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3 Years, CodeJam in Review

It was March and April of 2012 when we kicked off with the SAP CodeJam format and now with us almost at the end of 2014 I thought it was time to give a brief review of where we are today.

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 10.25.08 AM.png

Quite amazing to think about this and see that we have worked with over 6000 folks on different SAP technologies and that in almost 100 cities! That elusive number 100th city we’ll have before the end of the this year as well! So what is all of this? Well, SAP CodeJam is a 5 to 6 hours hands-on coding and networking event where attendees share their knowledge and collaboratively develop with SAP technologies, platforms and tools in a fun and casual environment.

As the events are based on a request system those numbers are in essence community driven around topics such as:

We also try to share what is happening during and after the events as well, and our Facebook page has almost 1500 likes and our Flipboard has had 165 articles and over 2500 flips!

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 10.25.23 AM.png

When we went live with the format and as we modified and fine tuned it over the years I’m not sure anyone thought we’d be here. But yet here we are alive, strong and pushing tech into the hands of those interested and in a way that has proven to be fun, relaxed and interesting!

We already have events planned for 2015 and we are accepting requests on a daily basis! So be sure to make your requests soon!

What can we look forward to in 2015? Well we have the same topics and then some! One of the more highly demanded topics we are adding for 2015 is SAP HANA with IoT! As well as more around UI5 and Fiori!

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    • We've been to 99 cities and we've been to just about every part of the world, so we have no real limitations. You would just have to make a request. Link is above in the post.

  • I think that you should add events at places that are not on your map, New Zealand and Antarctica.  New Zealand has a lot of IoT farming.  And well I am still trying to find someone with contacts in Antarctica.  Anyone here have a contact that they can send me?

  • Well this is exciting news I am diligently trying to learn more about SAP HANA is awesome from what I have been learning. would gladly attend if there would be one in the Stone Mountain GA or Atlanta Ga area!

    • The process to request an event is simple. You would need to provide the location, power and internet for the event - SAP will bring the expert there and we'd buy food and drinks for the event. We need 25 to 40 attendees and anyone making the request would hopefully be able to bring at least 10 and then we would use the open registration process for the rest.

      Just a matter of emailing the request to

      • Thanks for all the information.  I would have to do some leg work as I am building my own SAP network in Georgia where I live now. I will keep this information in mind because when I do get a good network in my state I will be returning!

  • Amazing work guys. I would like to see something happening in London soon...

    I am sure we have so many SAP developers in London, but dont see much activity.

    Any ideas, how can I join up all SAP developers in London, and work this out, from your experience. Many Thanks and Keep it up.

    • Hi Mona,

      I organised a CodeJam (on OpenUI5) in Liverpool a couple of months ago.  Luckily I had a bit of help but ultimately, if I can organise one and get a decent turn-out to Liverpool, you should have no problem getting one sorted in London!



        • I wrote this blog post a while ago - Why you no CodeJam with me? - in my naivety at the time.  It took me over a year but I eventually followed up and organised my own.

          Mona Rahul it is a lot easier than you think so I'd honestly suggest having a go.  If you have a few colleagues/friends into SAP around you in London ask them for help, or alternatively reach out for help from some of the London based UK SAP Mentors - DJ Adams is local to me and helped me out organising mine and delivering it.

          If you want some advice please don't hesitate to DM me on here and I'll try to help out...