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Ajax Framework Page in IE standards mode


My name is Matan Mizrahi, and I’m a software developer in the SAP Enterprise Portal group.

In the past few months we have worked really hard to adjust the Ajax Framework Page (let’s just call it AFP) to run on Internet Explorer in standards mode.

I am happy to announce that it’s now available in NW7.31 SP14 and 7.4 SP9 (released on November 24th).

Some details

For those of you who don’t know what “standards mode” is, I will try to make it as simple as possible. However, if you want to know more, I strongly recommend reading this blog , written by my colleague Maya Amit.

Let’s get started.

Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE or just IE) was the dominant web browser (alongside Netscape Navigator) in the early days of the internet as we know it. Web pages were built in such a way that IE could render them in its own way, without following the standards rules for the HTML web language.

Later on, when other standards-rendering browsers (like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox) came into the market, Microsoft began to understand the need to support standards mode rendering. Therefore , in March 2009, Microsoft released Internet Explorer 8, which adhered to the rules of the standards rendering, alongside the “old” rendering mode, called quirks.

So far some history and useful information.

Up until now, AFP could only run in quirks rendering  mode. And – as you can see on Maya’s blog , SAP introduced UI5 based apps, which cannot run on quirks rendering mode, therefore we had to find a solution for those apps, which was a standalone portal page (AKA navMode 10, or “Display In separate headerless portal window(standards mode) – read more about it here, and more about other navigation modes in note 2054208).

The problem was, that when you wanted to open a SAPUI5 application, you couldn’t open it in your portal, which is probably the most convenient way.

Now , after a lot of work, we’ve managed to fit AFP to render properly in standards mode. Now you can navigate through your portal without having to open new windows,and enjoy all benefits of SAPUI5 applications, integrated in your portal.

AFP in standards mode is supported in IE starting from IE9.

How do I use it?

It’s very simple. You now get a new framework page, dedicated to AFP in standards mode:

afp std.PNG

All you need to do is enable this framework page in the Master Rule Collection:

1.First of all, go to System Administration->System Configuration->Portal Display->URL Alias Manager.

There you’ll see that we’ve added a new URL alias, called standards. You can use it for the configuration of the new framework page,and of course you can create one of your own.

std url alias.PNG

2.Go to Desktop & Display Rules->Portal Administrators -> Super Administrators->Master Rule Collection,

and add the rule you like. You can add it to a specific user, alias,group ,role and so on.

Here’s one example, but you can read more about the Master Rule Collection here and here

master rule.PNG

You can find it in Portal users->Standard Portal Users-> Ajax Standards Mode Framework Content -> Ajax Standards Mode Portal Desktop.

Then search for “Location” :

afpstd desktop name.PNG

That’s it! You’re all set and ready to use the AFP in IE standards mode.

Notice that you might see some slight differences between the same themes used in AFP quirks mode and standards mode.

Feel free to ask questions, comment or send any feedback.

Important note

Notice that if you are using this feature, your page will be rendered in standards mode, which means that content that runs in quirks mode(HTMLB for example) won’t be able to run in the content area. To resolve this, you can use nav mode 3 (I mentioned earlier a reference to nav modes).

For more information see note 2001910 – AFP Standards mode support.

Run Simple,


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  • Hi Matan,

    nice blog !

    I tested this new Feature in a brand new 7.4 SP9 Installation. When opening the Portal Content, my IE11 hangs with CPU going to 100% for about one minute, I think this is a JavaScript-Rendering-issue. The same issue after every click!

    I use the following IE11-Version:


    Has anyone the same problem ? It works fine in Quirks-Mode or with Firefox and Chrome.

    Best regards,


    P.S. I also realised that the WebPageComposer (WPC) is not working in standards mode.

  • Thanks Matan, this is a change in the right direction. Regarding AFP standards mode not being supported for administrative scenarios, will it be at some point? What about KM, etc? I guess it's a reasonable workaround to use different URLs for end users and admins.

    • Hi Samuli,

      The Enterprise Portal , together with HTMLB and KM, are now processing the supportability options for IE in standards mode.

      Best Regards,


  • Great first step Matan. 🙂

    But this is more like just a big limitation for Admins.

    AFP standards is not supported for administrative scenarios.

    Planned to fix this with NW7.31 SP15 and 7.4 SP10?

    Best Regards


  • This is a great step by AFP, need of the hour. Hopefully the admin mode is supported soon.

    Also, can we get it for 7.4 SP07? or only way is to upgrade to SP09?



    • Hi Sandip,
      No, it won't be available on 7.4 SP07. SP7 is released already and downporting this major development has a lot of risks, thus cannot be delivered through a patch.

  • Hi Matan,

    Nice blog, thanks for sharing!

    I have a custom frameworkpage and the docmode is set to edge. Everything runs smooth now, except new browser windows (tasks from the universal worklist as an example). They are started in quirks mode, not in standards mode. Any idea where I should look at?



    • Hi Noël,

      Thanks for the feedback.

      Did you configure the iView to open in "Display In separate headerless portal window(standards mode)" (navMod 10) or "Display In separate headerless portal window" (navMod 3)?

      As i mentioned in the blog, navMod 10 opens in standards while navMod 3 opens in quirks.

      Best Regards,


      • Hi Matan,

        Some pages were opened not via my custom frameworkpage, but thru standard Ajax frameworkpage. I have changed the settings for these standard fw (yes, I know changing the standard 😛 ) and it looks like it works now.

        Also a patch of EP_RUNTIME was required. NavMode = 1 checks the docmode of the parent and inherits it.



        • Hi Noël,

          I am having the same issue.

          We are using the standard Ajax framework and the workitems in IE11 are not being displayed. Have changed the navMode to (10 and 3) in the Ajax framework, however the workitems are still not displayed. In Chrom it works fine.

          Any help is appreciated.





  • Hello,

    seems to be a good news that standard mode is finally supported by the portal.  We just upgraded our Pilot Portal in 7.4 SP9 and we use it with IE9... 😥

    We have issue with Content Management and with (Content Administration -> ) KM Content that use tree layout set.  They could be considered as admin tool (?) but we also use Tree Layout set for our end user KM iView.  And it is not working.

    I'm not using IE9 compatibility view and I checked some note, but any idea for this ?

    Best regards.


  • Hi Matan,

    The KM documents,KM document content menus are not loading in Ajax standard framework page.Do we have a solution  ?



  • Hi Radhika,

    I am part of the KMC UI development team and I can assure you that we are working on that goal together with the HTMLB framework team, which KMC UI relies on.

    Best Regards,

    Kiril Krantev

  • Hi Matan,

    We have a custom framework page that has Browser Document Mode set to IE=edge working fine in NW 74 SP02, then SP05, SP07, but it is now being ignored in SP09 with the latest patching level 18.  The entire portal is now rendered in "Emulate7" mode!  What could be wrong?  It seems like a potential bug on the SAP side as it seems that the Browser Document Mode of edge is simply being ingored.


    • Hi Chris,

      Is your custom framework page is using HTMLB UI components? based on which framework you created yours? Classic? AFP?



  • Hi Ronny,

    The original copy of the framework page was based on AFP, but I've since tried making new copies of all the framework page and none of them work with my custom framework component.  Our custom solution uses 100% Java Portal components, no HTMLB, no BSP, nothing other than java and jsp.

    • Hi Chris,

      Do you have anything particular in your custom component that could interfer with the standard AFP?

      Please check out the fwp used, open it, check what the iview Document mode tells you. There might be a standards mode fwp also, I am not sure when that was released for 7.40.


  • We don't have anything in particular that would interfere with the standard AFP as far as I can tell.  The page worked fine in NW74 SP02, SP05, and SP07, and only stopped working in SP09.

    I do now have a workaround for the issue, but am still hoping to get a proper fix from an open SAP message.  I followed this blog:

    Adding html to all portal iViews responses - Portal document hooks

    And used it to add the IE=edge meta tag directly, which fixes the issue.

    private static final String META_TAG_IEEDGE = "<meta http-equiv=\"X-UA-Compatible\" content=\"IE=Edge\" />";



        public String doDocumentHook(int documentPosition,

                IPortalComponentRequest request) {


            switch (documentPosition) {

            case IDocumentHookListener.HEAD_SECTION_BEGIN:

                return META_TAG_IEEDGE;

            case IDocumentHookListener.HEAD_SECTION_END:

                return "<!-- custom browserdocumentmode was included at head begin -->";


                return "";



    Any concerns with using this workaround?

  • /
    • Not so easy.

      May be check this note:

      2163649 - More scenarios of opening an iView directly (standalone) with IE11 and above causes rendering issues (continuation of note 2098706)

  • Hi Mantan,

    This is great information, thank you all for your hard work on this issue.
    However, do you have a plan to enable the classic framework to work in 'Standard' mode as well?

    Best regards,
    Jason Wu

  • Hi Matan,

    Thanks for the useful blog.we upgraded the portal from 7.0 to 7.5 and

    using AFP  , we are unable to run the content in Portal content Area. I followed your blog. and

    changed the desktop to AFP standards as mentioned but still the problem persists.

    whenever we navigate any  applications in portal it always opens a new IE tab without any portal

    header and displayed the content. but it is not as comfortable navigating within portal content area.

    I am not sure why AFP standards are ignored in portal. Please let me know if this issue addressed in

    Portal 7.5 and the Workarounds if any.