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Author's profile photo Deepu Sasidharan

BI Platform Configuration for Design Studio 1.4 RRI

Design Studio 1.4 provides the ability to use Context Menu/BW RRI functionality to jump from a Design Studio application to a BEx query, by default the target BEx query is executed in the BEx Web application runtime as explained in the SAP tutorial here. This blog looks at how you can use a Design Studio application to run the target BEx Query. 

This functionality can be used for jumping from a Design Studio application to another one passing all the filter parameters from the first application.  The advantage with this approach is you don’t have to handcode the filter parameters applied in the source query, all the filter parameters and the jump context (selected row) will be passed to the target query if they are available in the target.

Video below for config and application demo.

Direct link.

Detailed steps below:

  1. Configure the jump target in BW tcode RSBBS to jump from Query A to Query B. (Detailed steps for configuring jump targets are explained in the SAP tutorial mentioned above)
  2. Create a new a new Analysis Application from Design Studio using the “Ad-Hoc Analysis Application Template” and save it to the BI Platform.


Copy the CUID of the newly created Design Studio application from the properties panel.


If you are creating a blank application make sure you configure the Global Script Variables XQUERY and XSYSTEM as URL parameters. The name of the Script variable should be exactly the same as the RRI function will be sending the query and system parameters in this format in the URL.  In addition to this you will also need to add the script in your custom template to assign the query and system name to the datasource and load the datasource, sample code can be found in the SAP delivered adhoc template.


3) Logon to BI Platform CMC, navigate to Servers and look for all the Adaptive Processing Servers which host the Analysis Application Service used by Design Studio. Right Click on properties and navigate to the section “Analysis Application Service”, enter the CUID of the DS application.  If you have multiple “Analysis Application Service” servers  this change will have to be done to all of them.


4) Create a new Design Studio application and assign BW BEx Query A from step 1 to a new Data Source. Add a Crosstab, assign data source to crosstab and execute the application on BI Platform.

5) Execute the application on BI Platform, filter the application on any Dimensions, right click on the Crosstab and execute the RRI link under Jump to.


6) In the target application check to see whether you have all the filter criteria from the source BW query applied.  In the source query filter was applied to Country and the the line Company Code =3333 and Cal Year = 2011 was selected for Context Menu.  All those filters are applied to the target query.


Please note the following:

  • This functionality does not work in “Local Mode”.
  • The Design Studio template which is used to execute the BEx query target RRI is global to the BI Platform.
  • This functionality works only from Crosstab, there is no support for BIAL to have the ability to use a custom link or image.

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      Author's profile photo Gabriel Motor
      Gabriel Motor

      again perfect soution.... 🙂

      Thanks Deepu

      Author's profile photo Michael Howles
      Michael Howles

      This is awesome 🙂

      Now we just need to bring back the Role Menu component from BEx 3.5 WAD and I will be happy 😀

      Author's profile photo Christian Choinkowski
      Christian Choinkowski

      Hi Deepu,

      I tried to implement your solution on our platform (DS 1.4 patch 1). After entering the right CUID and restarting the Application Service as required, any RRI jump still runs the WAD that has been specified in RSBBS.

      I had to create a new RRI jump in RSBBS as specified in this post  ( with an OpenDocument url pointing to the same CUID to get my jump to the right target.

      Do you know if any other setting is required or if the RSBBS defined target must be necessarly BeX Web (and not WAD) to have the "Default Analysis Application" defined in the CMC to be considered?


      Author's profile photo Fahad Ajaib
      Fahad Ajaib

      Hi Christian

      I am facing the same problem, RRI Jump is running the WAD instead of Design studio application. Did you find the solution?

      Thanks and best regards


      Author's profile photo Fahad Ajaib
      Fahad Ajaib



      I solved this problem by restarting both Lumira Server and AdaptiveProcessingServer.




      Author's profile photo Donnie Burhan
      Donnie Burhan

      Hi Deepu,

      What if we need to have several source application to be able to do RRI?

      Or maybe what if Application A calls Application B which in turn calls for Application C?

      How do we configure these kinds of settings?

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Deepu Sasidharan
      Deepu Sasidharan
      Blog Post Author


      The setting mentioned above is for using a Global template for jumping from a Design Studio application to a Query.

      if you want to jump from one deisgn studio app to another you will have to use opendocument or configure RRI using URL method in RSBBS and pass parameters via URL. Approach similar to this.


      Author's profile photo Anupam Gupta
      Anupam Gupta

      I have a similar requirement and I followed the steps from this post. Unfortunately when I try to jump I get a 404 error. I checked my URL and noticed that the XSYSTEM has the same cuid as my data source in the Source application instead of the cuid of the target which was configured according to step 3 from the article in CMC. Can you please suggest what should I do to get rid of this error?

      Author's profile photo Fahad Ajaib
      Fahad Ajaib

      Hi Deepu

      I followed your guide and created RRI Jump from a Design Studio application to another design studio application, its working but for the first "jump to" application, user must sign in again although both applications are on the same BI Platform. Can you please tell me how to avoid this sign in.

      Thanks and best regards.