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Have you already seen the new Workbench widget part of SAP Business One 9.1, version for SAP HANA?


Workbench widget standardizes and visualizes the most common business processes. It not only simplifies the complex functions by grouping common functions together according to different business purposes, but also provides you with a consolidated entry to perform various kinds of jobs.



In SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA, we provide 4 standard templates. However, the standard templates may not precisely meet the business requirements of your company.


In order to enhance the customized functionalities of the workbench widget, Workbench Editor is introduced. With Workbench Editor, you can customize the standard templates from SAP based on your own business requirements. However, you are not able to create a new Workbench process template at the current version.


There is a YouTube video that shows the abilities of the tool step by step

The editor promotes the efficient performance of the Workbench widget. It enables you to do the following:

• Flexibly create, edit and delete entities

• Freely change the layout of the entities in the working pane

• Focus on your responsibilities with customized information


You can download Workbench Editor from SAP Note 2097429 – You can now customize standard workbench templates with Workbench Editor.

Just check the note and customize the out of the box Workbench widget provided.

And don’t forget to give us feedback!


Hope you will find it useful for your customers!


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    1. Yatsea Li

      Hi Neeraj,

      Unfortunately you are not able to create a new Workbench process template at the current version.

      Kind Regards, Yatsea

  1. Patrick Wiemann

    Hello Yatsea,

    I try to use the workbench editor at out HANA-Testsystem but when I try to connect to a database I get the error message “Unable to Access SBO-Common database”. Is this a known bug? I’m sure I have entered the login credentials correctly.

    Kind regards,


    1. Maria Trinidad MARTINEZ GEA Post author

      Hi Patrick,

      Please make sure you are using the same connection details as defined in the SLD (IP or server name).

      Workbench editor old version was using the flag “Trusted Connection” in order to stablish the DI API connection to the server. If your server doesn’t accept trusted connections you received this error.

      We have already identified this problem and a new version is already available in the same note for download. The new version offers the choice to select NT Trusted Connection or not.

      Regards and sorry for the inconvenience,


  2. Peter Sauermann

    Hi Trinidad,

    I downloaded and installed and added new menu from B1 everything works fine.

    I tried with Menu from our addon having in B1 menuid MARI30023 and it doesn’t open.

    Can it be that program takes only numbers? At all other places in B1 it works fine but not in that workbench tool. I think other Partners will have same Problem so can it be changed?

  3. Peter Sauermann


    I installed new Version PL06 but still have same issue, you cannot open menues from our addon having numbers eg MARI30023

    Wenn will it be improved? Where is the libary for Icons? Can I create own “Roles” meanwhile?

    Kind Regards

    Peter Sauermann

    MARINGO Computers GmbH

  4. Deverick McIntyre

    Hi Peter,

    as per our direct conversation, the menu ID issue you described appears to be a bug.  You will be able to follow the support incident for resolution progress.

    At this stage there is no plan for enhancements to workbench.

    Best Regards,


      1. Deverick McIntyre

        Hi Joris, due to competing priorities no there is nothing planned currently.  However due to the level of interest we will actively consider it.



  5. Robert Peterson-Wakeman

    Is there any plans to update the workbench editor tool to include more features?  I love this tool, but would like to take it just a little bit further.

    Thanks!  rpw 🙂

  6. Deverick McIntyre

    Hi Robert,

    Can you be more specific about the feature(s) you are thinking of, as well as the customer use cases for the features?



    1. Robert Peterson-Wakeman

      Hi Derek,

      No problem.  Basically I can see this being a very useful tool for an SSP provider, to tailor a workbench for the specific add-on workflow.

      1. It would be ideal if you could create a brand new workbench (but if not likely over-writing an existing workbench would do).

      2. I would be great if you could rename the workbench, IE change ‘Sales Process’ to something else.

      3. Instead of just calling menu IDs to open, wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could call an external application or web address to open?

      4. A little more documentation on how to change icon logos, and actually being able to change some of the settings for existing workbench objects (not just the custom object type), IE object node name, icon pic, etc etc.

      I can see this being a really great tool for both SSP and end user!


  7. Tiko Kiladze

    Hello Maria,

    SAP Note 2097429 cannot be found. Is this tool still available? please, update us with some information, where can we download Workbench editor tool.

    Best regards,



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