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Mobile Work Order Management for SAP Systems

Key Features of SAP Work Manager 6.2

Current release of SAP Work Manager offers a great range of functionality:

  • Access to asset location, repair history, work order details and materials needed in real time
  • View and Create Work Orders, Operations, Measurement Documents , Material Confirmations and Set Order Status
  • Create Notifications, Tasks, Items and Activities
  • View and Execute Inspection rounds with PRT, Wizard driven Measurement Points reading
  • View Linear Asset Data for Orders, Operations, Notifications, Functional Locations, Equipment’s, Characteristics and Measurement Readings
  • Create and Assign Linear Assets to Orders, Operations, Notifications and Items.
  • Upload and Download Attachments to Work Orders, Notifications, Equipment’s and Functional Locations
  • View equipment, functional locations, characteristics, measuring points, measurement readings.
  • View equipment and functional location unrelated to orders and notifications
  • Create/update equipment and functional location master data
  • Install/dismantle equipment
  • Enhancements to Meter Management component (periodic meter readings and disconnections/reconnections)
  • Enhancements to geographical information system features (offline map support, feature layers, and additional geometrics like poly-lines and polygons )
  • Report Time & Attendance (CATS)
  • Integration with ESRI GIS
  • Integration with SAP 3D Visual Enterprise
  • Support on SMP 3.0 Platform

Work Manager 6.2 components

Please note that all of listed components below are optional.

1Meter Management Component

When Meter Management Component add-on component is implemented

It adds the following functionality to the core Work Manager application:-

  • Install meters (technical and full installations)
  • Remove Meters (technical and full removal)
  • Replace meters (full replacement)
  • Meter repair
  • Non-periodic meter readings
  • Disconnection / Reconnection orders
  • Periodic meter readings (MRU)

2)  Customer Service Component

When Customer Service Component add-on component is implemented

it adds the following functionality to the core Work Manager application:-

Basic customer information, including contact and address information

  • Details of technicians’ service engagements with the customer
  • Details of business partners for the customer
  • Provides technicians access to contract and warranty information for the customer
  • Related work order information
  • Install base information on core components consisting of infrastructure information relevant to the work order
  • Mapping functionality for both customer address and partner address

3) Crew Management Component

When Crew Management Component  add-on component is implemented

it adds the following functionality to the core Work Manager application:-

It allows supervisors and team leaders to manage their crew

  • Add, remove, and select crew technicians
  • Add, remove, and select vehicles
  • Track vehicle usage through vehicle odometer readings
  • Report, review, and approve time for crew

SAP Work Manager 6.2 release notes

2093621 – Software Release Note – SAP Work Manager 6.2

2084941 –  Release Restrictions Note – SAP Work Manager 6.2 

1936034 – SAP Work Manager ABAP AddOn Installation Master Note

Deployment options:-

  • Work Manager base without LAM
  • Work Manager base with LAM
  • Work Manager base with Crew Management
  • Work Manager with Meter Management
  • Work Manager with Customer Service

SAP Work Manager Software Pre Requisites

1) Work Manager 6.2 Base Version (Without LAM)

Install the following ABAP Add-ons in ERP System:

  • SMFND 610_700 with Support Package 04
  • SMERP 610_700 with Support Package 04

BC set to activate:

/SMERP/SAP_WORK_MANAGER_62_REF: SAP Work Manager 6.2.0 BC Set – Reference

2) Work Manager 6.2 with LAM & Inspection Rounds (SAP ERP 6.0 System with EHP5 or above)

Install the following ABAP Add-ons in ERP System:

  • SMFND 610_700 with Support Package 04
  • SMERP 610_700 with Support Package 04

BC set to activate:

       /SMERP/SAP_WORKMGR_62_EHP5_REF : SAP Work Manager 6.2.0 for EHP5 with LAM BC Set – Reference

3) Base SAP Work Manager 6.2 with Meter Management Component 1.5  ( SAP ERP 6.0 Component IS-UT 600 Support Package 15 (or higher) with Enhancement Package 0 (or higher) )

Install the following ABAP Add-ons in ERP System:

  • SMFND 610_700 with Support Package 04
  • SMERP 610_700 with Support Package 04
  • SMISU 610_700 with Support Package 04

BC set to activate:

     /SMISU/SAP_METER_MGMNT_20_REF : SAP Meter Management 2.0 BC Set – Reference

4) Base SAP Work Manager 6.2 with ERP Customer Service Component 2.1 (Customer Service Component 2.1)

SMFND 610_700 with Support Package 04

SMERP 610_700 with Support Package 04

BC set to activate:

       /SMERP/SAP_CUST_SERVICE_21_REF : SAP Customer Service 2.1 BC Set – Reference

NOTE: Linear Asset Management (LAM) is not supported by SAP Customer Service 2.0 application.

5) Base SAP Work Manager 6.2 with Crew Management

Install the base SAP Work Manager 6.2 Add-On as mentioned above and there is no special BC Set required for Crew Management component. Please go through the documentation “SAP Work Manager Add-on component installation version 6.2” for additional details and configuration panel changes required for Crew Management Component.

SAP ABAP Add-On download link

Installation and Upgrades – > Browse our Download catalog -> SAP Mobile Solutions

POST Installation switch activation

Activate switch /SMERP/EPH5_EAM_BUS_FUNC if you’re using LAM –  (SFW5)

Work Manager 6.2 Documentation

For the latest version of the installation guide and documentation, see the SAP Service Marketplace at -> SAP Mobile -> SAP Work Manager-> SAP Work Manager 6.2.

Additional SAP notes for Work Manager 6.2:-

1962948 –   Release Information Note – Mobile Add-On for ERP 6.10 Support Packages
1828657 –   To get more information about planning the installation and upgrades of the ABAP add-ons SMFND, SMERP, SMISU, and SMCRM.

2085946 –   Additional Mobile configuration panel changes for SAP Work Manager 6.2 application

1982598 –   GIS Integration Support for Mobile Add-On 6.10 for further integration details

Quick Start Guide: SAP Work Manager 6.X with SMP (Agentry)

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  1. Carlou Torres

    Hi Manju,

    We’ve followed the Pre-Requisites to install and activate SAP Work Manager 6.2 Base Version (without LAM) as specified:

    Install ABAP Add-ons in ERP system:

    1. SMFND 610_700 with SP04

    2. SMERP 610_700 with SP04

    Activate BC set /SMERP_WORK_MANAGER_62_REF.

    But when we created a work order with measuring points assigned to the PRT of the operation, we are not able to see the measuring points in the mobile device. The Measuring Point TAB is there but no measuring points are displayed. In the operation of the work order, we’ve assigned a functional location where the measuring points will be coming from.

    When we are using Work Manager 6.1 we know that in order for the measuring points to be seen in the mobile device, you have to do the following:

    1. Activate BC Set /SMERP/EHP5_EAM_BUS_FUNC or

    2. Apply Note 2034348 – Remove dependency for Inspection Round feature from switch framework /SMERP/EHP5_EAM_BUS_FUNC

    Since we don’t want to use LAM, we’ve applied the note.

    Is there a new note for Work Manger 6.2 that needs to be applied in order for inspection rounds to work.

    Please advice.



    1. Marçal Oliveras

      Hi Carlou,

      I think note 2034348 is already implemented with ABAP add-on SP04. In SAP, you added a Functional Location with measuring points to the operation, but did you then add the measuring point to the work order PRT?

    2. Manju Venkatesha Post author

      Did you  try using  record points from  work order main menu ?   From this link you  should be able to see all the measuring points associated with header level / operation level technical objects.

      May be you can clarify how your assigning measuring points to PRT’s  like directly as measuring point or indirectly through technical object ?



      1. Carlou Torres

        Hi Manju/Marcal,

        Thanks for your replies. I finally solved the issue. Here are the steps we did.

        Master data:


        1. Assigned a functional location to the operation of the work order. This functional location has measuring points.

        2. Created a PRT on that operation and assigned the measuring points to the PRT.

        Issue that I posted:


        Measuring points assigned to the PRT was not displayed in the mobile device screen where you create measurement documents. Navigation to reach this screen: Click PRT from the detail screen of the work order > Then click select the operation from the Production Resource Tool screen > Click the Measuring Point TAB

        Reason why the measuring points was not displayed.


        The functional location assigned to the work order operation was filtered out. When this happen to anybody, run ATE and make sure that the functional location collection in the operation where you assigned your inspection rounds is available and was not taken out by your filters.



    3. Shrutika Purohit

      Yes, good article for technical side (SMP Installation). Functional side is again different where we have to install ERP mobile addon 610_700 or 620_700 And needs to do configuration. I am working on work manager, inventory manager, and

      I am working on SAP Work Manager, inventory manager, and rounds manager. However there are lot of issues and there are no notes also released for issues, quite complex and limitation.

  2. Carlou Torres

    Follow up question on SAP Work Manager 6.2


    At the backend, when you assign measuring points to the PRT of the work order operation, you can assign measuring points assigned to the functional location directly assigned to the operation and measuring points below the structure of this functional location. When you create measurement documents, you can create measurement documents in every measuring points assigned to the PRT of the work order operation.

    But in the mobile device when you open the measuring points assigned to the PRT of the work order by clicking the PRT from the detail screen of the work order > then click the operation from the Production Resource Tool screen > then click the measuring point TAB, you are only presented with the measuring points assigned directly to the functional location of the work order operation. You will not be able to see measuring points located below the structure.

    Is there a way to display all measuring points assigned to the PRT at the backend? I’ve read somewhere that this is not available in Version 6.1 but will be addressed in Version 6.2. Can anybody confirm that it was address and if so, is there any other configuration or settings to be done.

    Thanks in advance,


    1. Stephen Streeter

      There is no upgrade guide from WM 6.1 to 6.2.  This is a new install.  Any changes that you have done in 6.1, you will need to re-create in 6.2.


        1. Manish Meshram

          Hello Manju,

          We did all the basic config for WM 6.2. We do not see option to create master data like Equipment and Functional location. Please suggest if any anything need to be done on configuration side.



          1. Manju Venkatesha Post author


            Did you check  under client global tab section if following variables are set  to Y.



            By default these values are set to Y.



  3. P. s

    Hi Team,

    Can someone please help me as I am facing issues while downloading attachments from Work Order notifications as they are not getting downloaded although the attachment is being fetched from the ECC Backend. Thanks!

    1. Bill Froelich

      Please create a Discussion marked as a Question.  Not only so others may benefit from your solution once it is found, but also because you will have more folks looking to provide a solution when your issue has the greater visibility of a Discussion.  Also suggest that you visit the Getting Started link at the top right of each SCN page for help with creating a good Discussion.


  4. Ketul Odich

    Hi Manju,

    Last year we had installed WM5.3 and had made some custom objects on it to add more functionality to the offering based on the business requirements. We thought of migrating this custom retrofit from 5.3 to 6.1 on SMP3.0. We were able to install it, but are facing issues connecting our mobile devices. We were able to install the app (could see ‘I am here’), but were facing issues connecting to the app from ATE or WTF client. We worked with SAP and after a few rounds we passed that error. Now we are facing another issue as shown below.

    We are not sure whether the issue is with 6.1 app or with SMP 3.0 or with something else. I’m aware that the latest version of the WM app is 6.2. Do you see a valid reason us making another attempt installing this on WM6.2 and what could be the reason for this issue? We are actually stuck as we want to proceed demoing our solution to 2 of our existing clients.

    Thanks in advance,


    Ketul Odich

    Deloitte Consulting


    1. Manju Venkatesha Post author


      Take look at this SAP note, even though it is related to ConnectTest.bat but linked to invalid password issue. Before applying note try SAP connection test using Connecttest.bat  to cross check if your getting same error message. if you get invalid password even during connectTest.bat then apply this note.  Error message is mostly  linked with JAVA layer.   What is the JCO version your using JCO 2.3 or JCO 3.0 ? have you overridden any  logon  class java code. Also check if your using latest JAVA jars files of WM 6.1.

      SAP Note: 2042566 – Patch to correct connectTest.bat Java Exception under Work Manager 6.1, Inventory Manager 4.0

      Next time please try to post this question in the forum, so that chance of getting more response is greater. 



  5. Manuel Ramirez

    Hi Manju Venkatesha.

    Can you please make some release notes for 6.2.1?

    The thing is it was released but the “info” link on marketplace is broken and there is no information about the release. I saw some notes that SP05 is needed and an extra jar file along with the 6.2.1 jar, but it would be good to have a release note or changelog.


      1. Anton Kruse

        Thanks Marcus

        I have managed to get the .apk now.

        Do I need to unpack the .apk before I can load it into the Android Studio?

        if so, how do I unpack it?

  6. Naveen Pasham

    Greetings Manju

    Where can I get Implementation Planning Form for SAP Work Manager 6.2, I was searching in the market place but haven’t got anything

    Thanks & Regards

    Naveen Pasham

    1. Manju Venkatesha Post author


      I don’t think  IPF’s are available in service market place for download but I think for partners it should be available  through  SAP partner edge link for download.



      1. Naveen Pasham

        Thanks Manju,

        Thanks for the prompt reply

        I want to understand that the add-on/optional components such as Crew Management and Meter Management would require extra licenses apart from SAP Work Manager Licenses, also can we implement SAP Work Manager with all three components (Meter Management Crew Management and Customer Service components)


        1. Manju Venkatesha Post author


          Please look at  deployment options  section for possible deployment scenarios with standard Work Manager product. Anything outside those deployment scenario’s  is pure customization. 

          As per as  licensing  requirements you may have to talk to your SAP Account executive.



          1. Naveen Pasham

            Hi Manju

            Thanks for the reply, I take care of MENA region most the clients asks for Arabic Support, is SAP planning to come up with Arabic Support in near future, if as an SI have to provide Arabic Support how feasible is it to customization the field to Arabic Support

            Thanks & Regards


  7. Marcus Schramm

    Hi Manju,

    where can I find the language files for the meter management component. The language files provided in the service marketplace do not contain any meter management specific entries.

    Best regards,


  8. Julie Parent


    could you please tell me if SAP Work Manager has a bilingual interface (English/French swapping) and how does it works briefly.  Does it use the SAP profile of the user in the SAP ERP backend defined?  Also, can we install this app on a notebook instead of a mobile device, and if possible then do we need the SAP Mobile platform or it can works offline and sync it back once connect to the intranet ? Finally can we attach pictures with notifications, work order as a result of inspections? Thanks a lot!

    1. Stephen Streeter

      1) When a client connects, it send the device language settings.  Here the server has a set of overwrite files and if the language matches one of the override files it will send the text from that file to the client.

      2) WM does support Windows 7 and Windows 8, you would use the WPF clients.

      3) WM is setup to be off-line unless you are sending updated to \ from the server.  Only exception if you are using the Push functionally to get work orders right to the device when they are released.

      4) Yes Attach documents (to include pics) are supported.

  9. Nagesh Caparthy

    Hi All,

    Is there a way / guide to integrate Work Manager with X.509 certifications? I understand that is not a part of the standard configurations with SMP/Syclo.

    Looping Mark Pe



      1. Bill Froelich

        Work Clearance Management is not currently part of the product (as of WM 6.3).  It is on the roadmap for future consideration so they are considering it down the road. 

        In the meantime you could certainly look to add it in yourself through configuration.


  10. Vidyadhar Nemalapuri

    Hi Manju

    I have seen i the product road map for workmanager

    SAP Work Manager – Planned Innovations

    UI5 Client Provides Fiori like experience with the open industry standards of HTML5.

    Is the work manager being redeveloped in Fiori or is it only for S/4 HANA?



  11. Sankara Bavirisetti

    Hello All,

    I have installed SMP 3.0 SP6 with SAP Work Manger 6.31 add-ons on ECC on HANA

    I am struggling to integrate SMP with SAP Work Manager  ..I am getting  generic errors ” no backend loads..”   while connecting from SAP Work Manger Agentry  client , looks like missing I am some fundamental steps..please share steps to resolve.

    1. Bill Froelich


      Please create a Discussion marked as a Question.  Not only so others may benefit from your solution once it is found, but also because you will have more folks looking to provide a solution when your issue has the greater visibility of a Discussion.  Also suggest that you visit the Getting Started link at the top right of each SCN page for help with creating a good Discussion.


    2. Michael Appleby

      Unless you are asking for clarification/correction of some part of the Document, please create a new Discussion marked as a Question.  The Comments section of a Blog (or Document) is not the right vehicle for asking questions as the results are not easily searchable.  Once your issue is solved, a Discussion with the solution (and marked with Correct Answer) makes the results visible to others experiencing a similar problem.  If a blog or document is related, put in a link.  Read the Getting Started documents (link at the top right) including the Rules of Engagement. 

      NOTE: Getting the link is easy enough for both the author and Blog.  Simply MouseOver the item, Right Click, and select Copy Shortcut.  Paste it into your Discussion.  You can also click on the url after pasting.  Click on the A to expand the options and select T (on the right) to Auto-Title the url.

      Thanks, Mike (Moderator)

      SAP Technology RIG


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