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Design Studio 1.4 RRI and Open Document

This blog looks at how you can use BW BEx RRI functionality to Jump from a Design Studio application to Analysis OLAP (AOLAP) application using Open Document functionality available on the BI Platform.

This feature can be used when you want to drilldown from a Design Studio Crosstab to a AOLAP or WebI document.


The clarity is better when you watch directly in YouTube.

Even though this blog uses AOLAP as an example but a similar approach could be taken to jump to a WebI report from Design Studio passing filter/variable parameters.

Software Platform:

  • BI 4.1 SPS 5
  • Design Studio 1.4 SP 0
  • BW 7.4 SP 8 on HANA SPS 8 (Rev 82)

This section explains how to configure RRI for BW query.:

1) Create a new RRI receiver for query from tcode RSBBS. Select sender query and hit create.


2) Select Web Address and click on the Input help icon next to the “Receiver Object”


3) In the next screen you can type in the Open Document URL for the Analysis OLAP application.  The highlighted ID below should be replaced with the CUID for the AOLAP application or WebI document in your BI Platform (You can get the CUID by right click properties on the Analysis Application from BI Launchpad).

You can either use relative URL or full URL for the Open Doc URL for the document in the BI Platform, in this case the relative URL is used as both the Design Studio and AOLAP applications are deployed on the same BI Platform.  If you use relative URL as shown below you do not have to change the RSBBS settings when the queries are transported to different systems.  Downside for using the relative URL is the Jump Target will not work from other applications like BEx Web or Analysis for Office.


This etutorial has more details on getting open document URL for AOLAP.  Analysis OLAP 4.1: Create a link to open a workspace and pass a parameter value

4) Next step is to configure the assignment details to pass the variable values to the target application.

Here you will be able to provide the URL parameters which the target application is expecting, for AOLAP the syntax for passing BW Variable values is lsS<BW Variable Technical ID>.  You can check this document from Koen Hesters for more details on the variable syntax for Open document.

In this case the BEx query used in the target AOLAP application has two input ready variables: ZCALYEAR (single value) and ZCCODE.  You can enter the URL parameter as “lsSZCALYEAR”  and lsSZCCODE (the syntax for passing Variables to AOLAP applications).  If you have more variables in the target application you can enter those variable names in the Field Name column. Hit Apply

If you are using WebI as the target a similar approach can be used, need to make sure the parameter syntax is follows the WebI naming conventions for Open Doc.


5)  In the next screen you can change the description of the RRI Receiver, this will be the name which will appear in the Context Menu in the Design Studio Application.

After the changes are done hit “Apply”. Now the configuration on the BW side is complete.


Next step is to create a Design Studio application which use the BEx query (ZBWDEMO_Q001).

1) Create a Design Studio application based on the Adhoc template and save it to the BI Platform


2) Make the following changes to the existing Data Source DS_1.

  • Load in Script = false
  • Point the Connection to the BW Query which has the RRI defined, ZBWDEMO_Q001 in this case.


3) In the Outline section, under  “Technical Components” right click and add a “Context Menu”


4) Click on Crosstab properties and make sure the “Context Menu enabled” property of Cross-tab is set to “True”


5) Save the Application and Execute on Platform.

Right click on the Cross-Tab and you will be able to see the Context Menu, under Jump To you can see the link to “Monthly Trend – AOLAP” configured from BW.  Click on the link and a new window will be opened with the AOLAP document.


The result in the AOLAP document will be filtered based on the cell you had clicked to enable the  Context Menu, in this example the AOLAP report will display data for Year = 2010 and Company Code = 3333.  If you right click on Results row data will be filtered for Year = 2010 and no Company Code filter will be applied.


Please note that that RRI will not work in “Local Execution” mode. You have to use the option “Execute on BI Platform” or log into BI Launch Pad and execute from there.

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  • Hi Deepu, Thank you for the post and it is interesting to see different RRI possibilities.  Our client would like to RRI from Design Studio to Analyis Office with the query and all the filters being passed when Analysis Office is opened, so that end users can continue further analyses in Excel. Do you know if this is possible to achieve? Thank you very much. Best regards, Zabrina

    • Hi Zabrina - Analysis Office can only be the sender, not receiver for RRI

      I don't see it on the roadmap

      Have you voted in Idea Place for this feature?  I think it is a good suggestion

    • Hello Zabrina,

      as you can see in the blog, the workflow is using OpenDocument as the target URL and passes in the values for the variables. In case you wanted to achieve that from Design Studio to Analysis Office you would have to call the ABAP Launcher for Analysis Office and hand over the necessary variable values. Such an option doesn't exist out of the box so far but the necessary parts exists.


      Ingo Hilgefort, SAP

      • Hallo Ingo,

        is there any another info aout this topic? Could be passed the variables from Design Studio 1.5 or Design Studio 1.6 to Analsis for Office?

        Thank you very much.

        Best Regard,


  • Hi Deepu,

    Great job, really appreciate your effort. I was directed here from Emmanuel’s post, where I already asked my question, but hopefully I won't be accused of spamming if I paste it here as well 😉 .

    I followed your instruction and set field’s assignments in RSBBS exactly as you described (“IsS” followed by technical name of variable).


    But for some reason value is not passed from Design Studio to Analysis for OLAP.

    To simplify whole scenario for testing purposes I created query having just one key figure and one characteristic with definition of variable as shown below:



    In BIP I created OLAP conection to mentioned query and on top of that I created AfO report.

    Having RRI configured to launch the Report Type “BW Query” works correctly, but for Web Address type it just opens document in AfO but no parameters are passed.

    Any hints where I should look for any mistake?



      • Hi Deepu,

        I tried it from BEx WEB and Analysis for Office and the outcome is the same. It goes to the right report but doesn't pass the variable value.



        • Tomek,

          Sounds like the RRI configuration is not working, you might want to check the settings in RSBBS to make sure the right parameters are configured.


          • Deepu,

            Would you kindly suggest what exactly look into? I followed your instructions, please find attached Fields Assignment screen shot in my original question.



          • Tomek,

            Can you paste the URL generated while jumping from BEx Web Analysis for OLAP here?  The URL for the target Analysis for OLAP report.

            Also in your 2nd post you mentioned Analysis Office and not OLAP, can you confirm you are jumping to Analysis for OLAP (web version and not the office client). Analysis for Office does not support passing parameters.


  • Hello,

    thanks for that blog! Works great! But is there a way to implenet such a jump target also via Button, so that you run a report within Design Studio and click on an Button to start the jump target?

    Best regards,


  • Hello Experts,

    I had question regarding RRI from Design Studion application(1.5) to Bex Query on Web(7.3).

    I am not able to filter data according to selection, i tried to pass variable using lsS<Variable_name>, in URL it takes correct value but doesnot filter the data.

    Also the same issue I am facing when I am trying to do RR1 from one Desgin studio application(1.5) to another Design studio application(1.5), I am not able to catch the variable value in second application and also moreover I am not able to check if first application is passing the value for variable or not?

    could you please help me?



    • Hello Nikunj- there should not be an expectation of help especially on a document; please search for your issue and if you still need help please create a discussion.