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Design Studio 1.4 Release Information

SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio 1.4 has been released at 26th November 2014. Here you can find collection of all release information which is available.

UPDATE 12th December 2014

  • see for patch delivery information in the bottom of this blog

UPDATE / 10pm CET – All Parts / Add-Ons are available

  • Support Packages are already available (for selective download)
  • Installation Package also available – but this is required only if you want to have all parts as single download (4GB).

.Entry Point is the Product Availability Matrix with links to:.

  • Essentials: PAM Additional Information (direct link)
    • in this document you can find the supported systems for data sources, platform and functionality prerequisites.
  • Documentation Site (direct link to Help Portal)
  • Release Notes
    • Release note for Initial Shipment (Note 1948049)
      • this note will also be actualized as soon some important information needs to be published
    • Release note for Support Package Schedule (Note 1760372)
  • Link to Download Area:

Additional Information

Important help in case of support – notes which help you and SAP in support process

1773751 Design Studio – Support Note for Client
1894504 Design Studio – Support Note for BIP Add-On
1894594 Design Studio – Support Note for NetWeaver Add-On

Sizing Note

1177020 SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio – Sizing Information

Important Hints (release 1.4) in short:

  • Client installers do not need any more SAP JRE installation (SAP JVM is delivered with Design Studio)
  • Pay attention to platform dependent functionality (see PAM Additional Information PDF)
    • Translation and Bookmarking on NW require new support packages (see notes)
    • Translation on BIP is not supported in release 1.5
    • Online Composition & Global Scripts are supported only on BIP platform (support on NW planned for SP01)

Known Issues and Solutions (from 1.3 release)

     Design Studio BI Platform Add-On

     Design Studio NetWeaver Add-On

     Design Studio Client (documentation will follow)

    • Installation does not start, currently the solution is to backup and remove 2 folders in user folder:
      • folder: %USERPROFILE%\Analysis-config
      • folder: %USERPROFILE%\Analysis-workspace
    • Upgrade Issue from Design Studio 1.1 release with support package smaller than SP3 – solution is to uninstall the 1.1 release first and then make fresh install of 1.2 release.

Feel free to ask any questions related to technical aspects of this release – I will try to answer and actualize this site.

UPDATE 12th December 2014

* today there is a patch 1 for SP0 released, see SAP Note

Design Studio 1.4 Patch1, note 2105998.

– the correction delivered is related to issue in SDK infrastructure – sometimes SDK components were not updated when data has been changed in data source.

CLIENT + BIP ADD-ON are released, NW ADD-ON is still in process, latest on Monday also NW ADD-ON will be visible.

UPDATE 26th January 2015

* the patch 2 is released, it addresses the issue described in SAP Note:

2108969 – Script APIs setFilter, getData and others don’t work with JSON parameters and concatenated Strings

and thread: Error with some values while using setFilterExt

UPDATE 26th February 2015

* the Support Package 01 is released, it addresses issues described in SAP Note: Design Studio 1.4 SP1, note 2095397

  * direct link to download: -> DS 1.4 SP1 downloads

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  • Hi Sateeesh,

    could you please open an incident on this topic (and send me some information on sap email which is maintained in SCN - incident number). In the incident you can add some screens and all the error logs.


    • Hi Karol,

         We investigated regarding this error and one of our custom component what we developed causing this error in application. Once we deleted this component Application started working with out error.

         So there is no issue with DS 1.3 to DS 1.4.

      Thanks for your Prompt Response.

  • Hi,

    We have  an issue after installing DS 1.4 , when we drop a standard component chart or crosstab on canvas  we get this error message . 

    are threre any changes in regards to canvas rendering of Design Studio?

    Do i have exclude any Programs from  firewall?

    we were using 1.3 Sp2 and its working fine before upgrading to 1.4


    • Hey pramod I did notice one new weird bug where in Design Studio 1.4 design time if you have moved the Outline panel as a tab adjacent to the Components panel versus the default where the Components and Outline are visible vertically at the same time that dragging or adding in a new component it bugs out.  I am not near my PC or I would supply a screenshot of what I mean but maybe this makes sense?  I haven't bothered reporting the bug but once I have time I might. To resolve I just make sure my Component and Outline panels are available at the same time.

      • hey Mike,

        Thanks a lot .

        It really helped but in my case  i have to put both outline and components panel adjacent to

        each other.


        if i use default positions of outline and components panel as below i get the error.


    • Pramod,

      in case you can reproduce this - can you please open customer incident on it and link this thread?

      technically this constellation should not happen - this popup is showing that some action in client is taking too long and gets into collision with other action. Support will need to have the scenario to see how this comes together.

      Regards, Karol

  • Hello,

    We are trying to install Design Studio Client 1.4

    When logged into SAP portal with S user id there is no DS Client 1.4 under "installations and Upgrades" available.

    When call the support, they told us to create an incident, SAP engineer responded to message saying things have changed from version 1.3. Therefore there is no DS client 1.4 under installation and upgrades, simply go to "support packages and Patches" and download SP00 and Patch 1.

    Since this is something never heard before looking for suggestions



    • Hi MohammadSalim,

      indeed in 1.4 the procedure has been changed (in comparison to 1.3). now, you have 2 options for download:

      * one big package from "installation" area - this contains everything, around 4-5 GB.

      * selective download as "SP00" which is equivalent to initial delivery, but you can choose which parts you want to download, and which not.

      Btw. we have released Patch 1 for SP0, so you should take this one.


      • Appreciate your response Karol !

        Here is my observation

        There are two files (51049249_1 and 51049249_2) under "Installation and Upgrades" and they are huge as you mentioned . (First image below)

        After extraction, I noticed that they can be used to install either server and client or both (Second image)

        It seems no difference in file whether download from "installation and Upgrades" or "support packages and patches" and that's confusing

        Thanks again



          • Thanks for the post Mustafa !

            in our case this was first time install so obviously we checked "Installation and Upgrades' and didn't even think both places would have exact same software.


        • this is correct. the installers are the sames, installation area gives them as one single package, support packages (SP0) is providing them on component basis and system dependency. but after installation the effect is the same.


        • Hi Mustafa,

          I just downloaded the file you mention (There are two files (51049249_1 and 51049249_2)  to extract DS Client (x64) and BI Add-On (x64) installation. We have installed them but to my surprise following issue has appeared after launching DS client.

          Has someone else noticed a similar issue using sames files? Which releases number should appear on each tier after a successfull installation?


  • Hi!

    Is Bookmark function available for NW in DS1.4 SP1?

    We are on BW 7.40 SP9, but the bookmark function does not work. Any additional settings required?

  • Hi karol Kalisz,

    We just upgraded SAP BW From 7.3 to 7.4 SP Level 9,after this upgrade i am not able to control my Cross tab columns, with the feature "Edit Initial View" by right click on the Data source.When i remove one measure from that window,there it affects,but when ever i click on "OK" button or "OK+Create Cross Tab" button it returns to the initial look with all columns from Query as it is. Any solution for this?

    We use DS # 1.4.2



    • Hi Aby,

      this is probably issue in SAP BW ABAP stack.

      first, check SAP Note 2000326 for them and apply ALL the notes listed there.

      if this does not help, open a customer incident on this topic.