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How to get abap date in HANA calculated column and calculate date difference

Hi All,

I had a requirement to find the date difference from the field LETZTZUG of table s032 and the current date.

Here the problem was getting the current date. I got the current date using now() function in calculated column functions.

The output of the now() was in yyyy-mm-dd hrs and second. I used date(now()) and got it as yyyy-mm-dd.

With this I was still not able to use daysbetween in order to find the duedate betwen LETZTZUG  and currentdate.

Then I used replace() function to eliminate ‘-‘ from the yyyy-mm-dd. So after that I could calculate the daysbetween().

This will overcome the problem of not having to_dats in calculated column.




And we have the netdue date here.


I hope this will be helpful for others. Experts please provide your suggestions on this.

Thanks & Regards,


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    • Ok, this surely works, but also shows that the SAP HANA documentation on those expressions should have been expanded.

      Nowadays (SPS 11/12) the need for graphical calc. views is decreasing and they meanwhile support SQL expressions.

      However, even with SPS 9 you could do things like

      dats_days_between("DATE_SAP", dats_from_daydate(now() ))

      or (other way round)

      daysbetween(dats_to_daydate("DATE_SAP"), now())

      No ugly SUBSTRING, no reliance on the output format of dates and way simpler to read.

  • suppose if I have date column in hana and I want to get date in that format like 1dec2019 should be 1st, 2 april should come like 2nd likewise, how can i get it?