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When we published an SAP Dashboard (Xcelsius) on the BOE website, sometimes we need to identify the user who is connected to the portal. This is possible with the CESerializedSession variable which can read through the connection type “Flash Variables”.

Then introduce step by step how to read this variable.

1. Create a connection type “Flash Variables”

2. Create a variable named “CESerializedSession” Variable Format XML type and select the target range for the value it returns. In our example, “Display!B7”.

Flash Variables.png

3. In the “Display!B7” position we will return a string value. To subtract the user must create the following formula, which will place in cell C7 = IF (ISERROR (FIND (“&35 =”; B7)), “User not found”; MID (B7; FIND (“&35 =”; B7) +4; (FIND (“”; B7; (FIND (“&35 =”; B7) + 4))))).


4. Drag a field of type label and then link to cell “Display! B7”.


5. Published in BOE Dashboard

6. Connect to portal BOE


7. As a result present in the field user


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