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Working with Hyperlinks in SAP Lumira Infographic

This topic is to demonstrate how to navigate between pages in Lumira Infographic section using plain texts/images and also to access detail report which is in BI Platform. These are some good features to know and explore.

Step 1:

Create an Infographic containing 3 pages (for ex) and drag drop different visualizations as shown below:


Step 2:

Select Sample Text as shown below:


Step 3:

Drag and drop the sample text object and place it on infographic page and give proper name here I say <First> ie. to navigate to first page. Create a hyperlink by clicking Text Actions as shown below:


Step 4:

In Link to option select Page and set the option to First Page


Step 5:

Follow the same above steps for creating Next, Previous and Last hyperlinks as well and finally it should look like as below:


Step 6:

Test these hyperlinks in preview mode as shown below:


Now, lets achieve the same thing using images which looks far better:

1. I have uploaded navigation icons

2. Used these icons as hyperlinks to navigate pages.

Here see below

Step 1:


Step 2:

Set page options for each image.


Step 3:

Finally test these images in preview mode.


Note: When we use images we could see tool-tip appears but however for text objects I can’t see the tool-tip.

We could also call/refresh the report which is in BI Platform (most cases detail report)  using opendoc function. In this case hyperlink should be created as External URL as shown below:


Some pain areas:

1. If I create navigation hyperlinks it is currently available only for that page. It is tedious effort to do same repetitive steps for all pages. Lets say I have 100 pages, it is very very painful. May be SAP should think of having a <Apply to All Pages> option?

2. Tool-tip for text objects does not work

I was part of 1.20 Partner Test and gave many suggestions and issues to be resolved mainly at Infographic section. I believe these issues will be resolved and i wish features would be seen very soon.

Finally I would say Lumira is maturing day by day and I would love to share as I get more updates.

Hope this helps.

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