XK01) transaction. However the tricky part is the screen flow from one to another given that it is conditional because of the mandatory fields to fill in and further validations. If we are able to carefully design the requirements it is pretty viable to reduce the screens. In our scenario we have reduced the screens by 3 times – 9 to 3 screens.

Firstly eliminating the tables customization not becuase its not possible (Thanks to Steve Rumsby for his wonderful blogs on Personas working with Tables to make it possible)but because we might invest little more time and also may not promise all the table validations and F4 field help that the standard tables on Personas inherit. There are 3 screens with tables on XK01 out of which we use only 2 tables – Bank details and Patner functions hence 2 of the Personas screens are based on the table screens.

1st Persona screen is based on the Address screen combining the control screen where we had the VAT as mandatory.So one may need to design the NEXT button on 1st screen such that the Mandatory fields on the Control screen are also filled in along on the Address screen of Personas custom fields. 1st Screen per below. Yellow highlights are all the custom buttoms and fields.

1st Personas Screen XK01.PNG

2nd Persona screen is based on the Bank details table screen(Payment transactions), so by the time user is on this screen the Mandatory fields on Control screen should have been filled by scripting as user is compelled to enter values of VAT Reg. no etc  on Address screen itself. Also one must consider all the error conditions that can show up with the data entry validations.

On the Bank details table screen we have custom built the mandatory fields from next 3 to 4 screens – there by Merging 4 screens to 1, this was possible because there are only selected fields from each screen that are to be filled and they are the only used ones ever with us.So the Next button built on this screen must prompt user to enter all the mandatory fields of Company Code data screens on the Payment Transaction screen(Bank details table screen) .

Here we took oppurtunity of Pre-filling the default data entries to save user’s time. Based on Accounting group there are few default values that go into these Company code data screens regularly. So to do this the user entered accounting group is memorized through scripting from the inital screen when user triggers XK01 with input values and the Next button on the 1st Persona screen NEXT button is designed to ensure pre-filling the values on 2nd Persona screen per the account group conditions and allows user to change if need be on the same screen (2nd Persona screen).Also we might want to skip the unused screens before reaching the next personas screen. 2nd Screen Print below

2nd Personas Screen XK01.PNG

The 3rd Persona screen is the Partner screen in itself. No customizations on this except the BACK button and SAVE button.

So to a Personas User now there are only 3 screens for XK01 transaction as per design and not anymore the 9 or 10 screens as on SAP GUI, hence to keep the 3 Personas screens intact with the flow backward as well, BACK buttons need to be scripted on each Personas Screen such that the entered values are copied and pasted back on the custom fields of Personas screens. For this On-Create Handlers are very helpful to copy and paste back data on the custom fields as required on the 1st and 2nd Personas screens as we had customs fields designed on them.

This gives a intuitive feeling to the users as if they were working with 3 newly built Vendor master screens that fit to the need with no other unwanted information on screens. 3rd screen print below

3rd Personas Screen XK01.PNG

XK01 transaction is triggered by a button on SMEN transaction from a cockpit screen. User will need to enter or proceed with the default entries of the Company code, Purch.Org, Accounting Group and clicks a custom button called ‘Create Vendor’ and this will land the user on the Address screen of XK01 – 1st Personas screen by skiping the initial screen of XK01 in the back ground – which means the entries on SMEN are copied and pasted on the XK01 intial screen – designed within the button clicked on SMEN. So this was about our requirement and so far XK01 Personas works simply sweet with out any issues and completes way faster than SAP GUI becasue of the pre-filling of values. Our XK02 is also designed similar to XK01.

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