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How to add extension fields to standard queries [C4C ONLY]

1. Create your fields on the business object extension.


2. Create a “Process Extension Scenario”, and check the “Query” services.


3. Add the “Scenario” tag to your fields.


Result: you can now query using your extension fields as parameters via ABSL or UI Designer.



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      • You don't need to do it. All extension fields are available by default on a SADL query. If you create a SADL query for Opportunity in my example, you wouldn't need the PES file.

        Make sense?

        • Yes, Sorry my mistake. it is an extension BO. Now the issue I want to filter out Accounts if that indicator is Checked / ticked from Standard Screen of Account OWL is it feasible via above steps?

          For example : I have an indicator isBuilding. Hence I know that that customer is NOT an accoutn but a Building so dont want it to be appear in Account OWL.

          I hope i am clear sorry for my mistake 🙂

  • Hi  Fernando,

         I cannot find any Query service in Sales Order when I create a process extension scenario. I want to add my extension field to SalesOrder.QueryByElements.

    I find Sales-General Information (Service name QuerySalesOrderIn).

    I checked it in my process extension scenario. But I cannot find my extension field in Sales Order's QueryByElements and I cannot query with my extension field.

    Best Regards


        • Hello Fred,

          The query extension parameters are part of the backend query.

          But of course only for the BO which is directly used in the UI.

          In many cases this is an Enhanced Controller BO (ECO), which does not help you as those ECOs are never PSM released. 🙁



  • Nice blog! Very useful to know.

    Just a little remark.

    When you already have your Process extension Scenarion created and assigned to your extension field, do not forget to activate your extension field again to make the changes to your PES effective.

    Have a great one everybody.

    Best regards.

    Jacques-Antoine Ollier

  • gracias por tu ayuda, necesito extender un Lead, es decir, debo agregar dos campos, podrias brindarme algo de tus conocimientos?


  • Hi ,

    I have been able to extend query for standard Customer BO and added 2 fields successfully. I can use them in my query as parameter. but I have an issue, when I try to read these fields as result. result do not acknowledge them. any help or pointer would be much appreciated.