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Got an error message? The new tool PANKS is here to help you!

Have you ever heard of PANKS?

PANKS is an acronym that stands for Performance Assistant Note and KBAS Search and as its name implies, it’s a new tool that searches for SAP Notes and KBAS from the performance assistant based on the ABAP error code and context.

Whenever you get an error message, the Performance Assistant is there to help you:


This is the Performance Assistant that comes along with ABAP error messages.


Looking more closely to the Performance Assistant, you will notice there is a new button:


Click on it and you will get SAP Notes and KBAS related to the error code that are relevant to your SAP Netweaver system. In the example 3G 103:


How does PANKS work?

This is the algorithm used by PANKS to search for SAP Notes and KBAS (Source: Note 2020356):

TRANS = Transaction

ID = Message class

NNN = Message number

  1. TRANS and sy-cprog and (IDNNN or ID + NNN)
  2. TRANS and help_infos-report + (IDNNN and ID + NNN)
  3. TRANS and help_infos-dynpprog and (IDNNN or ID + NNN)
  4. TRANS and help_infos-PROGRAM and (IDNNN or ID + NNN)
  5. TRANS and help_infos-MSGV1 + (IDNNN or ID + NNN) [In case help_infos-sy_dyn = ‘U’]
  6. TRANS and IDNNN
  7. sy-cprog and (IDNNN or ID + NNN)
  8. help_infos-report and (IDNNN or ID + NNN)
  9. help_infos-dynpprog and (IDNNN or ID + NNN)
  10. help_infos-PROGRAM and (IDNNN or ID + NNN)
  11. help_infos-MSGV1 and (IDNNN or ID + NNN) [In case help_infos-sy_dyn = ‘U’]

  • If SAP Notes and / or KBAS are found in any of the steps [1-11], the rest of the steps will be omitted.
  • Different fields in our help_info-structure are filled by Screen Processor according to the current state of program at run-time. They do not need to and may not be filled at the same time.They have different meanings: program to which the screen belongs, report from which program to which screen belongs is started, program for sub screen, code from which the program to which screen belongs is started.The user can find out it via System -> Status -> sub screen for ‘Repository-data’ or via usage of ‘technical info’ button, when F1-help is clicked on the relevant screen.

What’s the advantage compared to the info that traditionally provided the performance assistant?

  • Complete integration with the SAP Notes and KBAS repository.
  • Real time, immediate documentation update. Updating the info provided in the Performance Assistant is necessary but it may take some time… Changes in KBAS and SAP Notes take immediate effect!

New PANKS makes part of a collection of tools that makes it possible to search for notes and kbas directly from the system where the issue happens:

Unlike ANST which searches for SAP correction Notes based on ABAP objects, PANKS relies on the quality of the text of the SAP Notes and KBAS, which means, some adjustments to the SAP Notes and KBAS might be needed to get the best results.

Watch the video demo:

Release info:

PANKS will be released with the following SAP_BASIS patches:

Release            Package name

      700                        SAPKB70032
      701                        SAPKB70117
      702                        SAPKB70217
      710                        SAPKB71020
      711                        SAPKB71115
      730                        SAPKB73013
      731                        SAPKB73115
      740                        SAPKB74010

Can’t wait for the support packages?

Apply the following note (At present, withdrawn for maintenance, (Thanks for your patience!):

2020356 – Search for SAP Notes in document viewers not possible

If you apply the note manually, take into account that it contains manual steps and that note 2080528 as to be applied as a prerequisite. Note 2094901 is also aprerequisite for release 710.

Special thanks to Natalya Timchouk who has developed the Performance Assistant Note and KBAS Search feature and to Jesús López from our Product Support for his determination to make this possible.

More info on the KBA:

2096401 – FAQs: Performance Assistant Notes and KBAS search PANKS

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  • Hi Carlos,

    It really a helpful article.

    Thanks al  lot for sharing..!!

    Just wanted to know,

    I am using SAP_BASIS SAPKB70110, will I be able to use this feature ?

    I could not go thru the OSS, since its not in english..!!

    Thanking You All..!!

  • Thanks for the informative and useful information. Just a quick thought: is it / would it be possible to start an ad-hoc workflow directly from a message? For example, if you get the message that you're not authorized to do something, you could start a workflow that informs someone who is authorized about the task - or another workflow to obtain the authorization...

    • Hi Volker,

      Sounds interesting. That is not a standard functionality as far as I know.

      Your idea should be elaborated a bit more In order not to get workflows triggered every time someone gets an autorización deny.

      How to do it?. the workflow would only be triggered when certain message class / Numbers occur. you have no authorization for transaction xxx. the work flow could be triggered only for certain transactions.

      I think it is something you can develop yourself. Only a small repair to the standar function would be needed.


      • Hello, Carlos,

        I wasn't thinking about an automated workflow trigger but rather a linkage that allows for a manual (so-called ad-hoc) workflow start. Something like "I know I should have this authority, so let me request it" (preferably already including all SU53 data). This should be possible with a relatively simple assignment table (message class | message number | workflow). Modifying a standard function is not an option, but if there was a BAdI of some kind...

        Best regards


        • Hi Volker,

          A badi would prevent from repairing the standard. To request the missing authorization you would need another icon, similar to the Note and kbas search because I don't think adding a link in the message long text at T100 (message 00/172) would work.



  • Hi Carlos,

    I already liked ANST. This one looks also a very useful tool.

    I'm looking forward to have the note released and download it into our system.



  • Hi Carlos,

    Many thanks for once again empowering us with such innovative and useful tool.

    Waiting eagerly to get it implemented in our landscape once the note is released.



    • Small remark:

      Pay attention, that the table entries for EPSS_TBC* tables are client dependent. So if you test it in the dev system, but in a different client, you need to import these entries to that client first. Same story if you have several clients in the productive system, these entries need to be imported to all of them.


  • Dear PANKS lovers,

    For those who couldn't help waiting to the SP and decided to implement the note to get PANSK now.

    I hope the following clarification helps:



    Some of the manual steps are causing some little trouble:

    • How to create package interface and add them to the "use access" (in SE21 or SE80)

    From transaction SE80:


    • Describe step by step this post-implement step:

      Add the function code DNOT in position 8 of the application toolbar for the status F1HELP with the following parameters:
      Function text  | Find SAP Notes/KBAs
      Icon name | ICON_EXTENDED_SEARCH
      Function key | Ctrl-S

    Again an image is better:

    Go to transaction SE41:





  • Hi Carlos,

    I have had the word ANST stuck on a post-it note on my desk for further review but I believe this tool replaces that now,  would you agree?

    Many Thanks for the tip,  its a cracker


    • Hi Alex,

      PANKS does not replace ANST. Both ANST and PANKS search for notes but in a different way. PANKS searches for notes out of an abap error message whereas ANST searches for notes for any process being or not involved an abap message.

      Take into account that not all the errors or bugs involve an abap message. e.g. if the program "calculator" calculates 4 + 4 = 5, theres's no error message but there's a mistake and you may expect an SAP Note fixing it. And the other way around, the presence of an error does not imply a bug that has to be fixed: If you try to calculate 1 divided by zero with the program "calculator" you may get an error message "division by zero impossible" but you won't try to find notes out of it.

      ANST uses an ABAP trace to search for notes out of the objects in the trace, That's why it works for any process. On the other hand PANKS searches for notes and KBAS out of the message number and class.

      Finally: ANST searches for correction notes whereas PANKS finds KBAS as well (There may exist a KBA explaining why "division by zero" is impossible and how to proceed :-).



  • Hello Carlos, The tool looks great! Can you please confirm that note 2020356 CANNOT BE installed on SP lower than the ones mentioned in the note.  To take an example, if there is SAPKB70208  (7.02 SP08) on the system, it is not possible to install as it expects SAPKB70213 as a minimum to start implementing via SNOTE. Am I right?  Best regards Renaud
    • HI Jinesh

      the kind of connection that panks requires is the same you use to download notes with snote. same applies to anst. Go to transaction sm59 and configure your sapsnote rfc connection properly if you have not done it yet.



  • Hi Carlos,

    In one of our land scape we are at patch level SAPKB70211, Can we still implement this note manually and get the desired functionality.



  • Hi,

    we are in SAP_BASIS 731 0009 SAPKB73109 SAP Basis Component.

    we have implemented OSS notes 2020356 and 2080528 along with pre and post implementation steps, but after successful implementation, when i test any error message, the new "Search for SAp-notes/KBA'1" button appears but it is greyed out and hence i am not able to see any output.

    Please help us to resolve this issue..



    • Dear Tirumala,

      The note/kba button in the performance assistant is normally greyed out when in the performance assistant is trigered from a "F1" (Help).

      Otherwise, please create an incident.



    • Dear Joachim,

      Thank you for your article!!!. I already replied on your new blog. (Long story short, KBAs have to be written in such a way that are PANKS-findable).

      I hope you do not get discouraged and continue using PANKS and inform us of any flaw you might find in our documentation.

      Your experiences are always welcome.