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Automatic Absence Generation – Part 1: Generate absence based on absence reason


One the most interesting features in SAP HCM Time Management module is generating absence records automatically. Here, In part 1 of my document, I will show you how you can utilize this possibility to generate records in IT2001 based on recorded reasons in clock-in/out devices. Part 2 will describe how to process TIP table to fill the gaps in it.

What is a absence / attendance reason?

Most of clock-in/out devices provide facility to keep the reasons of coming late or leaving early and there is possibility to keep define different reasons on each device. Employee by knowing the reasons can select the appropriate one when the leave premise.

Here I will talk about absence but you can use the same method for attendance either.

How define a reason in SAP?

Open V_T705A (Att./Absence Reasons for Subsystem: Overview) in SM30. Let me define a reason for “Doctor Appointment”.


There are some fields must be field and I explain them here:

1. At/ab(Grouping of Attendance/Absence Reasons): This field is related to IT0050 in “Interface data” section as “Grpg. att./absence.

2. ESG(Employee Subgroup Grouping for Work Schedules): Comes from V_503_ALL column WSchedule

3. PSG(Personnel subarea grouping for absence and attendance types): Comes from V_001P_All column WSchedule

4. A/Areas(Attendance/Absence Reason): A sequence number

5. A/A Type(Attendance or Absence Type): This is the absence type we would generate by system in IT2001 by recording this reason

How SAP keeps a reason?

By transferring clock-in/out data from time recording system into SAP, you can see the reasons in IT2011.

Here I have created some records as sample and I have selected a reason manually to simulate the procedure.


You know by RPTCC103 (HR-PDC: Download Attendance/Absence Reasons) you can download reasons into time recording system.

How schema evaluates a reason?

Function P2011 imports reasons into TIP table and you can see it in either EPin or EPin. In this case it’s in EPin because employee has recorded reason when s/he was leaving organization.


In the schema TD80 and TD90 are responsible for processing Att. / Absence reasons. As you see by running PT60 (time evaluation) system will generate an “Error” and won’t continue for this employee.


Although system generate an error, an absence record will be created in IT2001. The record in locked by default. As you see start and end of record is exactly the same employee was out of office but durations (column hours, days, used) are empty.


As you know it is time administration’s responsibility to check time evaluation issues day to day and decided about them. In this case by unlocking the absence record and pressing enter, system calculates durations and time administration saves it.


Next day by running time evaluation system will consider the absence record which had generated automatically and approved (unlocked) by time administrator



As you see here there is no need to send any request for absence and time admin or even employee’s manager can approve the generated record.

I hope you enjoyed first part of automatic absence generation using att./absence reason. In next part I will show you how we use the same method to generate records for gaps (employee clock-in/out without reason, come late or leave early) in TIP table.


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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Omid,

      Thank you for Nice document.

      Best Regards,

      Praneeth kumar

      Author's profile photo omid daghdar
      omid daghdar
      Blog Post Author

      You are welcome Praneeth. Hope to find time to write the next part 🙂

      Author's profile photo Sankarsan Dey
      Sankarsan Dey

      Hi Omid,

      Excellent. Waiting for Part2. But Mr. Omid i have a doubt regarding absence case and for that it would be difficult since employee has not come in the organization and on that day how time recording will transfer the data to SAP.

      Please think and provide your solution on this.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Omid, Its an excellent document, working fine as well. But can you please help me to understand, when time data is directly being uploaded from biometric machine to IT2011, how can i upload the reason as well, since that calls for some kind of logic building in time integration level.

      Please provide some inputs



      Author's profile photo omid daghdar
      omid daghdar
      Blog Post Author

      tandrima c reason is a field you can download from time system into SAP.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      What is the process for the same, can you please guide. See our biometric is not SAP certified and we are arranging the integration through an intermediate server from biometric database then to a Ztable in SAP, from there data is routed to IT2011.

      Is there any possibility of directly creating lost time in ZL instead of through IT2001.

      Please help.

      Author's profile photo omid daghdar
      omid daghdar
      Blog Post Author

      tandrima ccertified devices too. Just make sure if there is possibility to capture the reasons on your devise or not.

      If there is check in which field you have it on intermediate server. Then transfer this field into Ztable in SAP and map it in the program transferring data from Ztable into CC1TEV. Just this.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks for the suggestion Omid, there is no possibility of capturing reason in our biometric machine. Now, how can i upload that field into IT2011 though integration, that is my concern.

      Please suggest regarding the following possibility too.

      Is there any possibility of directly creating lost time in ZL instead of through IT2001.

      Author's profile photo omid daghdar
      omid daghdar
      Blog Post Author

      tandrima c Uploading data is not the issue. When there is no possibility to select any reason by EE when they are leaving or entering into organization how will you capture the reasons? I don't think so without having decent device you can use this option in this way.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Ok, we have to find out some ways to incorporate reasons in between if not in biometric device. But can you tell me if i design like this way, say if reason is 0001, it is unpaid hours and 0002, it is paid hours, Can it be possible. How can i stop creation of locked entry and in stead an actual record should be created in IT2001 depending on reason

      Please help

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Experts

      Iam recording absence type for 2 days those are paid leaves

      when Iam generating off cycle workbench through puoc_99 i can see below screen /559 and  /560 amount is zero

      please share your knowledge on this


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Nice document

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      hi Omid,

      thanks a lot. it's very useful.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Omid,

      Very helpful document. But i have a question as we are using positive time management and right now we have a new requirement that "If an employees time events are not available in IT2011 other than holidays and off days as defined in the Factory calendar and Work Schedule respectively, how will we configure system to mark an auto absence in IT2001 via Time Evaluation" Please suggest on this scenario.


      Author's profile photo Arturo Arquimides Miranda Mederos
      Arturo Arquimides Miranda Mederos

      Hi my friend,

      About your comment, I'd like to tell you that I have the same question...

      Have you solved your doubts about this problem?

      Specifically in my case, the employee has no time pairs in IT2011 for all week, and I have to create an locked absence for such days. In this moment I can create the absence but not locked.

      Do you have some idea how can I create de abs but locked?

      Thanks in advance if you have some comment about it.