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SAP CRM Service Manager 4.2


SAP CRM Service Manager is designed to automate workflow and improve service. It connects technicians with the data stored in the SAP CRM system so they can better manager customer service requests. With SAP CRM Service Manager mobile app, you can maximize efficiency and effectiveness of your field technicians by providing them access to relevant and real-time information and tools. The app connects to the SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) applications and enables status updates, last minute changes, and accurate data capturing to help achieve higher first-time fix rates.

This release includes new functionality and features like:

  • Create Service Order
  • Edit Service Order
  • Confirmation enhancement
  • Ibase/reference object at item level
  • Counter reading at header and item level
  • GIS integration – ESRI
  • Manage service orders and create confirmations in real time
  • Record status, materials, problems, actions, expenses, and customer signatures
  • Generate account factsheets and create service confirmation for serialized products and add surveys
  • Get 360 degrees customer view using Account factsheet
  • Display customer and contact information in regional formats
  • Support all note types created on SAP CRM Service backend
  • Upload and Download Attachments for Service Orders and Confirmations
  • Display equipment or install base listings.
  • Display entitlements and contract or service history
  • Display Assignments on Calendar
  • Create / Edit non-order ibase for Service confirmation
  • View Serial number for iObject / Equipment
  • Backend integration with MRS
  • Support on SMP 3.0 Platform

Vehicle Stock Component

The Vehicle Stock add-on component for SAP CRM Service Manager is an optional component that allows technicians to view current stock for their vehicle as well as external stock. They can transfer stock to and from their vehicle in preparation for field services. The Stock component integrates into ECC.

  • It enables the Service Technician to view stock within their Vehicle as well as stock with other users.
  • Technicians can control his own vehicle/trunk stock like look-up/search products for current inventory,
  • Technicians can transfer from his vehicle stock into another technician
  • Transfer stock from external trunk/technician.
  • Search and receives STO’s.

Deployment scenarios:

  1. 1. SAP CRM Service Manager 4.2
  2. 2. SAP CRM Service Manager 4.2  with Vehicle Stock component

Service Manager 4.2 release notes

2084248 – Software Release Note – SAP CRM Service Manager 4.2

2084285 – Release Restrictions Note – SAP CRM Service Manager 4.2


For SAP CRM Service Manager 4.2

SAP CRM 7.0 Ehp 0 SP11 (SAP_ABA 701 SP11+,  SAP_BASIS 701 SP11, BBPCRM 700 SP11+, WFM core 2.0 SP16+, MRS 9.0 SP01)

For optional Vehicle stock component

SAP ECC 6.0 Ehp 0 SP15 (SAP_ABA 700 SP18+, SAP_BASIS 700 SP18+,SAP_APPL 600 SP15+)

Mobile Add-On for CRM 6.10 contains the following ABAP Add-On software components:

Mobile Add-on for CRM 6.1  can be found in the Service Marketplace at: -> Installation and Upgrades – > Browse our Download catalog -> SAP Mobile Solutions->Mobile Add-On for SAP -> MOBILE ADD-ON FOR CRM -> MOBILE ADD-ON FOR CRM 6.1.

SMFND 610_700 – Mobile Integration Framework Foundation

SMCRM 610_700 – Application Add-On for SAP CRM 7

Upgrade from existing Service Manager 3.X or 4.0 SAP ABAP Add-On

SMFND 610_700 Installation Package

SMCRM 610_700 Upgrade Package

Service Manager Documentation

For the latest version of the installation guide and documentation, see the SAP Service Marketplace at -> SAP Mobile -> SAP Service Manager -> SAP Service Manager 4.2.

Device Support

    • Windows 7 and above
      • Windows 8 Pro tablets
      • Windows 8 RT tablets is not supported
      • Windows 8 Phone is not supported
    • Windows Mobile 6.0, 6.1, and 6.5
    • Apple iOS versions 7.0 and above
    • Android Tablet minimum version is 4.0 and above
    • Android Phone minimum version is 4.0 and above

Reference Notes:

2014454 – MRS Integration with CRM Service Manager 4.1

1935387 – For SAP CRM Service Manager ABAP AddOn Installation

1962949 – Release Information Note – Mobile Add-On for CRM 6.10 Support Packages

1936049 How to upgrade ABAP AddOn SYCLO 3XX_700 to SMCRM 610_700

1828657 – To get more information about planning the installation and upgrades of the ABAP add-ons SMFND, SMERP, SMISU, and SMCRM.

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  • Hello Manju

    Will handling of batch numbers on spare parts during confirmation be supported in this version? If not, are you aware of new releases where batch determination will be implemented?




    • Jacob,

      I have seen this feature included in list of functionalities for coming versions of CRM Service Manager. But don't which coming version of CRM Service Manager  will have this functionality.



  • Hi Manju,

    We upgraded to SAP CRM Service Manager 4.2. We wanted to display the Current Stock of the Mobile User. We have the Configuration changes in CRM/ECC Side and Stock Component in ECC is activated. We are still facing issues with displaying Current Stock.

    Can you please guide us in what we are missing here or what are the prerequisites to the display the current stock of the user?



    • Jay,

      From which version of Service Manager did you  upgrade ?  I'm assuming you have upgraded Mobile Add-on components on both CRM and ECC systems.

      Was vehicle stock working in the earlier version of Service Manager ?   Once you upgrade the component to the latest version it should have worked the same way.

      The only prerequisite is  mapping between the technician's Service Organization and the ECC Plant/Storage Location is maintained in the OFIC_PLANT_SRV table.

      Couple of things to check :-

      1) Make sure that there is trusted connection between CRM and ECC and all the required authorization are granted to the user

      2) Have you  step-up proxy settings correctly in config panel  on CRM side to  execute BAPI's on ECC side ?

      3) Are you  seeing BAPI's executed on ECC side ?  Put a break point and check if data is returned on ECC side.

      4) Can you check Storage location data on ECC side and configuration linking  SLOC and Service organization on   CRM side ?

      5)  Can you  check logs on both ECC and CRM side for any errors ?

      Let me know what you find out.



      • Hi Manju,

        We are installing Service Manager 4.2 directly and upgraded the Mobile Add ons in both CRM and ECC System.

        We have maintained entries in OFIC_PLANT_SRV table.

        In the Mobile Data Object SSM42_MATERIAL_STOCK, we have hard coded Plant and Storage Location in Data Filter Section. If we dont provide the values it gives a messages saying ' No Plant / Stg Lock is found associated with Service Org'.

        There is a trusted connection between CRM and ECC and Proxy setting in Config Panel is active. I had a break point in the Proxy in ECC ( /SMERP/MM_CTMATERIALSTOCK_GET ). It did not stop here. Please find the below screenshotProxy Setting.JPG



        Proxy Setting.JPG
        • proxy settings look good.

          Couple of things to check:-

          a) Make sure that  stock data exists for filter values  "Plant/Sloc" in the ECC system ?

          b) You need to check why control is not stopping at the break point ?  Make that u have external break point enabled.  Debugging the class handler on ECC side will provide clue as to why data is not pulled from the ECC side.

          c) check logs on both CRM and ECC side for any errors ( /SYCLO/SLG1)



          • Thanks Manju for your suggestions.

            Now we are able to see stock data in 'CTStock' complex table in ATE. But stock information is still not visible in Stock screen. The Stock Screen fields are mapped to the collection of Stock object.

            The Stock object is not populated with stock records from complex table and we don't see any Stock related fetch defined in the application to update this object.

            Is there something to do from Application/Java side to get Stock information?



          • Narasimha,

            In future try to  post this question in forum , so that it will be helpful to others as well.

            If i remember correctly by default or for the first time  stock details are not displayed in  the stock tab.  You have to use search option to fetch stock (from internal complex table) and use toggle all to  select all stock records for display, Once that it done you will see stock details displayed in the stock tab. .

            There is no need to change any code on application side.


            Manju.- SAP RIG

  • Hello Manju,

    thanks a lot for this short overview of SAP Service Manager 4.2.

    I try to implement SAP Service Manager 4.2 in Demo Landscape. I did installation and configuration steps. I have installed all components except WFM core 2.0 SP16+ and  MRS 9.0 SP0.

    I can login with my user and get data screen and other simple data like tables transferred from crm backend system, however I can't get any operational data objects like accounts or service orders.

    Is the implementation of components WFM core 2.0 SP16+ and  MRS 9.0 SP01 necessary to assign a technician to the service order? It's possible to do  it without this components?

    Best regards


    • Dmitry

      What is the assignment type your using to download service orders to the mobile client ? By  default product tries to use assignment type  1  which is basically  RPA based assignment type for which you need WFM core 2.0 SP16+ is required.  How ever if your not going to use WFM  core or MRS then you only assignment  type you can use is assignment  type 2 which is based on account type.    Try to adjust data distribution model for Service Orders in /syclo/config panel and try to sync by resetting the client. 

      Hope this helps.

      Next time can you please post this question in SCN forums section, so that it will be helpful to others as well.



  • Hi Manju,

    Thanks for sharing the blog. We are upgrading the service manager 4.1 application in our project to Service Manager 4.2 . So it clearly helps a lot to know what the standard application is providing.

    However I have certain queries and it would be great if you can share your thoughts on the same

    1. With GIS Map integration I assume that the application will provide the offline map functionality too , please confirm

    2. Our client is concern about the signature capture functionality . Since the signature captured and uploaded in SAP is saved in SAP as an image and this image can be available and can be mishandled it gives a security concern issue to the client. My query is is the signature functionality same as that of service manager 4.1 or any security is being added here. For example the date_time stamp or any additional field can be appended in the signature field and can be send to SAP. Please suggest.

    Best Regards


    • Neha,

      Yes off line caching of base maps are  supported in SM 4.2.  It is always good idea to  test out offline GIS map support to make that it meets your requirement.

      I don't think signature capture functionality in Service Manager 4.2 is any different from  Service order  4.1.  So nothing has changed from functionality standpoint.



  • Hi Manju,

    The app now has the possibility to create service orders. Is it possible to change this to create service requests instead? Eg. changing the busines object in configuration or something similar.




    • Jacob,

      I have not tried but technically I think it should be feasible. I would think only business object , process code or type should be different for service request. Best way to test is by using BAPI wrapper used for service order creation in SE37 and test it out by supplying all the test data required to  create the service request.

      I hope this input helps you.



  • Hi Manju,

    In the standard Service Manager 4.2 application , we are trying to edit the order items in confirmation.

    For Expense Item Type I am able to edit the quanity , but for Technician Edit type I am not able to edit .

    Is this available in the standard or do I need to do some enhcnacement.

    Also I found that the CTProduct Category which is referenced during the Edit transaction , does not have entry for product Id related to techinicain. Can this be an issue due to which I am not able to edit the technician ?

    Please advice.