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Its now possible to create a query using Eclipse Based Query Designer – now available with BW Modeling Tools 1.6

The intention of this document is to show how to create a simple query using the Eclipse based query Designer

(1) Invoke the context menu on a BW project and select “New” -> “BW Query”


(2) “New BW Query” dialog comes up, where we can give the name and description of the query


   Note: When creating the query itself, it’s possible to have the query in the project explorer “Favorites”, for the BW
             project, by selecting the “Add to Favourites” option – as done in the screenshot above

(3) Select “Next” in the “New BW Query” dialog, and there is an option to select the info provider on which this query should be built


     Key in the name of the info provider, select the desired info provider from the matching info providers and select “Finish” in the “New BW Query” dialog


(4) After “Finish”, the native Eclipse Query editor comes up – the screenshot below shows the “General” tab selected



     (a) Observe that there are 5 tabs – General, Filter, Sheet Definition, Conditions and Exceptions


     (b) There is an “InfoProvider” view also available – which has the characteristics, Key figures, and Reusable Components

(5) Navigate to the “Sheet Definition” tab and drag and drop the desired characteristics and key figures from the info provider
view to the rows and columns in the “Sheet Definition” tab – as seen in the screenshot below


(6) Save the query and check the preview of the query using the “Show Preview” button at the top right


(7) Observe that the query results will be seen in the “BW Reporting Preview” view


We can enhance this query to have restrictions, conditions, exceptions etc……..

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  1. Martin Chambers

    Hi Aneesh,

    Thanks for creating this document.

    Unfortunately, the screenshots have lost a lot of their resolution, making it quite hard to distinguish any details.

    Perhaps you could consider publishing screenshots showing only the important details?

  2. Former Member

    Thanks for sharing .

    Are there any  advantages of using Eclipse based query designer to regular bexquery designer  ?  or its just different way to design a query  with more ease ?

    Can we create user exit variables , Heirarchy variables in Eclipse based query designer ?

    Can we interchangeably use query designer to do any modifications to query created In BW modeling tools in eclipse ?

    _ Pramod

  3. Former Member

    HI ,

    we are on Project, we have BW on HANA.

    On top of Composit provider we have created many BEx Queries (Classic BEx Query designer tool )

    Client is asking as to use the Eclipse-based UI for designing the BEx Query’s.

    As I told we are on project, Creation will take time.

    I want to Migrate my BEx query to Eclipse-based UI .

    Please let me know the possibilitys.


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