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Best Practices for creating a WEBI document over SAP BeX as DS (Data Source) on SAP BI4.0

Below are some of our learning from our past implementations, that might help our readers in their future projects.

These will help in enhancing the performance of the query.

  • It is recommended to apply the filter on characteristics at “characteristic pane” instead of “Default values “at SAP BeX level, while creating the document in WEBI 4.0 on SAP BeX.
  • It is also recommended to check the “query stripping option” in WEBI 4.0 for the documents.
  • Please avoid the mathematical functions at SAP BeX level while creating the documents in WEBI 4.0.
  • While creating the document in WEBI 4.0 on SAP BeX, always hide the elements which were used only for the calculation.
  • Always put the info provider restriction at the query level in SAP BeX to increase the performance of the query.
  • While creating the report in WEBI 4.0 on SAP BeX, please ensure to round-off the measures or similar formatting at WEBI 4.0 level, as rounding off option in SAP BeX is not supported.
  • If we are creating the document in WEBI 4.0 on SAP BeX, always suppress the result rows at SAP BeX level itself as SAP WEBI 4.0 doesn’t support this feature and if the option is set, the performance will be increased.
  • Please ensure that “Allow External Access to this query” is always checked before delivering the query in SAP BI 4.0, to avoid error or issue in mapping the WEBI document. This issue is usually observed when fixes are transported along with the SAP BeX later and by mistake, one has unmarked or missed to check this option.

Most of the above points will also apply in case you are building the report using Crystal Report for Enterprise over SAP BeX queries as data source.

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  1. Ajay Gupta


          This document is already out of date with all the major enhancements since BI 4.1, SP3, SP4 and SP5.  You should update to reflect the changes.


    1. Former Member Post author


      Yes, you are right.

      My document is specific to BI 4.0.

      I will update it for BI 4.1 as well.

      Thanks for your valuable feedback.

      Best Regards,

      Shyam Alok


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