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What’s keeping your boss up at night?

If you work in IT, your boss is likely kept awake thinking about how to keep all of the end users in your company happy, how to go live faster, how best to leverage the newest technologies and cloud options to drive business results and outcomes, and doing it all while cutting IT costs, aligning closer with the Lines of Service / Lines of Business, up-skilling his or her staff, optimizing on-going IT as well as enterprise wide operations and processes, realizing value from IT investment faster, and using IT to DRIVE the strategic vision of the company, not just merely support it. 

What can you do to help your boss with all these worries (and yes you should help your boss).

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First, get informed. Understand your company’s vision, your company’s industry – vertically and horizontally. Get to know your own organization, and your company’s lines of business, and what is most important to them. Now think about all this in light of geo-political and economic trends, IT Trends, industry trends, various lines of business trends.

It sounds like a lot to learn and do. It  is a lot. Thankfully you can have a ton of fun doing it, and feel good about yourself.

What else?  Let me suggest following  @SAP_AGS on twitter.

Following @SAP_AGS on twitter will keep you up to date on current IT related topics – from basic support topics to strategic IT topics.  You can learn how  SAP can be your System of Innovation, and System of Differentiation, as well as your System of Record. Find out how you can co-engineer, co-develop, and re-platform with SAP.

Go back to the myriad of topics that keep your boss up at night. @SAP_AGS tweets will lead you to key articles, links, customer examples and blogs which explain the what, the how and the why when it comes to all those nighttime worries.

And yes, the things that keep YOU up at night and cause YOU grief during the day… @SAP_AGS tweets may lead YOU to the right resources, too.

If you have questions on a particular Support Topic – Premium Engagements or Enterprise Support – feel free to direct message us (@SAP_AGS) on Twitter.

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      Author's profile photo Peter Monaghan
      Peter Monaghan

      As a current boss... may I offer a career-enhancing suggestion. Go ahead and proactively ask what is keeping your boss up at night, even if you already know. You'll be surprised by the response, and the opportunities that will open up for you.