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Download data to CSV file from SAP Lumira visualization and storyboards

Dear SCN Community,

I have been working in SAP Lumira since 5 months and my experience with this tool is amazing. But one thing I noticed is, at present I don’t see an option wherein we can download data back to either “.csv” or “.excel” format from Lumira desktop.

I believe this is feature is quite useful and most of us love the data enriching and saving the data in our local files for future purpose.

I thought of creating this feature as a custom extension in SAP Lumira.

Here it is:-

Step 1

The below screen has button style custom extension which I have created.  I have selected few dimension and measures.


Step 2

I clicked on the button “Export to CSV”. It popup a window asking file saved in which location.

Here i gave filename as “dataexport” and location at desktop.


Step 3:

Here I am opening the saved “dataexport.csv” to see the contents


Step 4:

I have used the same extension in story board as well to see filtering data is exported correctly.


Step 5:

I have used input control to filter the state to “Andhra Pradesh” and exported the data by clicking export data button.

File Name Given: dataexport-andhrapradesh.csv

Location: Desktop


Step 6:

Verified the contents of the file “dataexport-andrapradesh.csv”. Yes only “Andhra Pradesh” state data is exported.


This is very small feature and I believe this very much useful. Hope you guys like this.

With regards,

Hari Srinivasa Reddy, Manager SAP Analytics


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  • Would it be possible to see the source code that you wrote for your plugin?  Or is this just an idea that you have for a feature?  If it is an idea - I would recommend creating an ideaplace posting and linking to this blog.  If it is an actual plugin that you have created - I would be very interested in seeing the source code for it.

    • Hi,

      this is a custom extension that he is showcasing, therefore a small piece of code that he has enhanced a chart type with.

      for what it's worth, this functionality is possible today in the current tool (albeit using slightly longer workflow):

      1. Create your chart/visualisation
      2. then, in the chart gallery (visualisation thumbnail ribbon) - right click "create new dataset"
      3. then switch to the new Dataset in prepare room
      4. then go to Share tab, select the new dataset and click Export as File > CSV



  • Sorry. Some how I missed to follow this post.

    Yes as Henry rightly said is this is custom extension built.

    Here the sample code of render function.

    var render = function(data, container, width, height, colorPalette, properties, dispatch) {

      //prepare canvas with width and height of container


            var vis = container.append('svg').attr('width', width).attr('height', height)

                        .append('g').attr('class', 'vis').attr('width', width).attr('height', height);





              var vis = container.append('svg').attr('width', width).attr('height', height)

              .append('g').attr('class', 'div').attr('width', width).attr('height', height);


              var margin = {top: 30, right: 30, bottom: 0, left: 30},

                  width = 200 - margin.left - margin.right,

                  height = 200 - - margin.bottom;


              var b = {w: 75, h: 30, s: 3, t: 10};


              var dsets = data.meta.dimensions(0);

              var msets = data.meta.measures(0);


              var dimenion01 = dsets[0];

              var dimenion02 = dsets[1];

              var measure01  = msets[0];

              var measure02  = msets[1];


              var fdata = $.map(data, function (d, i){

                return [[d[dimenion01] , d[dimenion02] , d[measure01], d[measure02]]];











              .style("stroke", "black")



              .on("click",function(d, i){

                  var csvContent = "data:text/csv;charset=utf-8,"

                  var csvContentArray = [];

                  for (i=0;i<fdata.length-1;i++){



                  csvContent =  csvContent + csvContentArray.join("\n");

                  var encodedUri = encodeURI(csvContent);





              .text("Export to CSV")




              .attr("x",(width/2) + 150/2)

              .attr("y",height/2+ 60/2)



    // END: sample render code


    Hope this helps.