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BPC 7.5 Performance and General Improvements since SP09

Hi everyone,

Recently, I’ve been working with a customer which was still using BPC 7.5 SP09 and wanted some reasons on why he should update to the latest version.

I then compiled a list with the most important fixes and improvements from his version to the latest, I thought it would be interesting to share the list with you:

BPC 7.5 SP10
BPC NW 7.5 client supports Internet Explorer 9.0 (32 bit) browser as of SP10
Note 1630829: Performance improvement in journal reporting.
Note 1627477: Performance improvement in EvDRE suppression.
Note 1633885: Performance improvement when refreshing input schedule with EvCOM

BPC 7.5 SP11
Note 1659196: Improve the performance of read dimension hierarchy 
Note 1657665: Logon performance issue

BPC 7.5 SP12
Note 1681173: Provides a tool that checks for journal inconsistencies.
Note 1679541: Functional improvement for loading master data from a flat file and keeping the sequence of the source data.
Note 1667784: Performance improvement in copying an application set with a large volume of transaction data.

BPC 7.5 SP13
Note 1716074: Introduces ABAP program UJF_FILE_SERVICE_CLEAN_LOGS to allow end users to delete unwanted BPC NW File Service logs.
Note 1713306: Input Schedule performance improvement to avoid sending transaction data receiving no response issue.
Note 1712425: Input Schedule performance improvement in copy range to DataRange.
Note 1705733: BPC Excel Client performance improvement in opening Offline Reports or Offline Input Schedules in online mode.
Note 1682774: Performance improvement in Account Transformation function
Note 1714419: Performance improvement when reading BPC member formulas
Note 1706720: Compression of HTTP Response in EvDREs

BPC 7.5 SP14
Note 1752937: Introduces report UJA_BPC_BUFFER_SIZER_75 to provide recommendations on buffer size settings.
Note 1738455: A performance improvement in Currency Conversation.
Note 1704065: A performance improvement in Write Back function.
Note 1625011: A performance improvement in Allocation.
Note 1746588: Performance improvement when running A/T with multiple periods

BPC 7.5 SP15
Support for Windows 8, Internet Explorer 10 and Office 2010 32-bit
Note 1717192: Performance improvement in reading comment in batches
Note 1787673: Performance improvement in BPC AppSet transport by skipping BPC template validation with status D
Note 1800975: Performance improvement to read master data during query 
Note 1794636: Performance improvement in switching sheets in a report

BPC 7.5 SP16
Note 1815481: Add feature for cleaning BPC inconsistent files
Note 1831812: Avoid reading dimension hierarchy from BW to increase Consolidation performance
Note 1830044: Improve performance at updating work status
Note 1827496: Improve the client performance for huge EvDRE template
Note 1826721: Improve work status performance with huge dimension members
Note 1817861: EvGET performance improvement
Note 1845423: Improve the performance for sending data in EvDRE report

BPC 7.5 SP17
Office 2013 32-bit Support
Note 1842749: Performance improvement in running BPC legal consolidation package
Note 1842824: Performance improvement in BPC File Service log clean up tool
Note 1874034: Performance improvement in UJFS program
Note 1923984: Performance improvement for BPF member items validation
Note 1933910: Performance improvement for the scenario of application parameter CONSO_DELETE_DIRTY_DATA is set to “Y”
Note 1929430: Functional improvement for UJBR tool to support multi-packages when dealing with very large files

BPC 7.5 SP18
Internet Explorer 11 Support
Note 1992640: Improve performance at checking work status

Notice that most of the updates I listed were performance related, since that was a big selling point for this specific customer.


Rodrigo Kayser de Castro

SAP Active Global Support

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  • Very helpful writeup. Now for the big question... Is there a good resource on SCN or an SAP support site offering rock solid test plans for the implementation of SPs? This would be most helpful as I am working on a project with a compressed timeline.

    • Hi Kurt,

      BPC 7.5 is already a very mature product, there are very few reports about issues with upgrades. I'm not aware of such documentation, but our recommendation is to always keep up with the latest version.