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Register now: Solving the workflow inbox clutter – Manage all your workflow tasks in SAP Fiori

Latest and FINAL Update:

Ok… here’s the link to the presentation.  If you were already registered for the event please use the “Already registered?” link to access the launch presentation option – if not you can register yourself and then launch the presentation. Hang in there… we did have a technical problem at the start but about half way through everything started working beautifully so we did get to see the demo just a little later than expected. Enjoy!

Launch Presentation

Latest Updates 2:

We have also add a Fiori Launchpad screenshot to show you that you can even create different tiles for different My Inbox Filters! 

Scroll down again… 🙂

OH! and if you have more ideas you would like to see implemented you can put them in Idea Place, in a SAP Message, or add them as a comment to this blog.

Latest Updates 1:

Thanks to everyone who attended the session! It was well attended and we had a lot of active participation.

Some of the best news were the number of providers on the roadmap,  especially the Cloud providers, and the team were very keen to hear of more providers so keep your suggestions coming via Idea Place. 

For those who weren’t able to make it I’m including a few screenshots similar to what we showed in the demo to whet your appetite… scroll down 🙂 .

Register now for the highly anticipated global webinar on the upcoming SAP Fiori workflow inbox previewed at Teched&&dcode 2014.

Event Registration

See and hear about the upcoming SAP Fiori central workflow inbox. 

This inbox is multi-device, multi-system, and multi-provider. It supports a wide range of tasks and workflows from:

  • SAP Business Workflow
  • and other providers (e.g. cloud options)

This session is essential viewing for those who are:

  • Looking for a fresh clean “Run Simple” central workflow inbox
  • Looking for a mobile-, tablet- and desktop-friendly workflow inbox
  • Looking to upgrade from the Universal Worklist
  • Planning their business process roadmap

This inbox also has some great usability features such as keyword filtering, custom attributes, custom actions, and mass approval.

This session will be held:

  • Thursday 11th December, 4pm Sydney (Summer Time)
  • 6am Central European Time
  • 9pm Wednesday 10th December (US Pacific Standard Time)

Our speaker will be Vikrant Patil and I will be hosting the session.

Vikrant Patil is a Product Manager for SAP BPM based in SAP Labs India. He is responsible for the development of the human interaction part of task management i.e. inbox to deal with work items/tasks. Vikrant has been with SAP for over 10 years where he gained experience in UI development, SAP BPM, SAP Business Workflow and SAP Gateway.

All welcome.

Hope to see you there.

Screenshots a la demo…. of just a few of the My Inbox features

0. Notice that even on the Fiori Launchpad you can set up My Inbox tiles WITH a custom filter on the types of tasks


1. Multiple work items actions are possible.  This screenshot shows mass approval of work items, the person selects the work items they want to approve in the left hand pane, the actions that can be applied across the selected work items appear at the bottom of the left hand pane, and the right hand pane shows a summary of all the selected tasks.  This can be used for custom actions.


2. Filtering of work items.  This screen shows a  simple filtering by priority but other filters can be applied.  Notice the sort ascending/descending and filter icons at the bottom of the left hand pane.


3. Substitution. Currently user-based but yes position-based is on the roadmap (no dates yet as yet though… so if that’s critical to you please let us know by SAP Message or Idea Place to help raise the priority).   Substitution by task categorization is available – notice the “Task Group” values here.


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  • Same question from me Jocelyn.  Will this be recorded?  Midnight, US Eastern time, may not work out so well for me either (I can barely stay up past 10PM any more these days!)

    BTW - It was great seeing you at TechEd again this year!

  • Same Question from my end also Jocelyn, in India, it is 2:30 AM.

    Please consider this as  a request from users (Participants&SAP Consultants) and help us.

    Best Regards,

    Murali Krishna.

  • Hi Jocelyn,

    There is a lot of excitement (as you can see!) for this presentation.

    For other time zone peeps - we are working to get another webcast through the auspices of ASUG because as much as I love learning about inboxes (and in particular, hearing anything Jocelyn has to say) I may be sound asleep for this one.

    As soon as I get more info on the ASUG version of this webcast, I will let you know.


  • HI folks

    Yes the Aussies were the ones who originally suggested the web session so we've called dibs on the timezone for once. But as Sue says we are working on a matching session for those in less conducive timezones & will add details of that as soon as we have them. We also hope to put a link to the recorded session om this blog as a little Christmas present for you all 🙂

    Thanks also to Matthias Weber for organizing the public registration & helping to answer questions on the blog!  The guys are excited about how much interest the session is generating - this is the sort of event that lets them know their hard work is appreciated



  • Thanks folks for everyone who attended - we'll be adding the recording once we get it.  Certainly lots of attendees and lots of participation.

    Any further questions please feel free to add them here or raise them on the SCN BPM or Workflow forums.

    For our US and other timezone folks yes we are working on a session in a US friendly time - at the moment this looks like being in early January but we will announce it as soon as we have a definite time.

  • Thanks just what is needed.

    When will this be available for putting into our sandbox?

    What system software/notes and levels must our system be on for it to work?

  • Hi Jocelyn,


    Thanks for all the blogs for My Inbox. These have been really helpful.


    I have one question. In My Inbox we are trying to include 3rd party workflows.


    I saw a blog that we can create a Custom Task provider. However, is there a way to combine the BWF task provider and Custom Task provider's records into one and show on the My Inbox app without changing any front end code? In short, is there any configuration which can combine data from 2 different task providers?


    Best Regards

    Chandan Singh