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B2B Add-on SP4: B2B Alerts

Imagine you receive several thousands of EDI interchanges containing multiple individual EDI messages. Some of them go wrong and a negative acknowledgement is generated and being sent back. Within the monitoring, this can be identified, but more easily would be having an alert in your mailbox indicating the error and providing all necessary information.

You configure alerts in a B2B landscape to handle exceptional situations occurring during B2B communication. Alerts report about the EDI Service Level Agreement (SLA) violations, EDI acknowledgement statuses, and AS2 negative MDNs (inbound and outbound).

Prerequisites & more technical details

  • 1815991 – Enhanced Local Message Monitor for B2B Messages
  • 1989668 – New Error Codes for Alerting for B2B Adapters and SuccessFactor adapter


SAP shipped new error codes for the existing B2B adapters and the new (OData & SuccessFactors(*)) adapters. Bottom line is to create a new alert rule containing these new error codes available:


Do not forget to enable the duplicate check on the receiver EDISeparator adapter:


[an alert e-mail will be added here at a later stage]

(*) Please note that the OData and SuccessFactors adapters are NOT part of the B2B add-on. They can be downloaded separately via the PI CONNECTIVITY ADD-ON.

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  • Hi,

    To implement the B2B alerting functionality, do we need to necessarily implement CBMA or it can be implemented via the old Alert Framework mechanism too ?



      • Hi Dimitri,

        In the older releases, if we have the native alert framework implementation, so i guess we cannot choose to alert as per the error codes.

        Is my understanding correct ?